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Appetizer makes it dead simple for small businesses to engage their customers with a useful mobile app. We've built a set of beautiful, category specific themes and an amazingly simple CMS that enables businesses to build loyalty with their existing customers. By leveraging the information from the Social Graph, we can build out the boring part of app instantly. The small businesses can then focus on bringing back customers through deals, specials, rewards and events.

With templates and plugins customized for the needs of each business category we've dramatically increased ease of use, ease of assembly and the functionality of the app. More importantly, the product sells itself. We use APIs to automatically grab the majority of our potential customers Facebook pages. We automatically build custom apps based on the information in the social graph before contacting them. We then present the Mobile App to prospective customers with the app 90% done.

Our first two target customer segments are real estate agents and restaurants. Based on our initial tests using this approach combined with a voice message broadcast system, we expect a single sales rep to sell 5 units per day at $20 per month each. Our goal is to have $55k in recurring revenue from 2,700 customers and be cash flow positive within 9 months.

We’ve bootstrapped the initial product development and we are nearly complete with version 1.0 of the system which we expect to begin selling in early August. Our team has extensive experience, starting, scaling and selling recurring revenue businesses focus on small businesses.

We're raising a small $300k 8% convertible note with a 20% discount and a $3m cap. We’re targeting a handful of value added investors that understand this space and have worked with us before.

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Appetizer - Helping Local Businesses Make Beautiful Mobile Apps

  1. Helping Local Businesses Make Beautiful Mobile Apps
  2. theproblem Smart Phones Too Expensive Low Quality 35% of Americans Adults It doesn’t make financial Current DIY App builders own a Smart Phone and sense to SMBs for a suck! There are no growing* custom Mobile App vertical specific Apps and are hard to set up.*Pew Internet Study -
  3. Beautiful Category Specific Themeswhat isappetizer? HTML 5 & Native Apps Amazingly Simple CMS we make it dead simple for small businesses to engage their customers with a useful mobile app Five Minute setup Create Loyalty & Engagement
  4. SimpleSet Up our setup takes less than 5 minutes for small businesses to create an effective app with leveraging the social graph Key Components of Apps Name, Address, Phone Number, Map, Pictures, About, Updates, Contact, Deals, Events
  5. beautifulthemes we customize each theme for each vertical, because one size fits all makes the apps suck, and the set up even worse
  6. loyalty &engagement the time saved from app assembly and management allows SMBs to focus on one thing, bringing back customers through deals, specials, and events.
  7. customeracquisition test results 5 Sales Per Day/ Per Rep Proactive Automated PresentationWe have proactively found the We automatically build We then present the custom apps based on the Mobile App to majority of our target customers FB Pages information in the social graph ahead of time prospective customers with the app 90% done $19.95 per month
  8. Steve Espinosa Serial Entrepreneur PixelFish CTO Backyard Founder & CEO - Acquired by PixelFish Zonecom Founder & CTO - Acquired by eLocal ListingExperienced Buzzspot Founder - Acquired by Search InitiativesTeam John Zdanowski Experienced building infrastructure for 4 rapidly growing companies PixelFish CFO Second Life, CFO - 8x growth in 3 years HouseValues, CFO - 5x growth in 3 years, led $94m IPO in ‘04 Affinity Internet Co-Founder, COO/CFO - 6 Acquisitions
  9. 9 Month $55K in Recurring Revenue 2,700+ Active Customers Goals Cash Flow Positiverecurring 60Revenue 45 Projected Expenses domain experience in both recurring 30 Projected Revenue revenue and SMB Sales allows us to build a fast, profitable business 15 0
  10. Steve EspinosaRaising $300K 951-265-0983 John Zdanowski 415-742-2124