GSS Session III Mr. Simon Perryman -- Structuring Sector Skill Council: Experience Sharing

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  • 1. Working together to develop effective Employer Investment in Skills
    FICCI: 4th Global Skills Summit
    Federation House, New Delhi, India
    15 September 2011
    Simon Perryman
    Executive Director
  • 2. Building SSC Partnership and Collaboration
    • Chris Humphries' presentation on SSCs 2009
    • 3. Moving from concept to delivery 2010
    • 4. Memorandum of Understanding between NSDC and UKCES
    • 5. British Council support and development of UKIERI 2
    • 6. Technical collaboration on SSC and standards development
    • 7. NSDC visit to UK
    • 8. Workshops to support SSC development in India
    • 9. Sharing good practice 2011
    • 10. UK SSCs visit counterparts in India for workshop on good practice
    • 11. Agreement of joint work plan for 2011/12
  • SSCs here from the UK
  • 12. The Changing Context in the UK
    • Coalition Government led by David Cameron
    • 13. Strong support for international collaboration on skills
    • 14. Cameron and Willetts make very early visits to India
    • 15. Radical shift to a market led approach – sharp reduction in public expenditure
    • 16. Major impact on Commission and SSCs
    • 17. Focus = Employer investment in skills
  • Our Strategic Objectives
  • 18. 6
    To deliver these priorities our key actions are to
    Supported by Executive Objectives of
    Our remit is to raise UK skills to help drive enterprise, jobs and growth (
    Within this, our Commissioner priority outcomes for 2011/12 are to:
    • 1.1 Distil and deploy evidence to reframe and refresh the debate
    • 19. 1.2 Provide high quality and accessible Labour Market Information and Analysis
    • 20. 1.3 Support compelling Commissioner messages
    • 21. 2.1 Ensure fit-for-purpose occupational standards and frameworks
    • 22. 2.2 Support preparation for work and competence in work for adults and young people
    • 23. 3.1 Develop and communicate a compelling vision for sector leadership
    • 24. 3.2 Develop Best Market Solutions through investment funds
    • 25. 3.3 Reposition and promote Investors in People
    • 26. 4.1 Create and communicate a clear evidence base on how to tackle the employment challenge
    • 27. 4.2 Build sectoral and employer support to get the UK working
    • 28. 4.3 Improve Information, Advice and Guidance
    Our strategic objectives from Government for 2011/14 are to:
    As a UK social partnership we will be open, collaborative, focussed and credible advocates
    E1 Refocus and reform
    E4 Partnership working
    E3 Robust evidence base
    E2 Delivery and accountability
    Commissioners’ Business Plan for 2011/12
    P1. Make and win the economic argument for greater investment in skills
    P2. Enhance the value and accessibility of vocational training, especially apprenticeships
    P3. Galvanise industries and sectors to improve the skills and productivity of their workforces
    P4. Work with employers to maximise opportunities for unemployed and disadvantaged people
  • 29. Investing in Sector Skills
    • Removal of SSC grant aid from April 2012
    • 30. Introduction of competition and choice
    • 31. "Buying" Labour Market Intelligence and Standards for Government
    • 32. "Investing" where employer ambition and leadership is strong, to support the development of sector based skills solutions
  • Positioning IiPas the Global standard for business development through people
  • 33. What are we looking to invest in?
  • 34. Effective Employer Investment in Skills What works?
    • True employer ownership.. brings
    • 35. Vision and Ambition
    • 36. Leadership to give pace and decisiveness
    • 37. Focus and prioritisation - best market solution
    • 38. Built on strong foundations: research and standards
    • 39. Employer investment alongside public money
    • 40. Clear logic chain between problem and solution
    • 41. Which employers are hungry to buy
    • 42. Commercially sustainable business plans
  • EIF 1 Investments
  • 43. Negotiating agreements worth £10 million with 8 SSCs and 2 non SSCs
    GIF 1 Investments
    Professional Institute and Occupational standards for employability professionals
    Guild for the Hospitality Sector
    GTA for Sports and Active Leisure sector
    Life Sciences skills pathways
    ATA for Science Based Industries
    Expansion of Gold Standard Competency Framework to SMES in Cogent Footprint
    Professional standards framework for agriculture and production horticulture
    Talent Bank (ATA/GTA model) for Gas, waste management and water industries
    Sector managed model of apprenticeship delivery with BT
    Quality assurance framework for Creative Industries HE provision
    Group Training Network for Renewables sector
    Online Employer Network for Third Sector
  • 44. Working together to develop effective Employer Investment in Skills
    FICCI: 4th Global Skills Summit
    Federation House, New Delhi, India
    15 September 2011
    Simon Perryman
    Executive Director