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The “Four Amigos” Unite to Outline Devastating Impacts of Bush Budget

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Press release 4 amigos

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, February 9, 2006 Press Release Contact: Judy Leask Guthrie 206/285-4425 x 23 The “Four Amigos” Unite to Outline Devastating Impacts of Bush Budget (SEATTLE, WA) For the first time since the death in July 2000, of the very highly respected and esteemed Human Rights Leader, Bernie Whitebear, founder and first CEO of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, the “Four Amigos” (• King County Council Member Larry Gossett, • Inter*Im Executive Director Bob Santos, • El Centro De La Raza Executive Director Roberto Maestas, and • New Chief Executive Officer of United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, Phil Lane, Jr.) representing the African, Asian, Latino and Native American communities will be joining forces to raise their collective voices in clearly illuminating the vast and looming devastation of the Bush Budget for the most vulnerable people in our beloved nation. As the late Vine Deloria, Jr., the greatest and most powerful voice in the modern Native American community stated, “Our society will be judged in the future by how it cares for those in the dawn and the twilight of their lives”. From this clear perspective, President Bush’s proposal to cut 141 domestic programs that will gravely affect education, health care and the environment, among others, while dramatically increasing military and deficit spending, along with more tax breaks for the rich, is clearly irresponsible, deplorable and immoral. This horrific budget action not only affects the most vulnerable members of our nation, but it will eventually affect all members of the Human Family, for as the Ancient Ones tell us, “The Hurt of One is the Hurt of All and the Honor of One is the Honor of All”. The “Four Amigos”, represent a spiritual union of the African, Asian, Latino and Native American communities focused on visionary, community-based action for social justice and economic prosperity for all people. This spiritual union was founded in the profound love and brotherhood of Gossett, Santos, Maestas and Whitebear almost forty years ago. The combined populations the “Four Amigos” stand for represent 80% of the world’s population.
  2. 2. -2- Attendance at this press conference, that will reflect more than 150 years of collective experience in serving the People, is imperative for all representatives of the press truly dedicated to the independent investigation of the truth on behalf of all members of the Human Family. Please join us at the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, Discovery Park, and 3801 West Government Way, Seattle, Washington at 12 Noon, Friday, February 10, 2006 as the “Four Amigos” outline, in detail, the potential social consequences of this devastating budget and provide a new vision for the future. Lunch will be served. WWW.FWII.NET