Sales for Bank Tellers


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  • Spiffs or Incentives for sales
  • Spiffs or Incentives for sales
  • Sales for Bank Tellers

    1. 1. Banking 2012 Denise
    2. 2. Your PaycheckWhere does your paycheckcome from? Bank revenue. (want more pay? More revenue needed.)
    3. 3. Bank RevenueHow does the bankget revenue? Selling services to new and old customers!
    4. 4. ResponsibilityWho’s job is sales?Everyone!(including YOU!)
    5. 5. Fact:
    6. 6. “Everyone lives by selling something.” —Robert Louis Stevenson
    7. 7. What’s a Spiff?
    8. 8. IncentivesContestsAwardsPrizesRecognitionTeam QuotaIndividualQuota
    9. 9. Goal
    10. 10. Great Salespeople… 1. Know the products. 2. Know the company. 3. Know the customer.(or listen to the customer to learn)
    11. 11. Great Salespeople… Sell only by solving problems and creating profitable opportunities. (“Our product solves these problems, creates theseunimagined INCREDIBLE opportunities, and will make it easier for you —here’s exactly how.”)
    12. 12. The Keys to Sales Confidence Enthusiasm Passion Friendly Win-Win Attitude Knowledge
    13. 13. Jeffrey Gitomer says: “People do business with people they like and trust.”
    14. 14. ConfidenceDo your employees believethat they are providing thebest possible solution totheir customers? (If not, fire them!)
    15. 15. *Make eye contact!No big deal? Wrong! “It” isall about … Connection!Paying attention! Beingthere … in the Moment …Present. So, work on youreye contact.
    16. 16. *Smile! Or, rather: SMILE.Rule: Smiles beget smiles.Frowns beget frowns.Rule: WORK ON THIS.Energy & enthusiasm & passionengender energy-enthusiasm-passion in those we work with.
    17. 17. “Nothing is socontagious asenthusiasm.” —Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    18. 18. *It’s all … RELATIONSHIPS.Remember: Business is a relationshipsbusiness. (Period.) We’re all in sales!(Period.) Connecting! Making our case! Following up! Networking! “Relationships” are what we “do.”
    19. 19. Online Sales“I know youd like to get rid of me and just take orders on the web. But thats always going to be the low-hanging fruit. ““The game-changing sales, at least for now, come from real people interacting with real people.” - Seth Godin(this is the key to your current employment, btw)
    20. 20. ReferralsThe best way to get Referrals is to change. Change what you do, what you sell, how you act when times are difficult, how generous you are when you dont need to be. - Seth Godin
    21. 21. Remarkable“The only thing that will make youRemarkable is being worth Remarkingabout.” Purple Cow by Seth GodinWhat do you luv about your bank?
    22. 22. Challenge:What would ittake to makethis the # 1branch in thestate?
    23. 23. Sales Manager’s Chief Job: REMOVE hurdles
    24. 24. Customer Service is Marketing Peter Radizeski @ RAD-INFO, Inc.
    25. 25. What is Marketing?Every Touch of the Customer
    26. 26. What are Customers?An Asset! The VIP!
    27. 27. Too Much Choice
    28. 28. Upsell is Key
    29. 29. Friendly
    30. 30. Smile!
    31. 31. GUESTG – Greet the customerU – Understand customer needsE – Explain features and benefitsS – Suggest additional itemsT – Thank the customer
    32. 32. Soft Sell
    33. 33. ComplaintsA Complaint isan Opportunity.
    34. 34. Remember
    35. 35. Core Values1. Deliver WOW Through Service2. Embrace and Drive Change3. Create Fun and a Little Weirdness4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded5. Pursue Growth and Learning6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit8. Do More with Less9. Be Passionate and Determined10. Be Humble