[500DISTRO] Measuring for Engagement: Understanding User Gains, Losses & Levels of Interaction

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John Egan, Growth Team Engineer, Pinterest

John Egan, Growth Team Engineer, Pinterest

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  • 1. John Egan Growth Engineer @ Pinterest Data Driven Growth
  • 2. Where Do You Start? New user email campaign Improved invitation flow Add more invitation prompts Share content to social media Work with partners to get distribution SEO Advertising SEM Improve signup conversion Content marketing Improve new user experience flow Email campaign to resurrect dormant users Retargeting campaigns Social media contests Paid app installs Weekly engagement emailCompany blog Blogger outreach Add invitations Get press coverage Add more social features Push notifications Build analytics dashboard John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 3. Growth Model New Users Monthly Active Users Dormant Users John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 4. Growth Model New Users Monthly Active Users Dormant Users Acquisition Activation Churn Churn Resurrection John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 5. Net MAU Graph John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 6. Activation is everything John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 7. Retained MAUs ! •The Metric: The percentage of new users that are still using the app a month later ! •The Goal: >25%. Anything less makes growth difficult because of a leaky bucket John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 8. Original New User Experience John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 9. Improved New User Experience John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 10. Guided User Education John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 11. Funnels John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 12. Prioritize projects based on ROI John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 13. Due diligence is cheap, engineering is expensive John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 14. Shopkick’s Contact List Picker John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 15. Google Analytics Behavior Flow John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 16. Behavior Flow John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 17. Break down metrics until you can see what to do next John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 18. Segmented Experiment Analysis John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 19. Marginal Users (~once a month) John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 20. Core Users (multiple times a week) John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 21. Old Signup Wall John Egan @jwegan_com
  • 22. Inspired Wall John Egan @jwegan_com