By Reuben taverner!      !        !      !        Dictatorship.A dictatorship is a form governance. It is one of theleast ...
By Reuben taverner !      !       !       !       The impacts of this system of governance.The impact that this government...
By Reuben tavernertruth came out it would stir the people. Still if the truth was kept the dictator would not bequestioned...
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Dictatorship report (by Reuben)


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Dictatorship report (by Reuben)

  1. 1. By Reuben taverner! ! ! ! Dictatorship.A dictatorship is a form governance. It is one of theleast favored and is highly disregarded by democrats.The reason is hidden within the way it is run becausethere is one person/ a small group of people in chargeand they make all the rules. Almost always they keepthe money to themselves. Dictators are usually highranking men or military generals. A good example ofthis is Fiji, where the country is ruled by a militarydictator. Most dictators take control of the government Kim-Jong un the current ruler of North Koreaby force in a coup (pronounced coo) which are illegalbut are done all around the world. A coup is usuallydone with the to be dictator taking control of the military. So the government has no choice but toback down and resign. Dictators do not call themselves dictators. They sometimes are know asPresidents - for example Saddam Hussein or as Supreme Commanders as in the case of KimJong-il. The dictators usually do not call themselves dictators because it would make themselvesunpopular as most people do not like dictators. How it works.Dictators have complete power over the citizens of the state. They make all the rules anddecisions. Most dictatorships use personal secret police and spies to keep watch on the citizens tomake sure they are not organizing an attack or riot. Dictators havelots of statues and images of themselves. They make peopleworship them. They want to look powerful their goal is to beintimidating. They dress formally and powerfully to scare the citizenswith stripes and badges to show his military power if he is a militarydictator. Dictators are very wealthy as they use the for himself orsomething he decides the country makes . The government is alsooppressive and scary as the people are worried about what mighthappen to themselves and their family. A very good example of abad and oppressive dictator is Fidel Castro. He ruled Cuba startingfrom 1952-2008. The CIA spent about 50 years trying to overthrowhim but failed. Fidel Castro was also a communist which is anothersystem of governance that is not regarded well. Many countries Fidel Castro cuba military dictatorhave low GDP’s and life expectancy under a dictators rule get lower from 1976-2008due to lack of care from the government. A dictator’s rule really justrely’s on the people because usually the citizens out number themilitary greatly and they might stand a chance if they all grouptogether and fight back. This is highly unlikely as the government tryto keep this from happening as they restrict people from gettingtogether because of their fear of the citizens of the country or stateorganizing such a thing. The first dictator is thought to be Juliuscaesar but is undetermined.The real problem is that it is almost impossible to find a report thatdoes not have a biased perspective because the propaganda in thecountry will report that everything is good and the dictator is the best Cuba military base 2 nuclearand he is making great decisions e.t.c. While the other side could missiles aimed at USreport: He is completely unreasonable and mean, he is selfish andcares only about himself not he welfare of his country. So the real purpose is hard to determine.This report though is biased to the side of the people who oppose dictators and how they rule theircountry. Dictatorships also have many things in common with communism as the rights sectionsays. If you know about communism you might connect to dictatorship.
  2. 2. By Reuben taverner ! ! ! ! The impacts of this system of governance.The impact that this government form has on the people is staggering as the people do not knowwhat to do because if they try to stand up against the government they would or could getimprisoned or even killed as the dictator would not want rebellions or riots that would threaten hispower over the citizens. It might also inspire people to take action. The people might also want totake action and stop the dictator but it is a very complicated task as he often has the military by hisside. Access to the internet is limited and external media (books, tv,newspapers).The citizens are restricted in access to to information that couldpotentially be used to overthrow the government or is against what thegovernment believes. The media is controlled and influenced by the dictators.Education is limited and controlled by the government so that the kids will onlylearn what the dictator wants them to believe. The lifeexpectancy and the GDP per person is also impacted because People who failed to mourn North Koreas lateaccording to many sites communist and dictator ruled countries dictator Kim Jong-il are awaiting punishment forhave very low rates on these things. This is because the dictator lack of respecttakes all the money for himself and choses where it goeswhether it is to himself, the military or the welfare of the nation. This because he cares more forhimself and uses his power over the people for granted. Another impact is that the people are notallowed to get together because the government is afraid of a riot. There are actually some positiveimpacts to this system though. Some positive impacts are rates of crime in a dictatorship is verylow because the people are very scared and afraid of being punished. Most of the impacts in adictatorship are negative but the real positive impacts are really hard to actually find because ofbiased reports. The roles and rights of individuals in this system of governanceThe roles of the people in this system are to basically do what everthe dictator says because of the intense fear of his power andcontrol. Some people have special roles in this system e.g. thespecial police have to report anyone who breaks the law ororganizes a coup or riot. The media have special roles to onlyshow and tell people what the dictator wants them to hear. Rightsin a dictatorship country: A dictator usually takes many or all ofthe citizens rights away. The dictator does this because of hisfear of being overthrown. In this system of governance the Handing out I agree with the government speechpeople have a very small amounts of rights maybe even none. bubbles that the people have no choice but toFor example in North Korea, the people are restricted in their take ittravel around the country, they are not allowed to practicereligion, they are not allowed to criticize the government and theyare not allowed to migrate to another country or travel to another country. Dictators controlreporters and punish them if they say bad things about them. In most dictatorships, people also donot have the right to speak out because the dictator can do pretty much anything he wantsbecause he has absolute control over the citizens using mostly intimidation and just plain brutality.The people also do not have the right to participate in a free election probably because the dictatordoes not want anyone running against him. The reason of that is there is a high possibility that hewould not get voted on and he will not have power over the citizens. The dictator sometimes mightgive special rights to certain people. The people would either be his close friends or trusted militarygenerals/ commanders.In dictatorship countries you can be punished by death so the government can still stay in chargee.g. if there was a robin hood type of character and he stirred the people. If the dictator capturedhim he could pretend release him and then kill him and convince the propaganda that he/she diedof natural causes so the person would be no trouble and the people will not question it and if the
  3. 3. By Reuben tavernertruth came out it would stir the people. Still if the truth was kept the dictator would not bequestioned and could stay in power.! ! ! ! ! Dictatorship good or bad?I think dictatorships are not the best form of governance to pick but it does have some good pointsbut it is hard to determine because of biased reports. I think that Dictatorship is not a good type ofgovernance according to my research. The central idea falls under this because the people areaffected in many ways that have varying affects.! !Sources: knowledge