Customer Acquisition on Facebook

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customer acquisition talk by Ankur Pansari, Facebook from Smash Summit conf (NYC Sept 2011)

customer acquisition talk by Ankur Pansari, Facebook from Smash Summit conf (NYC Sept 2011)

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  • Over 70% of those users are outside the U.S.
  • So on Facebook, obviously there ’ s a lot of social data to read. But there ’ s also a lot of places to interact. We have: - A composer at the top which lets you share anything from one place, right on the homepage - You can also give feedback on individual posts - You can answer questions - You can write on walls - You can chat with friends - You can see notifications of conversations that might need your input
  • On Spotify, you can make comments and share songs to all your friends and ones individually.
  • Facebook Confidential


  • 1. SMASH Summit Ankur Pansari Partner Engineer, NYC [email_address]
  • 2. Agenda Welcome Social Design Tangibles F8 2011 Q & A
  • 3. Quick Stats
  • 4. 800+ million users
  • 5. 70% outside U.S.
  • 6. 250+ Million users use apps on Facebook every month
  • 7. Social Design
  • 8. Identity Community Conversation
  • 9. Identity Conversation Community
  • 10. Principles of a Great Social Experience
    • Utilize Personal Info + Connections
    • Show Social Context Spread Throughout
    • Make it Easy to Share and Give Feedback
  • 11. Use Personal Information and Connections
  • 12. Social Context
  • 13. Make it easy to Share and Give Feedback
  • 14. Conversations & Context
  • 15. Social Context & Easy to Share
  • 16. More Contributions ›› More Activity More Activity ›› More Contributions
  • 17. The Tools
  • 18. Increase traffic with Like button
    • Publishes a story to their friends ’ News Feed
    • Adds it to user’s profile
    • Adds that item to Facebook search
    • Allows you to publish to users who have liked the object (just like a Facebook Page)
  • 19. Post-event sharing increases conversion
    • Encourage users to share compelling stories about specific actions they take on your site
    • Highly effective at driving conversions!
    Post-purchase sharing can increase conversion by 2-3x
  • 20. Send Button
    • Provides the ability to share a link via private message
    • Ability to send to friends, groups, and email addresses
  • 21. Comments Plugin v2
    • Inspire conversation around a brand, category, or product
    • Use a call to action “What do you think of <object name>?”
  • 22. Identity & Personalization Registration Login Allow users to easily sign up/login to your website using their Facebook account
    • Login button shows pictures of the users ’ friends on your site
    • Allows users to easily sign up for your website with their Facebook account
    Login Ankur Pansari, Jackie Chang and 54 friends have connected to Your Site
  • 23. Optimized Landing Page with user benefit messaging
  • 24. Personalized Experience upon Login
    • Show User’s Profile Picture
    • Show Friend’s Profile picture
    • Call to action (“Like to get updates”)
    • Comments Plugin
  • 25. Pages Connect Create meaningful, long-lasting connections with both existing and new customers. Engage Create an ongoing dialogue with your customers. Test & Iterate Use your Page as means to experiment with social design.
  • 26. F8 2011: What you need to know
    • Timeline
    • Custom Open Graph
  • 27. Timeline
  • 28. Custom Open Graph
  • 29. Q&A
  • 30. Ankur Pansari [email_address]