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tips for networking, especially at trade shows and conferences

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  1. 1. Networking TipsFor the trade show
  2. 2. Attendee Goals What are your goals? Rich Bader of Easystreet used to attend ISPCONs with a list of questions he wanted answers to. Where better than a show like ITEXPO to get answers to industry questions, trends?
  3. 3. Food! When networking remember....its not about the food or the drinks. Eat something before you go so that you arent focused on the food, but on the people. Don’t get tipsy.
  4. 4. Carpe Diem Get the most out of the show - dont just look for numbers, look for good connections and complimentary knowledge. Give, not just Get.
  5. 5. It isnt about (just) YOU.How can you help others?
  6. 6. Conversation starters: What did you see on the show floor that you found interesting? What did you think of Peters sessions?
  7. 7. Are You Working a Booth? Whats your goal? How will you attain it? What do you want to take-away from this event?
  8. 8. Attention! Dont talk to other booth members! Don’t play with your gadgets. Play with the crowd. Pay attention to the attendees!
  9. 9. Interaction Have specific questions to clarify how your company can help an attendee. Try to have a different Q? than "What do you do, dude?"
  10. 10. Make it a Game How many rejections can you get? How much swag can you get from other booths? How much swag can you trade? How many business cards can you collect? What is the best business card you see?
  11. 11. Swag Booths with swag, babes and contests get more attention. If you dont have that, smiling faces work too!
  12. 12. Most important: Elevator Pitch! USP!Value Proposition! If you dont knowyours, stay home.
  13. 13. Preparation! What are you doing today to ensure that you have meetings in place at the show? Social media and your current network are great ways to let others know you will be there and have time to meet. Fill your calendar!
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