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[500DISTRO] Making Business Go BOOM: The 5 W's of B2B Content Marketing
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[500DISTRO] Making Business Go BOOM: The 5 W's of B2B Content Marketing


Hiten Shah, Co-Founder, KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg …

Hiten Shah, Co-Founder, KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg

Published in Marketing , Internet
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  • I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.

    Check out these other talks from 500 Distro: http://www.abstract-living.com/best-5-talks-from-500distro/
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  • Hiten, you just have scratched the surface of content marketing but this is the best basic information for beginners.
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  • 1. The  Five  W’s  of  B2B   Content  Marke6ng   ! Weapons  of  Mass  Distribu1on  2014   ! ! ! Hiten  Shah  hnshah@gmail.com   ! ! Get  the  slides:  h<p://kiss.ly/hitenwmd14 @HNSHAH
  • 2. @HNSHAH
  • 3. @HNSHAH
  • 4. Content  Marke6ng Why  should  we  do  it?@HNSHAH
  • 5. There’s  already  a  ton  of   content  about  content   marke6ng.   ! I’m  going  to  share  what  I  think   is  the  best  of  the  best. @HNSHAH
  • 6. h<p://kiss.ly/readmore Pro  Tip:   Click  the  links  or  enter  the  URL   in  your  browser  to  read  more   content  from  the  source. @HNSHAH
  • 7. Why h<p://kiss.ly/contentstats People  spend  more  than  50%   of  their  6me  online  looking  at   content. @HNSHAH
  • 8. Why 91%  of  B2B  marketers  use   content  marke6ng. @HNSHAH h<p://kiss.ly/contentstats
  • 9. Because… Why DISTRIBUTION!!!   ! Scalable.     Costs  less.   Repeatable. @HNSHAH h<p://kiss.ly/contentstats
  • 10. Why h<p://KISSmetrics.com Return  visitors  have  a  3x  higher  sign  up  rate @HNSHAH
  • 11. Why Content  marke6ng  costs  62%   less  than  tradi6onal  marke6ng   and  generates  about  3  6mes   as  many  leads. @HNSHAH h<p://kiss.ly/contentstats
  • 12. But… Why Only  32%  of  marketers  say   they  are  effec6vely  execu6ng   enough  content. @HNSHAH h<p://kiss.ly/contentstats
  • 13. Why h<p://kiss.ly/contentreport What  makes  content  marke6ng  effec6ve? @HNSHAH
  • 14. Who  will  we  write  for?   ! What  will  we  write  about?   ! When  will  we  post?   ! Where  will  we  socialize? @HNSHAH
  • 15. Who  will  we  write  for?   ! What  will  we  write  about?   ! When  will  we  post?   ! Where  will  we  socialize? @HNSHAH
  • 16. Who h<p://kiss.ly/guestblogging Test  and  target  different   audiences  by  wri6ng  guest   posts  for  other  people’s  blogs. @HNSHAH
  • 17. Making  guest  blogging  effec6ve Who ✓  Target  publica1ons  based  on  their  exis1ng  audience   ✓  Choose  topics  by  analyzing  exis1ng  posts     ✓  Read,  analyze  and  respond  to  comments   ✓  Track  traffic  and  conversions  from  each  guest  post   ✓  Monitor  social  media  men1ons  and  engagement @HNSHAH h<p://kiss.ly/guestblogging
  • 18. Who h<p://kiss.ly/cmmanifesto Rand  Fishkin’s  Content  Manifesto  from  2012 @HNSHAH
  • 19. Who h<p://qualaroo.com Ask  readers  about  themselves @HNSHAH
  • 20. Who h<p://qualaroo.com Ask  readers  about  themselves @HNSHAH
  • 21. Who h<p://KISSmetrics.com @HNSHAH
  • 22. Who  will  we  write  for?   ! What  will  we  write  about?   ! When  will  we  post?   ! Where  will  we  socialize? @HNSHAH
  • 23. What h<p://kiss.ly/headlineformula 8  out  of  10  people  will  read   your  headline,  but  only  2  out   of  10  people  will  read  the  rest   of  your  post. @HNSHAH
  • 24. What h<p://kiss.ly/getread Create  a  conversa6on  by  using   the  words  “you”  and  “I”  within   your  posts. @HNSHAH
  • 25. ✓  Click-­‐throughs  increase  with  numbers  and  nega1ve  words     ✓  Keep  them  under  65  characters  to  ensure  search  visibility   ✓  Make  the  headline  specific  and  match  the  content     ✓  Odd  numbers  perform  beRer  than  even  ones   ✓  Aim  for  the  headline  to  have  six  words  in  it   ✓  Avoid  words  that  have  mul1ple  meanings   ✓  Include  power  verbs  and  interes1ng  adjec1ves Tips  For  Your  Headlines h<p://kiss.ly/headlineformulaWhat@HNSHAH
  • 26. Power  verbs h<p://kiss.ly/powerverbsWhat@HNSHAH Imagine  yourself  as  a  blogging  commander,   en6cing  to  swie  ac6on  with  asser6veness.   Start  6tles  with  ac6onable  verbs  like  “Read,”   “Download”  or  “Learn”.    Ac6onable  verbs   can  be  visualized  and  acted  upon  easily.
  • 27. Interes6ng  adjec6ves h<p://kiss.ly/headlineformulaWhat@HNSHAH
  • 28. A  perfect  example  of  ideal  Content  Marke6ng Five  Shocking  Facts  That  Will  Change   Your  En6re  Approach  to  Social  Media h<p://kiss.ly/5socialHeadline  Example@HNSHAH
  • 29. ✓  Click-­‐throughs  increase  with  numbers  and  nega1ve  words     ✓  Keep  them  under  65  characters  to  ensure  search  visibility   ✓  Make  the  headline  specific  and  match  the  content     ✓  Odd  numbers  perform  beRer  than  even  ones   ✓  Aim  for  the  headline  to  have  six  words  in  it   ✓  Avoid  words  that  have  mul1ple  meanings   ✓  Include  power  verbs  and  interes1ng  adjec1ves Tips For Your Headlines h<p://kiss.ly/5socialWhat@HNSHAH Five  Shocking  Facts  That  Will  Change   Your  En6re  Approach  to  Social  Media 5/7
  • 30. Start  with  what’s  already  working h<p://quicksprout.comWhat@HNSHAH
  • 31. Social  media  shares  tell  all h<p://quicksprout.comWhat@HNSHAH
  • 32. Discover  what  posts  are  popular h<p://quicksprout.comWhat@HNSHAH
  • 33. Discover  what  posts  are  popular h<p://quicksprout.comWhat@HNSHAH
  • 34. h<p://kiss.ly/kmblogcontentWhat@HNSHAH
  • 35. He  does  what  he  feels  is  best  for   the  KISSmetrics  community.  And  it   shouldn’t  be  any  other  way.   ! Neil  Patel h<p://kiss.ly/kmblogcontentWhat@HNSHAH
  • 36. Who  will  we  write  for?   ! What  will  we  write  about?   ! When  will  we  post?   ! Where  will  we  socialize? @HNSHAH
  • 37. When h<p://kiss.ly/pos6ngscience It  depends. @HNSHAH
  • 38. Tips  To  Learn  When  to  Post When ✓  Start  by  deconstruc1ng  other  people’s  content  schedules   ✓  Know  when  people  are  online  using  signup  1me  data   ✓  Use  analy1cs  to  discover  when  you  get  the  most  visitors   ✓  Learn  by  sharing  the  same  thing  on  different  days  /  1mes   ✓  Social  networks  keep  changing,  so  con1nuously  test  ideas @HNSHAH
  • 39. When Your  mix  of  followers,  traffic   and  content  are  unique.   ! What  works  for  others  won’t   necessarily  work  for  you. @HNSHAH
  • 40. When People  don’t  get  bored  when   sharing,  reading  and  learning   from  high  quality  content. @HNSHAH
  • 41. Who  will  we  write  for?   ! What  will  we  write  about?   ! When  will  we  post?   ! Where  will  we  socialize? @HNSHAH
  • 42. Know  what  words  get  shared  via  social  media Where h<p://kiss.ly/sharedwords @HNSHAH Facebook  and  Google+  are  surprisingly  home-­‐oriented,  with  top  words   like  ‘recipe’  and  ‘homemade.’  TwiRer  tends  to  be  more  business  and   technology  focused.
  • 43. Where h<p://kiss.ly/scrapeblog If  you  just  make  a  few  small   changes,  you  can  drama6cally   increase  social  sharing  for  your   posts. @HNSHAH
  • 44. 1.  List  Posts  Are  Huge   2.  Use  ‘You’  &  ‘Your’  A  Lot   3.  Help  Your  Readers  Imagine  A  BeRer  Life   4.  List-­‐posts  Do  Best  On  Facebook,  TwiRer,  and  LinkedIn   5.  Video  Is  Most  Popular  On  Facebook   6.  Customize  Headlines  For  Each  Social  Network   7.  Pinterest  Offers  HUGE  Shares   8.  At  The  End  Of  The  Day,  It’s  Hard  To  Beat  Facebook   9.  Emo1onal  Headlines  Get  Shared  More 9  data  driven  takeaways  for  OkDork.com h<p://kiss.ly/scrapeblogWhere@HNSHAH
  • 45. My  Opinion@HNSHAH Content  Marke6ng  and   Freemium  are  the  best  B2B   strategies  that  keep  on  giving.
  • 46. Hiten  Shah   hnshah@gmail.com   @hnshah   ! How  can  I  help  you? Get  the  slides:  hIp://kiss.ly/hitenwmd14