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    H T M L  Help  Sheet H T M L Help Sheet Presentation Transcript

    • liquidicity HTML Help Sheet. Template Table Syntax Head Basic <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”?” External <html> <table> type=”text/css”>* CSS link <head> HTML: <tag></tagclose> or <tag> <title></title> <thead> XHTML: <tag></tagclose> or <tag /> <script language=”Javascript” Embedded Meta tags <tr> type=”text/javascript”> javascript With Attribute CSS <th> <meta http-equiv=”content-type” Meta HTML: <tag attribute=”?”> Javascript </th> content=”?”; charset=”?”>* information XHTML: <tag attribute=”?” /> </head> </tr> <body> </thead> General Tables Content </body> <tbody> <body> <caption> Visible part of the page Table caption </html> <tr> <table> De nes a table <head> Part not displayed on page <td> <tbody> Body section of table CSS Media <html> Creates an HTML page </td> <td> Table cell </tr> <title> Creates the Page name in title bar all <td Number of columns cell spans </tbody> handheld colspan=”?”> Links print <td Number of rows cell spans <tfoot> projection rowspan=”?”> <img src=”URL”>* Displays an image <tr> screen <tfoot> Footer section of the table <a href=”#?”>* Link to anchor in current <td> <th> Table header cells Meta Types page </td> <th Number of columns table header <a href=”URL”>* Link to another page </tr> http-equiv colspan=”?”> cell spans </tfoot> <a href=”URL#”>* Link to anchor in another name <thead> Header section of table page <tr> Table row </table> <a href=”mailto: EMAIL”>* eMail link Lists Input Types <ol> Structure Lists <li> <br>* <dd> Line break De nition button </li> <code> Source code listing <dl> checkbox De nition list </ol> <div> Formats structure or block of text le <dt> De nition term <em> Italic text hidden <ul> <li> Item in a list image <h1>..<h6> Page heading, biggest to smallest <li> <ol> Ordered list password <hr> </li> Horizontal rule <ul> Unordered list radio </ul> <p> Paragraph reset <pre> Preformatted text Forms submit <span> Inline formatting text <form> De nes a form <strong> Bold text < eldset> Group of related form items <sub> Subscript text <input type= Form element [see input types] <sup> Superscript text “?”>* <option> Menu item in a select box Frames <select> Drop-down menu <textarea> <frame> Multi-row text area De nes a single frame <frameset>Frame document Special Characters <iframe> Inline frame &nbsp Non-breaking space &quot Quotation mark * Does not require a closing tag. &amp Ampersand &lt Less than sign &gt More than sign © 2007 Go Squared Ltd.