Andrew Crow, GE, Warm Gun 2012


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Andrew Crow, Experience Design Director, GE,

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Andrew Crow, GE, Warm Gun 2012

  1. I work at GE.
  2. @andrewcrow
  3. Designing for one to many.
  4. Decision Theory &1995 Adaptive Systems Group Dr. Eric Horvitz
  5. “Misunderstoodanimated pedagogical agent or spawn of Satan? ” ROBOTICS ZEITGEIST BLOG
  6. What went wrong?
  7. For basically!at was 17 years ago. one context of use.
  8. Today Multiple locations Varied environmentsComplex relationships Rich ecosystems
  9. 3 methods for creating modern experiences
  10. Contextual Supporting DesignAwareness Experiences Systems
  11. Contextual awareness
  12. DESIGNING FOR CONTEXTLocationTimeForm & TechnologyBrands & RelationshipsEcosystem
  13. “Some of the biggest services in the worldstarted off with really simple problems.” KEVIN SYSTROM (INSTAGRAM)
  14. SUPPORTING EXPERIENCESWhen imagined as a system, greatexperiences can scale.Supporting experiences can be usedto create a larger user experience.
  16. User Experience
  17. Web app Social Checkout Customer Service Presentation layer
  18. User ExperienceWeb app Social Checkout Customer Service Presentation layer
  19. “Responsive design is ushering in a newera of design systems on the web.” JARED PONCHOT (LULLABOT)
  20. DESIGN SYSTEMSA design system is a collection of visualand interaction elements that embodiesthe brand.!e system is often expressed across manychannels including web, mobile, desktop, andservice producing a consistent user experience.
  21. anorama
  22. DESIGN SYSTEMSFrameworks & patternsStrategy for combining componentsStandards of visual and textual toneCode librariesPurpose that is larger than the parts
  23. DESIGN SYSTEMSSpeed application developmentImprove software UI qualityEnable extension & reuse of elements
  24. DESIGN SYSTEMSSupport additional verticals & external partnersMinimize ongoing support needsCreate consistent branded experiences
  25. DESIGN SYSTEMSDesign systems enable to you scaleyour product to multiple platforms, in avariety of contexts, and reach a wideaudience quickly.
  26. SCALING YOUR PRODUCT FROM ONE TO MANY Contextual Supporting Design Awareness Experiences Systems Understanding Use supporting Create design the context in experiences to systems for which your build a holistic consistency product is used user experience and growth
  27. Thank you for your attention.@andrewcrow