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Offutt Right Start - Medical
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Offutt Right Start - Medical


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Offutt Right Start - Medical Briefing

Offutt Right Start - Medical Briefing

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • Explain why they need to notify their PCP after being seen in the ER
  • These services are currently offered at EBC however you may be seen at an off-base practice through one of our many civilian partnerships.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Offutt AFB In-Processing Brief 55th Medical Group Ehrling Bergquist Clinic (EBC) Location: Capehart Rd & 25th Street Across from Capehart Chapel Flight Medicine Clinic Location: Bldg. 527 Fairchild Hall near the Base Exchange
    • 2. Before we get started:  Medical In-processing Questionnaire – Applies to AD and Family Members – Ensure Good Contact Information  EBC Telephone Extensions – Contains Clinic Specific Extensions – Assist to Navigate the Telephone Tree – Saves time
    • 3. FOR FURTHER INFO:  – Updates and medical group events  Medical Group Website – See phone extension handout for address – Access to all today’s briefs
    • 4. Access to Care  How do I make an appointment? –“232-CARE“ or 402-232-2273 – –Appointment line open 0630-1630 Mon-Fri –Primary Care Clinic Hours 0730-1630 Closed until 1300 third Thur
    • 5. Audio Reminder  Audio Reminder – Automated telephone reminder of clinic appointment – Generated one day prior to your appointment Keep DEERS Information Updated
    • 6. Emergency Care Dial: 911 – Go to the nearest Emergency Room (ER) Closest ER to Offutt AFB is Bellevue Medical Center 25th and HWY 370 – After receiving treatment, notify your PCP (provider) at 232-CARE (2273) within 24 hours
    • 7. I don’t need an ER but what do I do when clinic is closed? Who do I call?  Call 232-CARE (2273), Option 4 - Speak with Health Care Advisor to authorize care after hours - Pamphlet on “After Hours Care Guide” in folder for Urgent Care locations
    • 8. Specialty Care -Allergy - Orthopedics -General Surgery - Physical Therapy -Obstetrics - Gynecology -Dermatology - Podiatry -Chiropractic - ENT -Ophthalmology - Optometry -Mental Health
    • 9. Reminder for Referrals to Specialty Care - Go to Referral Management Center prior to leaving clinic - Urgent referrals should have an appointment before you leave the clinic - If you use TRICARE online, you will receive your authorization faster (vs mail) - On base referrals- WE call you for appt - Off base providers- YOU call for appt
    • 10. Sore Throat Clinic  WALK-IN to your Primary Care Clinic 0800-1100 or 1300-1500.  NO appointment required. – Tell them you have a “sore throat.”  Evaluation using Medical Guidelines.
    • 11. UTI Clinic  WALK-IN to your Primary Care Clinic during duty hours. (females >18 only)  NO appointment required.  Evaluation using Medical Guidelines.
    • 12. Pregnancy Test  Walk-in testing for Prime Enrollees – Go to lab during normal duty hours – One pregnancy test per 7 day period – No lab order required – Under age 19 must have parent present – Bring lab work to your Primary Care Clinic – You may wait for results or the clinic will call you with the results
    • 13. MiCare – Secure Healthcare Messaging  Air Force Medical Service electronic Health Initiative Project (eHIP)  Secure, HIPAA-compliant web-based communication with healthcare team  Eliminate phone tag, voicemails, & unnecessary office visits  Request/review lab and test results  Request prescription renewals  Maintain Personal Health Record  Online, anytime – “Trusted Care, Anywhere!”
    • 14. MiCare Registration  Adult patients must be verified in person by clinic staff, will receive email invitation to communicate with team once PCM is assigned  MiCare not available to patients in PRP clinic (AF Policy)  Parents can add children under age 18  Patients 13 and older can choose to create their own account (not linked under a parent’s)  Account will travel with you as you PCS
    • 15. A Few Other Tips  Supervisors may grant AD Quarters for 24 hours per AFI 41-210, para 3.6.4  Bad Weather – the Clinic is closed if the base is closed  PRP – Begin/end with PRP Clinic  Keep DEERS Information Current
    • 16.  Personal Exercise Programs  Fitness Briefings  Running Clinics  Get Fit Run Class • Tobacco Cessation Information Session • ALA Quit Line • You Can Quit 2 Online Program • Class setting – 3 weeks • FREE Prescriptions for tobacco cessation medications FITNESS PROGRAM TOBACCO CESSATION PROGRAM
    • 17.  Private Counseling  Bod Pod Analysis  Energy Balance Class  The Weight is Over Support Group  Better Bodies Better Life NUTRITION & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH: • CALL: 402-294-5977 • FACEBOOK : OFFUTT HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER • STOP BY: LOCATED ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE FIELD HOUSE • HOURS: 0730 – 1630 MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY
    • 18. WELCOME From the 55th Medical Group staff: It is both a pleasure and privilege to serve you! Home of Offutt’s Mighty Medics!