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  • 1. To Help Students Learn English Better With Technological Aids 資訊融入英文教學 JOHNNY HOU 侯昭長 An English teacher at Lotung Senior High School, ILan, Taiwan 羅東高中英文老師
  • 2. The definition of ICT ICT 的定義
    • What is ICT 何謂 ICT
    • Information and Communications Technology
    • 資訊與通訊科技
    • Internet and Computing Technology
    • 網路與電腦科技
    • I Communicate by Technology
    • 借用科技來溝通
    • Interactive Communication by Technology
    • 借用科技雙向溝通 ( While teaching English )
  • 3. A Change is gonna come 改變即將來臨
    • The influence of ICT on Teaching English
    • ICT 對英文教學的影響
    • The influence of ICT on Education
    • ICT 對教育的影響
    • The influence of ICT on our society
    • ICT 對社會的影響
  • 4. I reflected on what I taught before 回想以前的教學
    • What I taught before is a subject , not a language 是學科而不是語言
    • …… is a material , not a tool 是材料而不是工具
    • …… is unidirectional , not interactive 是單向而不是雙向
    • …… is to supplement the reading materials , 是補充教材
    • not to search for information in English 而非用英文搜尋資訊
    • …… is to stuff materials , not to create new ideas 是填塞資料而非創意
    • …… is to avoid mistakes , not to learn by doing 避免錯誤而非做中學
    • …… is to prepare for the exams , 準備考試
    • not to greet a new world 而非迎向新世界
  • 5. Try to make myself different 試著使自己改變
    • The real teaching situation in Taiwan 真實教學情境
    • ( or in my school )
    • we teach in accordance with a textbook 根據課本教學
    • there are 12 lessons in the textbook 一冊十二課
    • there are vocabulary, idioms and phrases, 一課內容有 : 單字 ,
    • reading, dialogue, sentence patterns, 片語 , 課文 , 對話 , 句型 ,
    • reading skills, writing corners, 閱讀技巧 , 寫作練習 ,
    • and collocation in a lesson 以及 搭配字詞
    • we have three monthly tests in a semester 一學期三次段考
    • we need to teach 4 lessons before the tests. 考前需授業四課
    • we have quizzes in our teaching process 教學過程中有小考
    • ( Actually the quiz is a means, not a measure )
    • 事實上 , 小考成為手段 而非評量
  • 6. What makes me different 促使我不同的關鍵點
    • "ICT prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technology.
    • ICT 使學生加入快速變遷的世界 , 其工作與活動因多變與發展中的科技而漸增改變
    • Pupils use ICT tools to find, explore, analyze, exchange and present information responsibly, creatively and with discrimination.
    • 學生使用 ICT 以負責、創意的態度去尋找、探索、分析、交換、呈現資訊
    • They learn how to employ ICT to enable rapid access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures.
    • 學生學習如何使用 ICT 使其能儘快融入其他各種社群與文化
    • Increased capability in the use of ICT promotes initiative and independent learning , with pupils being able to make informed judgements about when and where to use ICT to best effect, and to consider its implications for home and work both now and in the future."
    • 由於學生能靈活判斷何時何處使用 ICT 以達到最佳效果並考慮其對家庭與工作 , 現在與未來的意涵 , 所以使用 ICT 所漸增的能力 可促進主動與獨立的學習 ,
    • (National Curriculum, 1999, DFES)
  • 7. Our textbook 課本
    • Pre-reading Activity ( questions ) 課前活動
    • Reading Selection ( about 500 words) 選文
    • Comprehension Check 選文理解
    • Vocabulary, Idioms and phrases 單字 ; 片語
    • ( more than 30 items )
    • Post-reading Activities 課後活動
    • conversation practice 對話練習
    • listening comprehension 聽力練習
    • sentence patterns 句型練習
    • collocations 搭配字詞
    • paragraph writing 段文練習
  • 8. Try to add something different ( 1 ) 試著增些不一樣的教學活動
    • To introduce students to download Dr.Eye
    • 介紹學生安裝使用 Dr. Eye
    • Dr. Eye is an electronic dictionary made in Taiwan 電子字典 MIT
    • Dr. Eye can be supported by being registered online 線上註冊
    • Dr. Eye has a lot of functions : instant translation ; 功能 : 即時翻譯 ,
    • instant dictionary ; instant writing ; 即時辭典 , 寫作
    • website translation ; instant exams 網頁翻譯 , 測驗
    • Dr. Eye is a good helper while reading articles online 線上閱讀好幫手
    • Students can easily surf the internet by using Dr. Eye 容易上英文網站
    • Students feel easy to surf the internet in English version 感覺輕鬆些
  • 9. Try to add something different ( 2 ) 試著增些不一樣的教學活動
    • To request students to hand in assignments with Microsoft Office
    • 要求學生用 Microsoft Office 打字繳交作業
    • To type their own handouts with Word by themselves
    • 要求學生 用 Word 親自打自己的講義 ( 可以編輯及擴增 )
    • Sentence patterns are projected on briefs with Powerpoint
    • 用 Powerpoint 簡報系統 播映 句型
    • To type vocabularies with Excel to edit and recite them easier
    • 用 Excel 打印生字 使其容易編輯並背誦
  • 10. Try to add something different ( 3 ) 試著增些不一樣的教學活動
    • To encourage students to type Emails in English with each other
    • 鼓勵學生用英文彼此寫信
    • AJET ( advanced Joint English Teaching )
    • A 捷計劃
    • An English Email is just like writing an English Composition
    • 英文 Email 就像寫英文作文
    • Emails are to communicate, not to hand in assignments
    • Email 著重 溝通 而不是繳交作業 ( 以興趣為出發點 )
    • Emails are to type relaxedly, not to think twice or so formally
    • Email 可輕鬆打字 而不必深思熟慮或很正式 ( 不必怕錯 )
    • Students are easy to express self-idea by Emails
    • Email 可讓學生自己輕鬆的表達自己的想法
    • Students are not to be judged strictly,
    • but to be encouraged to transmit interesting materials by Emails
    • 借著 Email, 學生不是嚴謹地被評判 而是被鼓勵傳送有趣的資料
  • 11. Try to add something different ( 4 ) 試著增些不一樣的教學活動
    • To encourage students to surf related websites to expand
    • their background knowledge
    • 鼓勵學生上網覽析相關網站以擴增背景知識
    • Students begin the exploration of a new world
    • 學生開始探索新世界
    • Students try to explore the new world in English
    • 學生試著用英文去探索網路新世界
    • Students try to improve his English proficiency by surfing the internet
    • 學生借著上網而改善其英文精熟程度
    • Students begin to learn “How to learn”
    • 學生開始學習 ”如何學習”
    • Students begin to organize what they have learned by surfing the internet
    • 學生借著上網開始組織他們所學習到的資料
  • 12. Try to add something different ( 5 ) 試著增些不一樣的教學活動
    • To instruct students to read a magazine with CD-ROM
    • 指導學生用 CD-ROM 閱讀教學雜誌
    • There are many magazines offered and recommended by publishers : Studio Classroom Let’s talk in English ; Studioclass
    • AMC A+ English ; English4U ; Landmark English
    • IVY LEAGUE Enjoy English ; Analytical English
    • LIVE ABC ABC ; Live ; ALL ; Biz ; CNN
    • Students learn English better by using CD-ROM
    • ( CD-ROM is an interactive learning material )
    • Students feel more interested in learning English by using CD-ROM
    • (CD-ROM is a multimedia with characters, sounds, images, and films )
    • Students have more confidence in learning English by using CD-ROM
    • (CD-ROM is a multimedia controlled by users )
  • 13. Try to add something different ( 6 ) 試著增些不一樣的教學活動
    • To encourage students to listen to Media Player or Real Player
    • 鼓勵學生聽 Media Player 和 Real Player
    • Music are projected by Real Player
    • 可以用 Real Player 播放歌曲
    • The lyrics are copied from websites with word
    • 可以從歌詞網站 copy 歌詞在 Word 應用軟體上
    • Movies are projected by Real Player
    • Real Player 可以播映影片
    • The materials you want could be edited by Real Player
    • 教學用材料可以借著 Real Player 編輯
  • 14. Try to add something different ( 7 ) 試著增些不一樣的教學活動
    • To encourage students to communicate with each other in English in Yahoo Messenger
    • 鼓勵學生用英文在 Yahoo Messenger 聊天  
    • Yahoo Messenger is common between students
    • Yahoo Messenger 在學生之間很普遍
    • Y.M. is easy to communicate by typing English Characters
    •   Yahoo Messenger 可以借著英文打字彼此溝通   
    • Yahoo Messenger can transit sounds, characters, and images easily.
    •   Yahoo Messenger 可以很容易地傳送聲音 , 文字 , 和影像檔案
    • Messages can be left to someone who is offline.
    • Messenger 可以離線留言
    • Students can read the messages which were left by someone offline
    • 學生可閱讀離線留言
  • 15. Try to add something different ( 8 ) 試著增些不一樣的教學活動
    • To supplement useful information by surfing related websites
    • 借著上網補充有用的資料
    • Take Biosphere II for example
    • (Lesson Two Book Four, Lung Tung version )
    • Wallace Stevens wrote a poem with the title “ Frogs Eat Butterflies, Snakes Eat Frogs, Hogs Eat Snakes, Men Eat Hogs .”
    • related websites : http://
    • International Geosphere-Bioshpere Programme
  • 16. Conclusion 結論
    • I never thought of what I have done today before
    • 我以前從沒想過今日所做的一切
    • What I have done today is a small step for ICT,
    • but It is a big step for my teaching experience
    • 今日所為在科技上僅一小步 但在個人教學經驗上卻是一大步
    • You believe, and you will get the strength,the direction and the goal
    • 您相信 , 便能產生力量 , 方向 , 以及目標
    • I am convinced that ICT can help teachers in different ways
    • 我相信 ICT 能以不同型式幫助老師
    • ICT will lead us learners to a new world 引領學習者進入新世界
    • ICT will help us a lot while we teach in the near future 未來教學時很大助益
    • ICT will picture us a brilliant future to learn the world 勾勒燦爛未來的世界
    • ICT enhances interactive teaching and learning styles.
    • 增進雙向的教學與學習環境