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  • Congrats on Batch 9 <br /> I’m an investor, so couldn’t be happier to be here <br />
  • - Main Topic Recruiting <br /> - Mini Topics: <br /> Customer conversations <br /> Be great at one thing <br /> Hire slow(er) than you expect once you raise $ <br />
  • Just like of many of you (older) <br /> Lots of early success, Early amazon, startup to exit, now work with AWS (and places like 500) <br /> Opinions are my own (not AWS) <br /> Ideas from mix of Amazon, TeachStreet, and others <br /> There’s an exception for every rule (for every speaker) <br /> No need to take notes (slides posted at ___________) <br />
  • How many of you have done recruiting before? <br /> Hired 1? More than 3? More than 10? <br /> How many of you have made mistakes? <br /> How soon did you know? <br /> Great Hire (date/relationship/…) <br /> Bad Hire (date/relationship/…) <br /> Commonality? Lack of a plan? Does it help? <br />
  • Owner Mentality <br /> Wear lots of hats (dirty hats) <br /> Hard/Smart work (not 100 hours/week) <br /> Passion <br /> Involvement / Anti-Silo <br /> Strategic Plan = Do Stuff <br /> Doers vs. Planners <br /> Fast/Frequent Pivoting <br />
  • Job Postings should convey culture <br /> Know what you want & have guts <br /> For TeachStreet  Web DNA, Learners <br /> For Everyone  Passion/Results-Delivery <br /> Set Clear Expectations <br /> Don’t hire non-Stars (expect Greatness) <br /> Bad Hire/Disconnect, Address Quickly <br />
  • Q&A - What are some of your ‘must haves’? <br /> Skills are important, but Core values are critical <br /> TeachStreet  wanted WebDNA, Passion, Scrappy <br /> Amazon  Customer-focused, Innovative, Invent & Simplify <br />
  • People Do What They’ve Done Before <br /> The best predictor of future behavior is to look at past behavior <br />
  • Founders must always be recruiting <br />
  • Interview cheat sheet on desktop <br /> Helps organize questions & stay focused <br /> Don’t walk thru resume (lazy) <br /> If so, limit it to 2 minutes & tell them to convince you that your startup makes sense in their changes <br /> Take lots of notes & type up interview (and vote) afterward <br /> Often I decide my vote while typing them up <br /> Or, if a phone screen, I identify areas of concern to focus on <br /> Interview many candidates at once <br /> Helps you discern true passion <br /> Calibrates interviewees with fresh memories <br /> Involve 4-6 interviewers <br /> Two sets of eyes better than one <br /> Focus on different skill sets/areas of focus <br /> Who? <br /> Key employees: CEO, CTO, Engineer <br /> Board member/advisor (or tech person you respect) <br /> Make sure everyone is willing/able to follow same process <br /> Ground rules (exude confidence in company) <br /> Assign areas of focus to interviewers <br /> Everyone must have their ‘votes’ before you meet. Figure out best way to log this. Don’t allow people to be sloppy. <br /> Schedule debrief within 24 hours of last interview. In-person. <br />
  • Sell in interview (at end), if sure <br /> Dinners <br /> Butts in Seat is what’s important! <br /> Send Gifts (“books, etc”) <br /> Calls – talk about first projects & urgency <br /> Onboarding (First day, week, 30 days, etc) – lunch/coffee with everyone <br /> Recruiters vs. in-house <br /> First 10-15 <br /> This is the first of many hard things. <br /> Your job is ‘chief salesperson’ (recruiting, fundraising, press) <br /> You’re always recruiting, every day. Even when fully staffed. <br /> Graphic to remind me to do a little of everything, every day <br /> Beyond that/scale <br /> Get help, with eye to bring in-house <br /> Referral Program <br /> Yes, when it makes sense (best hires are referrals) <br /> Why? <br /> Puts referrer’s reputation on the line <br /> Comp (how to close them without the $$$) <br /> Make multiple/varied Cash/Equity offers <br /> Base Cash & Equity <br /> ½ Cash (for 3 mos.) & 2x Equity <br /> ½ Cash (for 6/mos.) or $0 cash (for __ mos.) & 3x Equity <br /> Try Before You Buy / Contractors <br />
  • Customer conversations <br /> Be sure you’re building something that people want/need and will $ <br /> Only way to do that is to interact directly with customers, frequently <br /> Spent weeks/months doing this; better than building wrong thing <br /> Be Great at One Thing <br /> TeachStreet – 400 categories, but not great at any of them <br /> Could have instead chosen to do Music Lessons great <br /> Or even be best at Piano Lesssons <br /> Eventbrite – did ‘one thing’ very well, and crushed a customer pain point <br /> Hiring too fast once funds raised <br />

Recruiting hiring dave_schappell Recruiting hiring dave_schappell Presentation Transcript

  • WHAT? •Primary: •Recruiting/Interviewing Tips •Secondary: •Focus on Customer •Be Great at 1 Thing •Hire Slow(er)
  • WHO AM I? View slide
  • HOW DO YOU BUILD A TEAM? View slide
  • READ: oKnow what you’re hiring for oKnow what you’re going to ask oTake notes oHave an opinion & back it up
  • NICE TO HAVES MUST HAVES • Rails/Ruby • Android • 3 Years PM • … • Passion • Customer Focus • Work Ethic • Certain Skills
  • BEHAVIORAL QUESTIONS • Give me an example of a time you: • … blew a customer away? (Customer Obsession) • … delivered a key project under deadline? (Deliver Results) • … improved a process of co-worker(Invent and Simplify) • Dig: • What did YOU do? • How did you know it worked/didn’t? • What could you have done better? Or, did you, in future? • Give me another
  • FAVORITE OTHER AREAS • Beginning • What did you do to prepare for this interview? • What are three ways we should improve our product, to blow away our customer? • End • 3 Adjectives people use to describe you • Give examples of what you’ve done • Give them time for questions • Suster:  ”No. Curiosity. No. Job.”
  • WHERE DO YOU FIND STARS? •Friends/FOFss • Referrals •Past employers/ees •Networking/parties •Craigslist + •Word of Mouth • ABR (always be recruiting)
  • OTHER TIPS/TRICKS • Interview cheat sheet (txt file) • Don’t walk thru resume (lazy) • Take lots of notes & type up interview • Interview many candidates at once • 4-6 interviewers (key employees, board) • Assign areas of focus to interviewers • Everyone log ‘votes’ before you meet • Schedule in-person debrief with everyone
  • CHECK REFERENCES? • Yes, eyes wide open • Look for great • Probe on anything where not raving • Find a way to talk to non-references • Read Mark Suster post: •
  • ALL ELSE • When to Sell the Candidate? • Recruiters vs. in-House? • Referral Program? • Comp Levels
  • 1-SLIDE MINI-TOPICS • Customer conversations • Be Great at One Thing • Hiring too fast once funds raised
  • WANT OTHER ADVICE? • @DaveSchappell • • Mentor sessions tomorrow • AWS Activate benefits for 500Startups • This presentation borrowed from: •!/neilr •!/msuster