Google Adwords Distribution Hacks with Samir Patel @ 500Startups

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  • Anda bisa mencoba bisnis yang baru dirintis oleh Ustadz Yusuf Mansur, dengan peluang keberhasilan yg besar karena usaha ini baru louncing bulan Juli 2013.
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  • @ChandramouliBhattach1 Hi Chandramouli, I understand that it was hard for you to get to more details. This presentation was supposed to be a live presentation with a talk that goes with the slides. I also had a computer screen presentation with the slides. You can catch some of it here: Let me know if you have more questions or wanted to learn something specific. I will be happy to help you outside of this presentation. Check out some awesome resources here: The Big List of PPC Advertising Guides!
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  • An extremely surface level presentation uploaded in all probability to increase visibility on google than any effort to actually provide information.
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  • 1. Twitter @MEETSAMIR
  • 2. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Google Adwords Distribution Hacks with Samir Patel @ 500Startups
  • 3. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Presenter Bio: Samir Patel Managed $1B+ in Advertising Spend across Search, Social, Retargeting and Mobile Ads. Founded SearchForce took company to profitability with Fortune 500 clients. Pioneer in applying Wall Street Quantitative Finance Trading Techniques to Online Marketing. Top US Advertisers as Clients: Progressive, Experian, AT&T, Scottrade, Priceline, eBay, Oracle and MBA, Brand Marketing from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business.
  • 4. Twitter @MEETSAMIR GET A FREE AUDIT OF YOUR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS (fill out contact form) @MeetSamir Connect
  • 5. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Please watch recorded LiveStream video as well to get more context around the presentation Samir Patel LiveStream Speaker Bio
  • 6. Twitter @MEETSAMIR You might have to move in with your Mom
  • 7. Twitter @MEETSAMIR The Problem: Data and Controls
  • 8. Twitter @MEETSAMIR The Channel Explosion: importance up, effectiveness down Lots of Data across Channels (Adwords), Facebook Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Analytics (Omniture), Mobile Ads, Marketing Systems (Marketo), Landing page optimization (Optimizely) but lack of Actionable Intelligence for Advertisers. Strategic: Most CMO’s lack ‘Growth Expertise’ and know-how because of invisibility of inventory and growth drivers. Tactical: Campaign Optimization super complicated and clients need highly analytical staff that is expensive and difficult to hire.
  • 9. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Why are performance ads so complex to manage? Hundreds of Best Practices Data continuously changes Intense Competition Success metrics change Variety of new ways you can advertise and complexity in optimizing each (mobile, retargeting, video etc)
  • 10. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Five Pillars of Adwords Optimization Account Structure Keywords Ad Copy Landing Pages Google Analytics
  • 11. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Core Concepts Relevance Quality Score Bounce Rate
  • 12. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Account Structure Pillar
  • 13. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Keywords Pillar
  • 14. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Keywords Pillar
  • 15. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Keywords Pillar
  • 16. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Keywords Pillar
  • 17. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Keyword Pillar
  • 18. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Landing Page Pillar
  • 19. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Core Concept : Bounce Rate
  • 20. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Ad Copy Pillar
  • 21. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Google Analytics Pillar
  • 22. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Core Concept : Relevance
  • 23. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Core Concept : Relevance
  • 24. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Core Concept : Relevance
  • 25. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Core Concept : Quality Score
  • 26. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Core Concept : Quality Score
  • 27. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Core Concept : Quality Score
  • 28. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Future of Marketing Management: TrueNorth™ Cognitive Systems
  • 29. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Solution: Driverless Marketing TrueNorth™ maximize ROI from Digital Channels and Marketing Automation Systems. Automated Actions Accelerate Growth Increase Profits or Lower cost
  • 30. Twitter @MEETSAMIR Simple and Actionable Intelligence