Udi Nir, ModCloth, SXSW Lean Startup 2013


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Udi Nir, CTO, ModCloth at SXSW Lean Startup, March 9th, 2013

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  • Lesson – give customers choices that help them articulate what they’re looking for. The same product in a heel and a hat that garnered such a negative response is a bestseller as a flat.
  • People don’t always know at first what’s bothering them – give them time to articulate through the process.
  • JOE NOTES: Change this lots of learnings slide – remove text altogether – initial build show blue and green == 20% on the green Next build shows two colors that are not blue and green have them be 90/10
  • Udi Nir, ModCloth, SXSW Lean Startup 2013

    1. 1. Agile Supply Chain Udi Nir
    2. 2. ModCloth is a social shopping site... ..that’s shaking up the way fashion is discovered, developed, and delivered.
    3. 3. We’re Democratizing FashionMake the Cut is a crowdsourced Be the Buyer allows our Name It and Win Itdesign contest. Users submit users to pick samples for engages users indesigns and vote on which our store. product-naming contests.should be produced.
    4. 4. Sourcing
    5. 5. Traditional vs. AgileTop-Down Be the Buyer •  Samples scouted •  Community-driven •  Orders placed sourcing •  Designer produces •  Products launched
    6. 6. Be the Buyer Process
    7. 7. Customers provide direct feedback . . .“Get rid of the ruffles and it would be amazing” 11.3% 88.7%
    8. 8. Skip It or Fix It? •  Poor score •  LOTS of feedback (over 800 comments!)
    9. 9. Fix It!•  High pick rate•  Almost 12,000 votes•  Over 1,000 comments
    10. 10. Leading to valuable improvements...
    11. 11. Additional Examples
    12. 12. Up Your Alley Cat FlatOriginal Sample Updated Design Picked
    13. 13. Whole Neutral Outlook DressOriginal Sample Updated Design Picked
    14. 14. Lots of Learnings 10% 20%80% 90%
    15. 15. Insights + Engagement •  Average sales for Be the Buyer items have 2.2x the velocity of non-Be-the- Buyer items! •  Great engagement vehicle •  19 Million votes •  10% of members voting on BTB •  33% of BTB customers voted before they placed their first order •  BTB customers spend 2.5x more than non-BTB customers
    16. 16. Takeaways•  Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – just because an idea gets roundly panned doesn’t mean it won’t be universally loved with just a few tweaks.•  You don’t have to source and produce mass amounts of physical product to find out what will sell.•  Involving them in the decision making process makes for loyal, high-value customers.
    17. 17. facebook.com/ModCloth @ModClothpinterest.com/ModCloth