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Sharing The Planet Photo Story
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Sharing The Planet Photo Story







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Sharing The Planet Photo Story Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sharing The PlanetPhoto StoryJasonThursday, 6 June, 13
  • 2. In this photo, you can see a teacher that has wrote 1+1 =11on his whiteboard and has shown it to his student, thatmeans that the child is living under the circumstance ofgetting bad education.Which means that the child willalmost certainly not get a good job, the child will then havelimited opportunities when he grows up.The action of theteacher deny’s access to many opportunity’s that the childcould have had.Thursday, 6 June, 13
  • 3. This photo shows child labour, with a child carryingsomething heavy, he is living under the circumstance ofhaving to work, and has almost no opportunities toexperience the real world.Thursday, 6 June, 13
  • 4. This photo shows a girl who has the opportunity to drinkclean water from a water cooler, she is living under thecircumstance of being wealthy. Right now, she might thinkthat clean water is a need, but in another place calledAfrica, people would give a lot of money to get their handson some water.Thursday, 6 June, 13
  • 5. This photo shows a child being abused, she looks scared,this is violating the Child Right of:You should not beharmed and should be looked after. (Article 19)Thursday, 6 June, 13
  • 6. This is a picture of 2 girls playing on a playground.Demonstrating the right to be able to relax and playThursday, 6 June, 13
  • 7. This picture shows a child doing hard and dangerous farmwork with an axe, he could hurt himself with the tool.Thisis violating the right of “ you should be protected fromdoing things that harm you”.Thursday, 6 June, 13
  • 8. This photo shows a rich person giving a poor person abucket of water, this action supported access to cleanwaterThursday, 6 June, 13
  • 9. This photo shows a person going on a charity’s websiteand donating money for a cause, this action gives peoplethe opportunity to have eye surgery.Thursday, 6 June, 13
  • 10. This photo shows a person placing a can into a fooddrive, this action allows people the opportunity to havefood.Thursday, 6 June, 13
  • 11. THE ENDThursday, 6 June, 13