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Toyota and Its Logo History

Toyota and Its Logo History

Published in: Automotive, Sports, Business
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  • 1. TOYOTA
  • 2. TOYOTA Background
    Toyota Motor Corporation commonly known simply as Toyota and abbreviated as TMC.
    A multinational automaker.
    Headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan.
    Founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937.
  • 3. TMC is part of the Toyota Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the world.
    A spinoff from his father's company Toyota Industries .
    In 1934, Toyota Industries, Created its first product, the Type A engine.
  • 4. Toyota Motor Corporation group companies
    are Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu 
    and Hino Motors,
    Along with several "non-automotive" companies.
  • 5. 1867, Birth of Sakichi Toyoda.
    1924, Invents Toyoda Model
    G Automatic Loom.
  • 6. In 1929, Automatic-loom patent is sold to a British company.
    In 1930, Begins research on small gasoline-powered engine.
  • 7. In 1933, Automobile Department
    established at
    Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.
  • 8. In 1936, The AA Sedan
    In 1937,
    Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.
  • 9. In 1938,
    Honsha Plant
    begins production.
    In 1950, Company faces a financial crisis; Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. is established.
  • 10. In 1951, Suggestion System begins.
    In 1955, The Toyopet Crown, Toyopet Master and Crown Deluxe are launched.
  • 11. In 1957, first of the Crown prototypes exported to the United States.
    Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc..
  • 12. In 1959, MotomachiPlant begins production.
  • 13. In 1965, Wins Deming Application Prize.
    In 1966, Corolla launched &
    Business partnership with Hino Motors Ltd.
  • 14. In 1967, Business partnership with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
  • 15. 1974, Established Toyota Foundation established.
    1982, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and
    Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.
    are merged into
    Toyota Motor Corporation.
  • 16. 1984, Joint venture with General Motors begins production in USA.
    1988, Toyota Motor Manufacturing,
    USA, Inc. (present TMMK)
    begins production.
  • 17. 1992,Begins production in UK.
  • 18. In 2000, Sichuan Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. begins China
    In 2001, Begins production in France.
  • 19. In 2002, Toyota enters Formula One World Championship.
    Tianjin Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. begins production in China.
  • 20. In 2008, Worldwide Prius sales top 1 million mark.
    In 2010,Worldwide Prius sales top 2 million
    Toyota and Tesla Motors agree on joint EV
  • 21. In 2010, employed 317,734 people worldwide.
    Was the world's largest
     automobile manufacturer 
    by production in 2010.
  • 22. Logo history
    In 1936, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd. launched first passenger car.
    Needed a new trademark to commemorate the launch.
  • 23. Competition was held to establish a logo.
    Received 27,000 entries.
    To Promote the company’s vehicles.
    Express ‘the feeling of speed’.
  • 24. Thus, changed name from ‘Toyoda’ to ‘Toyota’.
    ‘Toyota’ gave the logo a sleek look.
    Japanese word ‘Toyota’ (eight) means to bring luck and prosperity.
  • 25. Original Toyota logo is still used as the company’s emblem.
    Logo given all new joinee.
    The current Toyota logo consists of the name “TOYOTA” in roman type.
  • 26. With three ovals in red and white color scheme.
    The two perpendicular center ovals represent a relationship of mutual trust between the customer and Toyota.
  • 27. These ovals combine to symbolize the letter "T" for Toyota. 
    The space in the background implies a global expansion of Toyota's technology.
    And unlimited potential for the future.
  • 28. The logo started appearing on all printed material, advertisements, dealer signage, and the vehicles themselves in 1990.
  • 29. THANKS
    For your Attention
    Presented by:
    Anil Rawat