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19thefuninfunnyresignationletters 120413023535-phpapp02

19thefuninfunnyresignationletters 120413023535-phpapp02






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    19thefuninfunnyresignationletters 120413023535-phpapp02 19thefuninfunnyresignationletters 120413023535-phpapp02 Presentation Transcript

    • The Fun in Funny Resignation LettersHowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • Funny resignation letters may make or break your last days withyour employer. Before leaving a company, a resignation letter must be made and submitted to your immediate supervisor so that the company will be informed before you leave. HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • There are a lot of points to consider in writing a resignation letter. You must be concise and straightforward. Try to write your letter positively. Include the reasons but first you must express your gratitude. Also include the effective date of your resignation. BE FORMAL WHEN WRITING. HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • Avoid funny resignation letters. First, start with an INTRODUCTION like greetings and for formal writing, state your name. Also state yourposition and how long you have been with the company. The most important is the purpose of your writing. HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • Second is the BODY of the letter. In here, share your gratitude of being hired. Also share the experiences you had with theorganization. The reasons for leaving must also be stated. As much as possible, create a pleasant environment. HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • Third is the CONCLUSION. This will contains the thank you and gratitude to the company. Also include the effectivity date of resignation. HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • EXAMPLE OF A FORMAL RESIGNATION LETTERDear Sir/ Ma’am,Greetings.I, Megan Loin, Executive Secretary of Un-known Group of Companies,am informing you of my resignation.I’ve been with Un-known Group of Companies for three years now. AndI would like to thank you for the opportunity for having me as anExecutive Secretary, but I’ve decided to resign from this job for a reasonthat for three years I did not have any promotion. I did have fun workingin your company, and with your people.Again, I thank you for the opportunity your company has given me. Theeffectivity date of my resignation would be on February 12, 2011.Sincerely yours,Megan Loin HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • EXAMPLE OF A FUNNY SARCASTIC LETTERDear Ms. Ella,Greetings.I am very much excited to tell you of my resignation.It’s been months that I’ve prepared for this awesome event in my life to happen, andthat is to tell you that I am resigning from your company. From the date I was hired, Ienjoyed using the company’s resources to find another job because in the first place,I did not even like the position I was given with. And from the day onwards, I’ve beenusing your company’s resources to find work and to enjoy the cyber world, with freeinternet access of course.And being your secretary, I have access to all your files. Now that I’m resigning, I wantyou to enjoy searching the lost files on my computer. I’m sure you will love the filehunting and password searching.Thank you for the five-month sponsored internet access by your company. Hope youlike the work I left you.Your Secretary,Glad to be out of your company.(name) HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • Professionalism is demanded among professionals. A sarcastic lettermust be avoided. Formality in writing a resignation letter is a must. A resignation letter is the final contact between you and your employer so make sure to leave an impact. HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net
    • Sample resignation letters are found in the internet. For more tips on writing one, VISIT our WEBSITE.HowToWriteALetterOfResignation.net