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Branding, Differentiating, Marketing and Thought Leadership explained a little.

Branding, Differentiating, Marketing and Thought Leadership explained a little.

Published in Business
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  • 1. Branding by Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO INC
  • 2. Branding
    • Branding is about being Remembered by your prospective marketplace.
  • 3. What is a Brand?
    • It’s the 1K of memory that holds a collection of ideas, thoughts, experiences and feelings about your product, service or company.
  • 4. None
    • For many people, that 1k of memory is BLANK!
  • 5. Thought Leader
    • Thought Leadership is one way to Brand your products and company in your marketplace.
  • 6. Educate
    • With Thought Leadership you are Educating your prospects about the Industry, your products and their uses.
  • 7. Differentiation
    • How you Position the value of your product and company from your competition.
  • 8. Story Telling
    • All of this – Branding, Marketing, Positioning, Thought Leadership - is about the Story you are Telling.
  • 9. The Story
    • The Story has to be clear, concise, specific and memorable .
  • 10. Repetition
    • It also has to be repeated. Often.
  • 11. Oh, Yeah!
    • It has to be about THEM, not YOU (or your tech).
  • 12. Trust
    • Above all, you have to Build TRUST !
    • People buy from people they like and trust.
  • 13. Old Adage
    • No one every got fired for buying IBM (or AT&T).
    • Branding can build Trust.
  • 14. Without Branding:
    • No one knows what to think of your company or products.
  • 15. Today
    • It isn’t about transactional (short term).
    • It’s about long term.
  • 16. Loyalty
    • You want Loyal Customers.
    • Not one and done.
    • Build Relationships.
  • 17. What They Hear
    • Does your Story Resonate with your marketplace?
  • 18. How Much?
    • Branding doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
    • It needs to be done.
    • Consistently.
  • 19. Peter Radizeski is a consultant for telecom service providers offering strategy, marketing, go-to-market and sales training. His books are available on www.sellecom.net