Tim Riley, Warby Parker, Warm Gun 2012


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Tim Riley, Director of Online Experience, Warby Parker at Warm Gun on Nov 30th, 2012

Tim Riley, Warby Parker, Warm Gun 2012

  1. 1. Designing for Complex Business Models Online > Offline > Online > Conversion
  2. 2. The pros and cons of online/offline?
  3. 3. User experience doesn’t end online.
  4. 4. In order to maximize conversion in an online and offline world, you need to have a consistentexperience across all touch points.
  5. 5. Online Experience Offline Experience
  6. 6. Translating Offline to Online (and Vice Versa)
  7. 7. What Do These Glasses Look Like On Someone’s Face?
  8. 8. What face shape do you have?
  9. 9. “Narrow forehead and eyeline that widen at the cheeks and the chin.” TRIANGLE
  10. 10. SQUARE “Angular face with a strongjaw line, broad forehead and square chin. Proportional length and width.”
  11. 11. “You Should Use Product Videos!” Zappos increased sales 6% to 30% Ice.com increased conversion 400%Shoeline.com improved conversion rate by 44% ….on product pages with videos
  12. 12. 2.5 to 3.5x HIGHER CONVERSION RATE
  13. 13. @warbyparker: how do your new blue mirror sunglasses look?
  15. 15. Buy or Build a Factory AMOUNT OF RESOURCES Purchase Tons of Inventory Inventory Management RecommendationOut of Stock Tool Message FIXING THE PROBLEM
  16. 16. The blend of online and offline
  17. 17. Visual Merchandizing by shape = filter function
  18. 18. Visual Merchandizing by shape = filter function
  19. 19. Experiment.
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