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  • My time at IBM taught great engineering and software dev skills, but lacked designwe made our own forms, icons, buttons, etc. I couldn't tell you who the designer for our team was?
  • I made a lot of mistakes and early renditions of our platform suffered.Met Janice Fraser, spent some time with her and realized how important UX, IxD, design is.Engineering & design must work together to create amazing things
  • Why work with 2 agencies and not do it inhouse?- no designer- no iOSdev- wanted to get it launched fast- in the end it gave us a great base to work of off design wise, and in-house engineering talent to lead the teamStory about our mobile projectHow did a small early stage company, with limited $$, get 2 major agencies to work with them on this project.Easy. You just have to think like a pimp.
  • Think like a pimp. Sure you don't have cash, but what other assets do you have to share?
  • use those assets!
  • To start the project, we all had to agree on some high level goals
  • this is what the design and dev process looked like. just about 10 weeks of work.
  • started with wireframes to drive user research sessions.begin to focus on key signature interactions
  • Call out of bounds. there are so many places you can get lost down a rabbit hole. Especially in edge cases or error paths. Stop! Don't do it and keep your focus on the scenario that you are building for MVP
  • After wire framing and user research, we were at a point where dev could get started with some backend items. we distilled the project into task types and task options.
  • That's when the work at Pivotal Labs started.
  • Great thing about pivotal, is that we were able to ramp up an in-house engineer on iOS, who now leads our mobile dev team. It was a good investment for our money.Cooper acting as a PM was also key. Someone needs to be there day to day to make the calls and it shouldn't be a developer.
  • So we focused on pimping out the assets on the iphone. what were the 3 sig interactions we would focus on? how would they support our high level goals for the project?
  • best example of design and development converging into something awesome – 2 reasons1 - the actual code involved to make this carousel spin is non trivial. Thanks to Brian our VPE, he spent a full weekend tweaking the trig equations to get this just right. A fun engineering challenge that compliments a useful and gorgeous design.2 –because 1 wedge is out of view, we came up with the idea to be able to dynamically load an infinite amount of tasks into the carousel from the server at any given timeno waiting to submit to the app store to add more task types inbeing able cater the experience depending on the user is also hugely powerfulLESSSON LEARNED- particularly on mobile, push the design and dev boundaries so that you can leverage server infrastructure. what can you make dynamic and not 100% reliant on the visual UI.
  • The voice recording was tricky technology, and there were a lot of questions that had to be worked out with that flow. How long can the recording be. Can you remove a recording, have multiple recordings, record over an old recording? etc ....
  • Mobile was the first place we introduced this pricing history. We learned in user research, that this would help people post a task faster, if they knew what other people paid for a task of this same type. We had so much data on pricing that we weren't using, this was a great way to start to leverage that. It has made its way online as well.
  • Leah Busque, TaskRabbit - Warm Gun Conference

    1. One Pimped Out Rabbit: A Mobile Case Study
    2. 7 Years IBM Engineer
    3. If You Build It, They Wont Come
    4. Pimp Out Your Assets! • Equity • Fame: Inclusion in press, blog entries, etc • Advisors relationships • Glory of working on something awesome • Adding to their portfolio • ... Or maybe youre great at making paper dolls
    5. Agree on an MVP• A single scenario• High level design goals• Focus on 3 "Signature Interactions"• Be brutal in calling out of bounds Be able to Post a Task in under 30 seconds without typing
    6. Design & Development Process MVP Design MVPBrainstorming Wireframes User Research finalized Prioritization Engineering Arguing submitted 2 weeks 2 months
    7. Start with Wireframes to Drive UserResearch
    8. Call Out of Bounds!
    9. Matrix of Task OptionsTask Type Task ButtonsGroceries Run Store Drop off (location) Delivery window Rabbit Expenses Ill pay*Restaurant Delivery Restaurant Drop off (location) Deadline Rabbit Expenses Ill pay*Donation Pickup Pick up (location) Drop off (location) Pick up time Rabbit zzzzz Size/vehicle Ill pay*Laundry Where Pick up (location) Deadline Rabbit Expenses Ill payShopping Run Store Drop off (location) Delivery window Rabbit Amount Ill pay*Courier Pick up (location) Drop off (location) Delivery window Rabbit Ill payHousecleaning Location Deadline Rabbit Ill payMoving Pick up (location) Drop off (location) Moving period Rabbit Size/vehicle Ill pay
    10. Moving into the Dev Cycle
    11. Stakeholders - 1 Eng - Lead - Lead Mobile learning iOS Designer/ PM Eng - Dir of UX - 2 IxD - Lead - VPE Designers Architects - Founder
    12. Pimp Out Your AssetsFocus on Signature Interactions1. The Carousel ✔ posting a task1. Voice recording a description ✔ no typing1. Histogram of pricing history ✔ < 30 seconds
    13. The Carousel
    14. Snap it | Say it | Type it
    15. Histogram of pricing history
    16. Lessons Learned• Ensure that all stakeholders are in the room to make key design decisions• The best outcomes happen when Design & Dev are pushing each others boundaries• Pimp out your assets!