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  • Awesome presentation, Stephanie. The burger metaphor doesn't resonate for me, though. I would have choose Iowa's best burger over McDonalds every time.
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  • 1. @steph_hay Lean Content Using words to acquire users
  • 2. @steph_hay Utilizing messages to orient & engage users, increase conversions, & promote retention
  • 3. @steph_hay http://bookofnorm.com/wtf.jpg
  • 4. @steph_hay Using words that help people find you, understand you, and choose you
  • 5. @steph_hay People choose what they understand
  • 6. @steph_hay http://www.foodchannel.com/media/uploads/istock_000008906736xsmall.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_S7mRAnge4a8/SOJqO8i8SqI/AAAAAAAAAXY/t109sHkKBi0/s400/100_0409.jpg
  • 7. @steph_hay Everything is “the best” Easy, New, Faster, Better, Simpler, Quicker, Stronger, More Powerful
  • 8. @steph_hay https://populr.me/ http://www.3sourcing.com/ https://partender.com/ http://adespresso.com/
  • 9. @steph_hay Everything is not “the best” Confusing, overwhelming, hard to use, buggy, frustrating, wtf
  • 10. @steph_hay http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/woofboy111/Food/meersstore5-15-09giantburger.jpg
  • 11. @steph_hay http://mashable.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/mcdonalds-burger-600.jpeg http://blogs-images.forbes.com/johnclarke/files/2012/07/ronald_mcdonald_jumping1-1.jpg
  • 12. @steph_hay BUSINESS GOAL: Be chosen
  • 13. @steph_hay Lean content speaks to the first-time user (not to you)
  • 14. @steph_hay
  • 15. @steph_hay “Sounds weird, but it’s accurate.”
  • 16. @steph_hay Having an understandable message makes you easier to choose
  • 17. @steph_hay MARKETING GOAL: Be understood
  • 18. @steph_hay The “We/Me” Orientation
  • 19. @steph_hay “We enable” “We help” “We are...” http://www.platejoy.com/
  • 20. @steph_hay The “You” Orientation
  • 21. @steph_hay http://sidelinesapp.com/ https://www.goodsplatform.com/site/landing http://equityzen.com/e/ http://wishplz.com/ http://www.zboardshop.com/
  • 22. @steph_hay 3 things you can do to get your content understood
  • 23. @steph_hay 1. Pitch everyone who’ll listen (a) Watch for “a-ha” body language (b) Write down their questions (c) Iterate to get to (a) faster
  • 24. @steph_hay http://goo.gl/1pnPZ
  • 25. @steph_hay TAKE MY MONEY $$ http://goo.gl/1pnPZ
  • 26. 2. Apply the mom test @steph_hay
  • 27. @steph_hay 2. Apply the mom test If you’d feel like a tool saying it your mom, you probably sound like a tool. Unless your audience is full of tools. Otherwise, prioritize clarity, always.
  • 28. @steph_hay
  • 29. @steph_hay Replace jargon with approachable, outcomeoriented language http://buzzstarter.com/ http://silvrpush.com/ http://www.viralgains.com/
  • 30. @steph_hay 3. Ask users these questions (a) Why did you [sign up]? (b) Why [do] you keep coming back?
  • 31. @steph_hay
  • 32. @steph_hay GROWTH GOAL: Get found
  • 33. @steph_hay 3 things you can do to get your content found
  • 34. @steph_hay 1. Test messages in AdWords Write user-oriented messages to test for clicks (not conversions)
  • 35. @steph_hay Specific, real-person problem Generic, product marketing
  • 36. @steph_hay 2. Embrace the unsexy words used in organic searches Being found isn’t about selling or educating or being clever -it’s about being found
  • 37. @steph_hay GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER
  • 38. @steph_hay
  • 39. @steph_hay
  • 40. @steph_hay 3. Look at Entry Points and Top Content in GA Write more of what visitors are looking at ... attract more people
  • 41. @steph_hay DROP THE CRAP Be proud of what’s real.
  • 42. @steph_hay Learn (and use) the real-person words that make you easier to find, understand, and choose
  • 43. @steph_hay COMMON MISTAKES That work against clarity.
  • 44. @steph_hay Lacking specifics or missing the “why” http://en.bhuntr.com/ http://www.grata.com/ https://maillift.com/ https://salesbeach.com/ https://www.cityblis.com/
  • 45. @steph_hay Buried “A-ha” or “Why?” https://beta.olset.com/ https://btcjam.com/ http://ubiome.com/ http://launchtrack.com/
  • 46. @steph_hay Not capitalizing on customers selling for you! http://www.builk.com/ https://www.shopseen.com/ https://www.realtyshares.com/ https://popbasic.com/ http://carreirabeauty.com/
  • 47. @steph_hay Prioritizing sign-up over the UX http://www.weplann.com/
  • 48. @steph_hay Go read how TechCrunch describes you: http://techcrunch.com/2013/10/29/500-startupsaccelerator-batch-7/
  • 49. doodle.com/stephaniehay http://www.titaneer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/youre-awesome-359x198.jpg