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Holidaytrivia Ii

  1. 1. Holiday Facts and Trivia! BONUS 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 Holiday Fun Holiday Fiction Holiday Literature Holiday Customs Holiday Music
  2. 2. You're right! Ho Ho Ho! Click on me to return to the game board.
  3. 3. Music 1 What song contains the phrase “ On the first day of …? B C A Santa Claus is Coming to Town Rudolf Twelve Days of Christmas
  4. 4. Music 2 Read the words below to identify the song’s title. “ You Know Dasher …” B C A Frosty the Snowman Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Suzy Snowflake
  5. 5. Music 3 Read the words below to identify the song’s title. “ Our cheeks are nice and rosy …” B C A Deck the Hall Sleigh Ride Winter Wonderland
  6. 6. Music 4 Read the words below to identify the song’s title. “ Dashing through the snow …” B C A Jingle Bells Let it Snow Deck the Hall
  7. 7. Music 5 Read the words below to identify the song’s title. “ Oh the weather outside is …” B C A Winter Wonderland Twelve Days of Christmas Let It Snow
  8. 8. Way to go! Feliz Navidad! Click on me to return to the game board.
  9. 9. Customs 1 In this country, geometric mobiles made out of straw are used to decorate the holiday tree. B C A China France Finland
  10. 10. Customs 2 In this country, Saint Lucia Day is celebrated! B C A Italy Sweden Germany
  11. 11. Customs 3 In this country Santa’s sleigh is pulled by eight white kangaroos. B C Australia Mexico Canada A
  12. 12. Customs 4 In this country, young children leave their shoes by the fire on Christmas Eve for a gift from “ le pere Noel.” B C A England France Spain
  13. 13. Customs 5 In this country, ‘las pasadas’ is celebrated. B A Germany Italy Mexico C
  14. 14. Right on! Sweet as a candy cane! Click on me to return to the game board.
  15. 15. Literature 1 Clement Moore was the author of this well known Christmas story. A B C “ Twas the Night Before Christmas” “ The Little Drummer Boy” “ Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
  16. 16. Literature 2 In this story, Tiny Tim was one of the characters. B C A “ The Polar Express” “ Frosty the Snowman” “ A Christmas Carol”
  17. 17. Literature 3 This is the name of the angel in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” B C A Michael Chuck Clarence
  18. 18. Literature 4 In the story, “Polar Express”, this is the boy’s Christmas gift from Santa. B C A A ball A bell A bear
  19. 19. Literature 5 These were the two gifts that were bought in “The Gift of the Magi.” B C A A watch fob and a set of combs A red stocking and brown shoe A pearl necklace and ring
  20. 20. Great answer! No lumps of coal for you! Click on me to return to the game board.
  21. 21. Fiction 1 This person is known for saying “Bah-Humbug." B C A Rudolf Frosty Scrooge
  22. 22. Fiction 2 He lives at the north pole. B C A Scrooge Santa Claus Charles Dickens
  23. 23. Fiction 3 He has a red nose that glows. B C Dasher Rudolph Blitzen A
  24. 24. Fiction 4 He has 2 eyes made out of coal and a corncob pipe. B C A Suzy Snowflake Frosty the Snowman The Grinch
  25. 25. Fiction 5 He is known for stealing Christmas. B C A Mr. Hamby The Grinch Alvin
  26. 26. So smart! Happy Holiday! Click on me to return to the game board.
  27. 27. Holiday Fun 1 You can build this in your yard if it is really cold outside and there is snow on the ground. B C A Poinsettia Snowman Cedar Tree
  28. 28. Holiday Fun 2 This is a holiday walking stick made out of candy. C B A Crutch Pogo Stick Candy Cane
  29. 29. Holiday Fun 3 This is a top that is used to play a game during Hanukkah. B C Dreidel Wheel-O Spinner A
  30. 30. Holiday Fun 4 Poinsettias are found in these three colors. B A White, Pink, and Orange Blue, Green, and Yellow Red, White, and Pink C
  31. 31. Holiday Fun 5 This is a ballet that many people go see during the holiday season. B C A Dracula Swan Lake The Nutcracker
  32. 32. Bonus Question! ?
  33. 33. Who is the composer of the Nutcracker ballet? B C A J. S. Bach Peter Tchaikovsky G. F. Handel
  34. 34. Super Santa Solvers! EXIT PLAY AGAIN
  35. 35. PowerPoint Adapted by B. Burkett, December 2004 Happy Holidays! End Show Holiday Jeopardy Created by: The Instructional Technology Department