Hamilton E Holmes Curriculm night 2012
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  • 2. Who are your fourth grade teachers?  Alma Mater  Why we chose to teach.
  • 3. Common Core Georgia Performance Standards CCGPS Georgia joined with 44 other states and 4 territories well over a year ago to develop a set of core standards for K-12 in English Language Arts and Mathematics. These standards provide a clear framework to prepare students for success in college and /or the 21 century workplace. CCGPS represents a logical next step from Georgia Performance Standards (GPS)
  • 4. What does it mean for our students? Rigorous knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college and/or careers. Consistent expectations across states. Regardless of whether they decide to go to school at Georgia Tech or USC, or find a job in Georgia, Maine, or Indiana. Relevant content and application of knowledge through high-order skills.
  • 5. CCGPS v. GPS GPS ELA4R1.b Student identifies and uses knowledge of common graphic features (e.g. charts, maps, diagrams, illustrations). CCGPS ELACC4RI7 Student interprets information presented visually, orally, or quantitatively (e.g., in charts, graphs, diagrams, time lines, animations, or elements on Web pages) and explains how the information contributes to an understanding of the text in which it appears.
  • 6. Writing Students must be able to clearly explain their thinking and reasoning in ALL subject areas. Students must complete multiple writing tasks through the year. Writing should be encouraged at home, just as reading is.
  • 7. Grading Policy Homework – 5% Classwork – 30% Quizzes, At-home Projects, Oral Presentations – 25% Tests, Performance Assessments, In-School Projects, End of Unit Writing, Group Work – 40% Group Work – students will be graded based on individual performance within a group; group grades will not be given)
  • 8. Recovery for failing grades Students have the opportunity to retake an assessment or assignment in which they received a failing grade. If the second grade is passing, the student will receive a 70% for their score.
  • 9. Anchor Activities The fourth grade team will host a multiple intelligence showcase at the end of our first nine weeks. The Anchor Activities will be highlighted in the media center. Students should be working on their ABC Books of courage and innovation as well as one other SMART project.
  • 10. Behavior Plan Each teacher keeps tracks of the following: excessive talking, not completing assignments, and disrupting the learning environment of others. For an infraction, the child earns a check. If a child earns three checks in one week; the student has earned detention and the parent is notified. The parent may choose to come in for a conference in place of detention. Detention is served Thursday mornings. Once a child has been to detention three times, he or she is sent to Mrs. Eady.
  • 11. Science and Social Studies Science and Social Studies are taught in units. The units will rotate back and forth. The students are coming to the end of their science unit on the solar system. The next unit is Native Americans.
  • 12. Homework As we foster the more independent learner in fourth grade, we do not send home homework sheets. Teachers are extremely clear about homework assignments. It is the role and responsibility of the students to write down their homework in their agenda, or homework notebook. It is the role and responsibility of the student to communicate homework to his or her parents. It is the role and responsibility of the student to turn in homework in a timely fashion.
  • 13. Thursday Folders Please look for important information to come home on Thursdays in a purple folder. Every two weeks, grades will be inside. Please return all papers with a signature. We need volunteers to stuff our Thursday folders. Sign up with you child’s teacher.
  • 14. Housekeeping Please send notes when students are absent. Please send written notification about changes in transportation. School begins at 7:40. Breakfast stops being served at 7:35. Students should come to school prepared with pencils and paper.
  • 15. Helpful Websites www.coolmath.com www.aaamath.com www.spellingcity.com www.multiplication.com www.mathplayground.com www.discoveryeducation.com www.timeforkids.com www.scholastic.com
  • 16. Contact Information Mr. Freeman – freemantl@fultonschools.org Ms. Walker – walkert2@fultonschools.org Ms. Jones – jonest2@fultonschools.org Ms. Nicholson – nicholsonn@fultonschools.org Ms. Lewis – hallcn@fultonschools.org Dr. Fletcher – fletchere@fultonschools.org Ms. McDonald – mcdonaldt2@fultonschool.org