"Video Commerce & The Purchase Funnel," ipsy >> Marcelo Camberos, [COMMERCISM 2014]


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  • My first experience with celebrities started with a broken laptop. It was one week after I had started as the third employee at FunnyOrDie and it was our first board meeting. I stood up to grab some coffee and that’s when Adam McKay, Will Ferrell’s writing partner, comes in sat down on my chair and CRUSHED my laptop! After that unauspicious start, we managed to build up that company working with Will to help on distribution but just as importantly to provide a guiding moral compass to drive the community and give it real life. Working with a celebrity offers many advantages and YouTube personalities are even better for a couple of reasons – They have a more authentic relationship with their fans that lends them credibility. They’ve grown up in this media and are not just talent but also social media experts.Unlike a traditional celebrity, where you would need to do a deal not just with them but with their TV show and or production company, YouTube personalities fully control their distribution channelsSo today I want to talk about how you can work with YouTube personalities to grow your business.
  • But before I do that, let me start with a quick poll, what kind of company do you work at:Ecommerce-first companyMultichannel Brand / retailer where ecommerce is not the primary sales channelService provider for ecommerce companiesOtherCool, now for all of you that work at an e-commerce company:1)Stand up if you have a company facebook page2)Stay standing if you have a company youtube channel3)Stay standing if you uploaded one or more videos in the last month to it4)Stay standing if you’ve worked with a YouTube personality
  • Compare with number of people standing up and amount of time dedicated tofacebook vs. youtube. Solution to the conundrum is to work with YouTube influencers!
  • Hopefully I’ve convinced you of the logic behind integrating youtube personalities into all aspects of your marketing cycle. But the tougher question is how do you do it?I want to talk to first give you some examples of companies that have successfully worked with youtube personalitiesThen talk about how ipsy works with them with specific data points behind how it’s worked out for usThen, provide some actionable learnings on how you too can work with youtube personalities including possible pitfalls and Finally, I hope to leave some time at the end for any of your questionsSo let’s go to some examples of companies that have worked with youtube personalities successfully:Orabrush: Nobody knew they needed a tongue cleaner so there really was no way to evaluate orabrush. The team behind it was struggling and tried everything before deciding to try out YouTube. It turns out YouTube was the perfect medium to talk about stinky onion breath from a comedic standpoint. Their collaborations with 50+ YouTubers have been very successful in putting Orabrush and tongue cleaning on the map and making Orabrush a household name at least in the YouTube community, which in turn landed them big orders from major retailers across the country. Retailers use haul videos frequently to drive store traffic and interest in a very competitive category.Aeropostale: Launched a line with Bethany Mota, promoted it at times square, with her own bus and are expecting over $50M in revenue for 2014. Bhcosmetics: BH Cosmetics also launched two collections with YT personalities, but before that got their feet “wet” by having each of their personalities review every product . It’s in large part based on YT personalities that BH has grown faster than almost any other beauty brand with YouTube as their #1 source of referral traffic.NYX: And finally, another beauty company that has harnessed the power of YT influencers to grow their business is NYX. In 2012 they launched the NYX Face Awards, which began as a small YouTube competition to engage influencers and is now a major event that catapulted NYX to become the winner of the prestigious WWD beauty brand of the year in 2013.
  • Ipsy integrates youtube influencers and the youtube community in every part of the marketing cycle. This has allowed us to grow to over 300,000 monthly subscribers with no paid ‘marketing’ spend. Go through the different parts Begin with Service-> core part of the business and it gives it it’s monthly frequency but key part of that was aligning so that Loyalty – community is influenced by top stylists and want to re-create the lookAwareness – Our 25 stylists have 25 million subs and together with the community videos every month the look gets 6 million views. This is not only great for ipsy and subscriptions but just as importantly a huge marketing benefit for our brand partners, allowing us to secure better merchandising than all of our competitorsFor evaluate - Stress the unconventional approach to PR (nothing in magazines or even traditional blog press) but 375,000 results for ‘ipsy’ or ‘Glam Bag’ vs. 312,000 for all of our competitors combinedFor purchase – qualified leads per month without being too pushy, it’s about telling the story, not about the call to action. And that’s directly on youtube, a lot of these customers then go to our site to reviewThere are huge direct benefits to this approach for us and also indirect benefit in building our community not just on youtube but across all social channels. We believe this growth puts us in line to grow to over 1 million subscribers next year with no marketing spend. But… there are big potential pitfalls (switch to next slide)
  • So, hopefully I’ve intrigued you enough that you’re ready to build out your influencer strategy on YouTube. But how do you reach out to the right influencers, get them intrigued and signed up ready for action?The first step is decide on your marketing objectiveIf it’s something different like orabrush, awareness may be the place to start; if it’s a competitive and relatively mature category, like shoes you may want to focus on evaluation (with haul videos) or service as a differentiatorPurchase in many ways is the toughest but can be very powerful as part of a broader suit of marketing needsOne easy way to test the waters – which many brands do – is with giveaways or contests that require influencers to post videos which is a form of loyaltyThe second step is create a list of proposed activations. Some ideas:Let’s say Fitbit is looking for awareness of their product: Monthly videos following influencers as they prepare for a race with fitbitGreat you have a bunch of awesome ideas now and the objective. Step 3: find the right influencersFirst decide how many do you want, which should be a function of the type of activationThe wrong approach on finding would be to go down a list of the top subscribers and email all of them. Spend the time – or have someone on your team do so – of finding the specific ones that you want to reach out to. A few good tools include vidstatsx and social blade. Tubular Labs and VidIQ both offer consulting services as wellYouTube search is also a great, but time consuming alternativeFinally, you can find the influencers all you want but how do you make contact with them?When you make a list of the influencers you want to reach out to, create a column for email and one for multi-channel network. Are they in one and which one? Email works and is read, but they are getting tens or hundreds of offers a week, so be very clear, don’t copy paste emails and follow up. An easier – but more expensive alternative – is to go to a MCN, like Maker, Fullscreen or YouTube itself. Will depend on your activation and the number of influencers you want involved.
  • Type of deal – long term vs short term, other endorsements aside from videoShort term deals can work well for awareness and loyalty, but longer term deals tend to work better for Service and PurchaseIt can seem like a temptation to focus on purchase and a short term deal, but that is almost always poorly receive by the influencers’ fans so it’s (a) unlikely to get done, (b) possibly taken down, and (c) probably wont lead to much in terms of revenue anywaysFor evaluation, it’s important to focus Specifying what the videos will look like requires striking a balance between a desire for brand consistency and influencers’ desire to maintain creative control. I would recommend creating a brief that includes talking points, tone, product instructions, pronunciation, but NOT getting overly involved . If you feel it’s important for you to see the videos before they go up, you’ll have to say so because its not assumed. Also, many of the influencers have other jobs and may not be professional, so make sure that you manage timelines and expect due dates not to be respected.Finally, how to pay influencers. Small influencers – under 10,000 subs and sometimes higher will take product, but for influencers that are over 50,000 subs you’ll have to pay them. The type of payment
  • Driven by content: not an ad and not about product specs. Think about your cause and about formats that workAuthentic: Research what motivates the different youtubers, don’t just send all of them the same thing and ask for a plug. They will always talk to each otherMutually beneficial: The video needs to be well received and they want more exposure, how do you get them thatTime: We have a fully staffed studio in LA to produce content and keep these relationships. How do you make it ongoing and sustainable?
  • "Video Commerce & The Purchase Funnel," ipsy >> Marcelo Camberos, [COMMERCISM 2014]

    1. 1. ipsy.com | 1 How to Win Friends and Influence People on YouTube Marcelo Camberos
    2. 2. … it all started with a crack Slide 2COMMERCISM | CONFIDENTIAL
    3. 3. Hands up if you have a company facebook page More about you Slide 3COMMERCISM | CONFIDENTIAL Keep hands up if you have a company YouTube channel Keep hands up if you uploaded one or more videos in the last month to it Finally, keep hands up if you’ve worked with a YouTube personality
    4. 4. The YouTube marketing conundrum Slide 4COMMERCISM | CONFIDENTIAL Your customers are on YouTube… … but they don’t want to see your branded content
    5. 5. Awareness Evaluate PurchaseService Loyalty Brands are starting to crack YouTube Slide 5COMMERCISM | CONFIDENTIAL
    6. 6. Awareness Evaluate PurchaseService Loyalty 6 million views/month 25 million subscribers 375,000 YT results for ‘ipsy’ or ‘Glam Bag’ 100,000 leads per month to partner brands 25 tutorial videos/month by top stylists 1,700 videos/month by the community ipsy s YouTube influencers Slide 6COMMERCISM | CONFIDENTIAL
    7. 7. 1. Decide on your marketing objectives 2. Create a list of proposed activations 3. Find the right influencers 4. Make contact From strategy to action: How to find the right influencers Slide 7COMMERCISM | CONFIDENTIAL
    8. 8. 1. Decide on the type of deal that makes sense 2. Specify what the videos will look like 3. Determine appropriate compensation Slide 8COMMERCISM | CONFIDENTIAL From strategy to action: How to close your chosen influencers?
    9. 9.  Driven by content and storytelling, not product specs  Authentic fit with influencers  Ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial  Time and commitment Slide 9COMMERCISM | CONFIDENTIAL From strategy to action: Potential pitfalls