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Optimizing Donation Pages
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Optimizing Donation Pages


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Did you know: …

Did you know:

17% of visitors to Charity web sites cannot find the donation page.

Up to 90% of people visiting your Non Profit donation page may be leaving without making a donation.

Optimizing your home page and donation page can lead to very large increases in online donations with no marketing spend.

Some studies, tests & results

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Optimizing Your Website for Online Giving Fundraising Ireland, July 1st 2009 Eugene Flynn, 54 Degrees
  • 2. Let's look at the landscape SVP has reported an increase of almost 400% in online Giving in 2008 compared to 2007 - * Source SVP Broadband Subscriptions reached 1,272,166 in June 2009. This represents a 28.2% increase on Q1 2008 - * Source Comreg In 2008, 36% of Irish People Shopped Online Compared to just 14% 2004 EU Average is 32% * Source Eurostat Internet Advertising Grew by 17.1% in 2008 Other Advertising Chanells fell. * Source IAB
  • 3. What We'll Look At Today • Donor Expectations • Effective Donation Pages • Online Event Fundraising - Getting the most from your online fundraisers
  • 4. Are You Listening to Your Donors?
  • 5. Donor Expectations What Potential Donors Look For on a Charity Web Site The organization's mission, goals, objectives, and work. How it uses donations and contributions. Insights "Only 43% of the sites studied answered the first question on their homepage" "a ridiculously low 4% answered the second question on the homepage" * Source: Donation Usability: Increasing Online Giving to Non-Profits and Charities, Jacob Nielsen
  • 6. Donor Expectations Reasons Given for Not Donating 47% decided not to donate because of confusing navigation, cluttered design, and/or confusing flow from page to page 17% of people couldn't locate the donate button due to 'banner blindness' and 'over-formatting' 53% related to content. Unclear titles and terms along with missing information Lessons Design intuitive, clutter free easy to use websites with simple language that answers your donors' prime questions about your organization's mission, objectives, values, & demonstrates how their donation will be used. * Source: Donation Usability: Increasing Online Giving to Non-Profits and Charities, Jacob Nielsen
  • 7. How Do You Use Donations?
  • 8. Your Mission
  • 9. Large Donate Button A Big Donate Button is Important, but make sure you offer other ways to give in your Main Navigation
  • 10. Clear Calls to Action
  • 11. Prominent Email Capture Not all visitors will be convinced to give a contribution straight away. Ensure you give them easy alternatives to engage & then work on your relationship.
  • 12. Poor Design is Expensive A Badly Designed Donation Page Will Confuse & Lose Donors. On Some Web Sites - Up to 90% of prospective donors who visit your donation page are leaving without making a donation* Do You Know How Much Your Donation Page is Costing You ? * Source, Donor Digital
  • 13. • Size DOES matter: Bigger donate buttons helped convert more donors • Color can matter too: A vividly colored donation button can strongly boost donation page conversion… • Less is more: Removing unnecessary fields from the personal information form significantly increased conversion rate • Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference - Removing the title and suffix boxes from the donation form generated over a 30% lift in conversion rate. *Source: Amnesty International USA, Donor Digital
  • 14. Why You Should Test Donation Pages? • Small changes can make a big difference to the level of donations your receive online. If you increase your conversion rate from 40% to 80% you have effectively doubled your online donations for a small investment. • It's a lot cheaper than increasing visitor traffic & you do not incur any additional spend on Marketing
  • 15. What Should You Test? Page Heading Introductory Copy Donation Amounts Form Layout Field Labels & Field Prompts Number of Fields Buttons Size & Colour Button Text Security Assurances Privacy Assurances
  • 16. Case Study - Irish Red Cross Problem: Regular Giving Page Conversion rate = 40% What We Did: Tested, Redesigned, Tested etc. How We Tested: Observed a small number of users interacting with the site Used Google Analytics & Website Optimizer to Measure Results
  • 17. What We Tested Introductory Text & Security Assurances
  • 18. Donation Amount String Before
  • 19. Donation Amount String After
  • 20. Required Fields Before:
  • 21. Required Fields After:
  • 22. Results, Lessons & Next Steps Conversion Rate increased from 40% to 75%. Next Steps We Will Continue to monitor & Test Will Review Other Donation Forms What We Could Test Different Gift Amount Strings Removing Unecessary Fields
  • 23. Say Thank You
  • 24. Say Thank You in Style
  • 25. No Need To Reinvent the Wheel Offline Fundraising Tactics Can Work Online
  • 26. O Event E v id en ce Pages th er Fundraising Getting the most from your online fundraisers
  • 27. Search Engines Are Important • John wanted to take part in the Beijing Marathon for Charity so he consulted his reliable friend Google. • Google Introduced his old friend Beaumont Hospital
  • 28. Friends are Important John raised almost €4,000 online without any need for Staff to get involved.... The following year he came back & raised almost €15,000 with 3 friends He Introduced over 150 New Donors
  • 29. Getting Your Fundraisers Online • Ask them - in person, direct mail, phone calls • Hold technology Workshops - how to sign up & raise money online? • Demonstrate that it saves you money • Demonstrate that they can easily raise money online
  • 30. Use Email & Phone to Motivate • Upon Registration, Thanks for signing up, here are some tips • Half Way, You're doing great, is there anything we can do to help? • Final Push - Deadline approaching • When they Reach their Target Do you think you could do better?
  • 31. Thank You Let our discussion continue +353 71 9127434