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  • In the internet space there is a lot of noise.. How will standout from the noise and what will be our big idea?
  • The three rules defined by JTON.
  • The vision will connect the strategy and the tactics with the actual marketing plan. The marketing strategy is a framework and will tell you what you should be doing. The marketing Plan will tell you how to execute in the appropriate medium.
  • Self explanatory
  • Quickly explain the engagement lifecycle
  • This is the big idea, every marketing strategy has on and this is the one for armadadigital.
  • Defined.
  • The importance of relating spheres.
  • Looking thru the different lenses we are able to comprise and define the Viewerscape.
  • Archetypes are driven by the psychology of consumers and is augmented with overlay data the is comprised of ethnographic and demographic datasets.
  • Digital marketing strategy

    1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategy armadadigital
    2. 2. tagcloud
    3. 3. The Three Rules of Marketing armadadigital1. Viral by Nature • Any tactic should be inherently viral, and have a shelf life beyond it’s intended recipient.1. Visionary • Any tactic will be executed using best-in- class technology & strategic thought.1. Measurable • Every tactic will have specific measurable results to show success. Confidential & Proprietary
    4. 4. The Vision• How was the approach validated in communicating with various demographics?• How is armadadigital unique, compelling, engaging and relevant to its target audience?• What did we look at to develop the marketing strategy (multidimensional view)• What is the brand position and how does this relate back to the philosophy• In the context of targeting. How did the dimensions of geographic, demographic, Psychographic and ethnographic influence the marketing paradigm? Confidential & Proprietary
    5. 5. Viewerscape• The Viewerscape is the multicultural, multidimensional audience that will view armadadigital.• Speaking to and engaging the Viewerscape in the relevant media and leveraging their social networks is the challenge. Confidential & Proprietary
    6. 6. “I download TV shows” “Reality TV is my dirty secret” “don’t sell me,“I relate to this brand” engage me” “Real content matters” “don’t tie me to my TV” “I Tivoded it” “I watch TV on my iPhone” Confidential & Proprietary
    7. 7. Mobile phonesIPTV Confidential & Proprietary Tivo Direct Download AppleTV Cable DVR Podcast Video
    8. 8. The Viewer Engagement Lifecycle Retain CustomerEngagement Grow Serve Onboard Acquire Target Customer Lifecycle Confidential & Proprietary
    9. 9. Creating relationships with the relevant targetingTHE SPHERE OF INFLUENCE Confidential & Proprietary
    10. 10. The Sphere of Influence• A sphere of influence is a collective of people that has a clear alpha leader. The sphere can have various origins, however there is one common dominator. There is always a key influencer that stewards the destiny of the sphere.• There are several types of sphere originators. Some display the characteristics of community leaders, authoritarians, thought leaders, social contributors , and/or subject matter experts. Confidential & Proprietary
    11. 11. Relating Spheres Confidential & Proprietary
    12. 12. Leveraging the Sphere + 65 % + 95 % Influence Aquisition + 45 % + 15 % Influencers Targeting key individuals with substantial spheres of influence.* Sphere Activation, basised upon an injection of marketing dollars Confidential & Proprietary
    13. 13. Psycographic MarketingSphere Activation Ethnographic Marketing Confidential & Proprietary Demographic Marketing PR Campaign Email Touchpoint Sphere of Influence Personalized Communication Website Messaging Personalized Promotion Blog Seeding Facebook Messaging Myspace Messaging
    14. 14. Multidimensional View• The lens in which we looked at the target audience of armadadigital.• Compelling learnings and multidimensional touchpoints from demographics, psychographics and ethnographic. Confidential & Proprietary
    15. 15. Market Movement• Indicate current trends based upon comscore and trendspotting data.• Create a predictive model for armadadigital technology to accommodate changes in the future. Confidential & Proprietary
    16. 16. Archetypes• The archetype is critical since is sets the tone and manner for the brand position. Confidential & Proprietary
    17. 17. Archetype Determination Confidential & Proprietary
    18. 18. armadadigital Archetype • The armadadigital Archetype will guide the marketing efforts based on data captured post final launch. • Archetypes will be updated as knowledge of the consumer and key insights mature. Confidential & Proprietary
    19. 19. Understanding the ViewerscapePERSONAS
    20. 20. Confidential & Proprietary
    21. 21. Confidential & Proprietary
    22. 22. PersonasConfidential & Proprietary
    23. 23. Confidential & Proprietary
    24. 24. Segmentation• Once there is a sufficient amount data and viewers, a segmentation analysis will account for various criteria points.• Segmentation by web analytics, community members and by adaptive survey Confidential & Proprietary
    25. 25. Segmentation Sphere InfluencersSphere Evanglists Sphere Influencers  Target, catagorize and align indivduals with large , medium and small spheres of influance and create a two way transitive trust with them.  Sphere influancers are the gold in the sphere and the ultimate target making them the most important. Social Network Spheres  These spheres are derived from Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin and have revelant sphere advocates that will be the princiapl targets.  Spheres from this catagory are the most viral in nature and will be the most important. Sphere Evanglists  The indivduals that will leverage their sphere to advocate the content of armadadigital.  These are the people that will be the most important to market to and direct marketing efforts since they will be the insiders. Social Network Spheres Confidential & Proprietary
    26. 26. Social Segmentation Confidential & Proprietary
    27. 27. Targeting• Targeting via a attitudinal and behavioral dimensions will yield the best results for increasing lift, engagement and stickiness of the website. Confidential & Proprietary
    28. 28. Targeting Sphere of Influence Network Participation Multilevel Activation High Conectivity Sphere Seeding Mutual Connections Sphere Activation Community AdvocateRelationship Activation Community Member Leverage Spheres Active Member Visitor Values Relationships Sphere Construction Casual Observer Interconnecting Spheres Mine Spheres Confidential & Proprietary
    29. 29. Tactical Marketing OpportunitiesMARKETING TACTICS Confidential & Proprietary
    30. 30. PR 2.0• Intrigue • The initial press release should be sent via intrigue-based methods online AND offline. • A second round of multistage PR booster rockets would create additional intrigue, mystery and questions about each show in a unique way.• Events • A launch party for the final release of armadadigital would accelerate the splash of the PR efforts. • Include a press junket with the cast of the shows. Confidential & Proprietary
    31. 31. SEARCH• SEO • will be initially optimized for metadata to enhance organic search.• SEM • A specific list of keywords should be bought across the three major networks (Google, Yahoo & MSN) • Optimization of the keyword buy can occur as traffic patterns are learned. Confidential & Proprietary
    32. 32. Social Media• The Blogosphere • Leverage Technorati to seed blogs and create awareness while driving traffic. • Use link exchanges with reputable traffic sources with a similar audience (e.g.• Facebook • Leverage the existing Facebook community page to announce the Soft Launch and continue to drive buzz around the shows. • Build the Facebook Fan base for all shows. Confidential & Proprietary
    33. 33. Experiential Marketing• Reach them where they are • Target specific events/locations where the armadadigital audience is and reach out via stickers, flyers, etc.• Leverage Social Spheres • Allow the NYU Interns to create an event to generate interest on and off campus. Confidential & Proprietary
    34. 34. Syndication• Share, Share, Share • Share content with other video service providers • Post videos to iTunes & Amazon Unbox• Awareness • Sharing will drive curiosity around the shows. Confidential & Proprietary
    35. 35. Mobile• Alerts • Use SMS to keep the audience abreast of new episodes.• Viewing • Create mobile-compatible content to allow ad hoc sharing via web-enabled smartphones Confidential & Proprietary
    36. 36. Offline Marketing• What are they reading? • Carefully selected advertisements placed in the right media, such as InStyle, WWD, etc. • Highlight a specific show in a given publication Confidential & Proprietary
    37. 37. Creating value based community relationshipsCRM CUSTOMERRELATIONSHIP MARKETING Confidential & Proprietary
    38. 38. Email Marketing• Acquisition • Leverage existing third party opt-in lists for launch announcement• Retention • Continue the communications after an audience member is registered online to announce new episodes, shows, events, etc. Confidential & Proprietary
    39. 39. Cohort Marketing• Leverage existing organizational Spheres of Influence• Leverage armadadigital’s existing relationships and develop Cohort marketing efforts with relevant partners Confidential & Proprietary
    40. 40. The Stragic Plan• Use archetypes and personas to inform a segmentation model• Define segmentation by ethnographic, demographic and psychographic criteria and start planning.• Target based upon search, social media, email, mobile, experiential, cohort marketing efforts. Confidential & Proprietary
    41. 41. Across the Marketing Continuum PR 2.0 Search Social Media Experiential Marketing Cohort Marketing Mobile Syndication Retain Email MarketingOffline Advertising Grow Serve Onboard Acquire Target Confidential & Proprietary
    42. 42. Measurement• A M&A plan will be used designed and setup to track the performance of the Media spend• This will be the relevant basis for all future media buying Confidential & Proprietary
    43. 43. Refactoring & Optimization• Data-Driven • Use available metrics about the Viewerscape such as geography, behavior, etc.• Refactor • Re-define site hierarchy and layout.• Optimize • Adjust media buy, keywords, and spending. Confidential & Proprietary
    44. 44. Funding the armadadigital marketing campaignsMARKETING BUDGET Confidential & Proprietary
    45. 45. Marketing Budget Assumptions• The marketing budget will be amortized across relevant channels.• The detailed marketing budget will be presented in the marketing plan.• The marketing budget will have a media plan and M&A Plan.• The total amount allocated to the marketing budget will be an input to the percentages in the next slide Confidential & Proprietary
    46. 46. Total Marketing Budget = 100% Confidential & Proprietary
    47. 47. Further InformationAPPENDIX Confidential & Proprietary
    48. 48. Interconnected Spheres Confidential & Proprietary
    49. 49. Relationships• Evidence-based medicine wordtree via IBM’s ManyEyes Confidential & Proprietary