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Put on some lively music while you wor...   CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS                7

Remember to work on your core-strength (...   CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS                 8

If you prefer to combine your cardio wo...       CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS                             9

Before we get into more...   CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS             10

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●   You get the whole fat loss package,...   CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS                  12

    available. Tom even allows for th...
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Jump-Start Fitness With Free 'Easy Tips For Using Cardio Workout For Weight Loss'


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Getting fit and losing weight can be daunting. You probably have a ton of questions. Where do I start with a cardio workout for weight loss? Do I need a health club membership? What if I can't afford this? What do I do if I am too embarrassed to train in front of other people? Do I have to buy expensive home gym equipment? How long should I train? Should I train every day? Should I concentrate on cardio conditioning? What role does weight training play? Do I have to diet in order to lose weight? Get answers to your questions in this new free ebook...

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Jump-Start Fitness With Free 'Easy Tips For Using Cardio Workout For Weight Loss'

  2. 2. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 2 Easy Tips for using A Cardio Workout For Weight Loss by Rika Susan © 2008 All Rights Reserved Find free articles, videos and ebooks about fat burning and home gym equipment at Feel free to email this report to a friend!
  3. 3. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 3 Disclaimer The information in this book is for entertainment and informational purposes only, and is not intended as a source of advice. It should not be used as the basis for making choices. Copyright The contents of this book is copyrighted by All rights are reserved by The content, in part or as a whole, may not be reproduced, downloaded, published or transferred in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, except with the prior written permission of
  4. 4. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 4 Easy Tips For Using A Cardio Workout For Weight Loss When we look for the best cardio workout for weight loss, we often focus solely on the physical aspects. The picture we have in our minds are of six pack abs and a beach-body that will draw admiring glances from friends and strangers alike. There is nothing wrong with this goal, but don't stop there! What if I could promise you that you will experience a wealth of psychological benefits as well? What if I told you that countless studies have proven the mood-enhancing effects of a 20 or 30 minute workout? What if a bit of physical activity could leave you feeling invigorated and uplifted? No weight loss pill or potion can give you this result in a natural way, without side-effects. Best of all, from teens to seniors will experience this result, regardless of the level of fitness. Geared to create your new, lean body? Ready to get ripped to burn belly fat? Let's see why a cardio workout for weight loss delivers the goods every time. Ten vital benefits of a stretching, strength training, weight loss cardio workout: 1. Outwits osteoporosis 2. Trounces type 2 diabetes 3. Helps heart health 4. Whittles down weight
  5. 5. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 5 5. Diminishes mild depression 6. Spruces up sleep quality 7. Promotes mind-power 8. Improves self-image 9. Fine-tunes flexibility 10. Elevates energy levels Now, how do you go about making this impressive list of benefits your own? Mention the word 'exercise' and many folks visualize expensive gym memberships, bulge-revealing gym mirrors and staring eyes. Relax! You really don't have to go this route if it isn't for you. There are dozens of ways to reach your fitness goals, as long as you always incorporate cardio conditioning, stretching and strength training. Cardio Conditioning Or Aerobic Training This refers to those activities that get your heart really pumping and your breathing thoroughly revved up. Now, you don't need to invest in heavy- duty elliptical exercise equipment or a home treadmill to achieve this. You can simply come up with a range of informal, enjoyable family activities. Anything from mountain biking, to walking or dancing will do. A rebounder or mini trampoline isn't expensive, and it is fun to use. It is one of the most effective cardio conditioners to boot. Why not give it a try? Sneak in extra activity by climbing the stairs, rather than using the lift. Or park your car a bit further down the street and walk a few blocks to your destination. You burn calories while you iron the washing, while you wash the floor, while you mow the lawn, while you wash the car, or while you vacuum.
  6. 6. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 6 Put on some lively music while you work and put some swing into your hips! Make it fun (yes, even funny!). Begin to see these as an integral part of you training program, rather than simple drudgery. You will be surprised to discover how all these extras add up during the day! Stretching Or Flexibility Training The second leg of your cardio workout for weight loss, should include some stretching exercises to increase your flexibility. This is another way of preventing injuries, as it enables your joints, ligaments and muscles to stretch and bend with ease. Here some basic yoga exercises or a resistance band will do the trick. People often associate getting older with an increase in stiffness. This doesn't have to be the case. Stiffness really isn't an inevitable part of ageing. If you make flexibility training part of your day, you will be moving with ease, no matter what your age. You will remain limber and retain the full range of motion in your joints. Increased flexibility is also likely to enable you to improve your posture. Always do some warming up activity first, before you begin to stretch. Strength Or Weight Training Strength training is vital to increase your lean muscle mass. Now, I am not going to try to sell you some expensive home gym equipment such as a Weider home gym or a Bowflex Revolution Home Gym. You don't need one of these to start with. Many reputable, budget, fat-burning programs (see the comparison at the back of this ebook) take you by the hand in your weight loss quest. In these easy-to-follow courses, experts give you step-by-step instructions for using little more than a bench and a set of dumbbells to get you to your weight training goals.
  7. 7. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 7 Remember to work on your core-strength (mid-section) as well. This is one of the best ways to strengthen your back, in order to prevent back injuries. An affordable exercise ball can be extremely helpful in this regard. Want to turn your body into a mean, lean, calorie-incinerating machine? Weight training is the way to go. Your goal is to up your lean muscle mass, while reducing your body fat. This facilitates a super-efficient metabolism that continues to burn calories even while you sleep. Doesn't that sound great? Compare this scenario to fad diets that are likely to put your metabolism on a go-slow strike, by shifting all your body-gears into starvation mode. In the past you may have said: quot;I only have to look at a piece of pie to gain 5 poundsquot;. Once you start to increase your lean muscle mass, your body will burn calories at a much faster clip. You will be much less likely to gain weight, and any extra pounds will come off that much faster. In time, you will be able to enjoy a treat, without seeing the results on your hips the next day! That's all there is to it, folks. You can try to work up to 30 minutes four or five days a week for maximum benefits. Just make sure that you get some expert advice when you start out. Consult your doctor if you haven't been training for a while, or if you have any illness or injury. There is no area of your being that will remain untouched by a regular, relaxed weight loss cardio workout. Just imagine the dividends in terms of the positive effect it will have on your self-image, the way you will carry yourself, the way your clothes will fit, and the mood-lifting endorphins that will be produced. This is your recipe for health and wellbeing. The most important thing to do, is to put the fun back into fitness. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will keep it up. If you include the rest of the family, you are also more likely to stay with it. It really doesn't have to be a drag.
  8. 8. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 8 If you prefer to combine your cardio workout for weight loss with a health club membership, by all means go for it. But if you can't afford it, don't let this fact stop you from creating your new, healthy, toned body. Compare Two Top-Selling Fat-Burn Programs! and Trying to find out how to burn fat fast, but finding yourself bombarded with sales letters that take an eternity to read, with a humongous amount of information - enough to make your head spin? Let's try to save you time and head-scratching, and get to the heart of two of the top-selling fat-burning programs on the internet today, ‘Turbulence Training’ and ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle’. Both of these tried-and-tested programs have been written by experts with years of experience in the fields of weight loss and strength training. Both books are praised in testimonial after testimonial. Both focus on getting you the figure you have always dreamed about.
  9. 9. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 9 Before we get into more detail, here's a quick overview table: Fat-burning and muscle building through nutrition Fat-Burning and muscle MAIN know-how, strength training building using bodyweight. FOCUS and cardio conditioning, plus Some nutritional guidance. motivational techniques FAT LOSS 2 Pounds per week 1 Pound per week PREDICTED EQUIPMENT You can start with as little as Bench, dumbbells and a NEEDED a set of dumbbells. stability ball. Bodybuilder, certified strength and conditioning specialist Fitness expert, certified AUTHOR (CSCS), qualified personal strength and conditioning CREDENTIALS trainer, health club manager, specialist (CSCS), consultant nutritionist, motivation coach and writer. and freelance writer 337 Page information-packed 76 Page e-book, plus a one FORMAT e-book. hour MP3 audio. Valued at $402.80 Valued at $229.78 3 reports, e-book, lifetime e- 7 reports, 3-month basic level FREE zine subscr, access to the e- membership to the BONUSES zine archives, lifetime Turbulence Training updates to Burn The Fat. Discussion Forums PRICE $39.95 $49.95 LINK: CLICK HERE FOR CLICK HERE FOR Burn The Fat, Feed The Turbulence Training Muscle
  10. 10. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 10 The Truth About ‘Turbulence Training‘ And Toning Your Body ● This program by Craig Ballantyne was written for regular people of all ages and all fitness levels, from beginners to fitness buffs. Women can also use the book, without fearing that they will add too much bulk. ● ‘Turbulence Training’ aims to create lean, strong, well-defined physiques. ● Craig concentrates on high intensity strength training with a cardio element built in, rather than boring, traditional and time-consuming cardiovascular or aerobic workouts. ● This approach is based on studies that show that heavier resistance training is the more effective option when it comes to fat-burning and calorie crunching. ● Being a balanced, realistic program, it aims to enable you to lose 1 pound of fat per week. Fad diets promise huge losses, but most of the loss is water. This explains why the weight simply comes back with a vengeance as soon as you end the diet. ● 3 Workouts per week of under 50 minutes are all you need to get the full benefits of the program. The idea is to help you to spend the minimum time training, while gaining maximum benefits - the ideal approach for busy people. ● This method revs up your metabolism big time. The result is that you should continue to burn calories at a much higher level after your workouts, than with traditional aerobic workouts. ● Whereas ordinary weight loss programs virtually ensure that you lose lean muscle mass, ‘Turbulence Training’ protects this aspect and is geared to add to your lean muscle mass. This is a vital aspect if you want to lose weight permanently.
  11. 11. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 11 ● You get the whole fat loss package, with more than enough in the workout department to keep you busy for 26 weeks. This is a lifestyle, or should I say healthstyle program. No quick fix here. You will learn how to lose fat the healthy way and keep it off forever. ● Some valuable nutritional guidance is also included as a bonus, but this isn’t the main focus of ‘Turbulence Training’. ● The great thing is that you don’t need a room filled with expensive equipment. A stability ball, dumbbells and a bench will do. For the rest, you use your own bodyweight. ● Do you get bored easily? You will love this program. The workouts change constantly, keeping you entertained and interested. ● ‘Turbulence Training’ comes with an iron-clad 8 week money back guarantee. The Meat Behind The Magic Of ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle‘ ● This book by Tom Venuto is also aimed at regular people: those of us without the perfect genes, those of us who have tried a gazillion diets without success. Find out why these diets fail time after time. ● ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle’ provides a fine-tuned fat-loss nutrition system, combined with the best muscle-building workouts and tips. The plan enables you to create a lean, well-defined look. ● Imagine the hole a one-on-one session with Tom Venuto will make in your pocket. Yet, he shares all his knowledge freely in this affordable book. ● Let me tell you, this guy tries to make the process as quick and painless as possible. You don’t need tons of endurance and determination. The plan can be adapted to fit in with your program and the time you have
  12. 12. CARDIO WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS 12 available. Tom even allows for those vital cheat days we all need! ● Whereas ‘Turbulence Training’ concentrates more on the strength training aspect, ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle’ offers more comprehensive nutritional guidance. Yes, Tom Venuto spills the beans about the secrets behind the super-low body fat percentages of bodybuilders and the models you are likely to see on the cover of Muscle And Fitness Mag. ● Tom tells you how to work WITH your metabolism, rather than against it. The author’s experience enables him to get you to lose the fat without losing the benefit of a revved up metabolism. In fact, he will help you to turn your body into a lean, mean, calorie-crunching machine that will continue to work away even while you sleep. ● His target is to get you to lose the fat - and keep it off forever. Doesn’t that sound like a plan? ● No weight loss pills, potions or nasties like steroids feature in this program. It’s all natural stuff. ● ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: A Complete Fat Burning System Based on The Secret Techniques of The World’s Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models’ comes with an iron-clad 8 week money back guarantee. The bottom line? If you are overweight and want to get rid of all those extra pounds while building muscle mass at the same time, ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle‘ may very well be the best partner for you. If you are in fair shape, but want to concentrate on firming up and building muscle definition, ‘Turbulence Training‘ should work well for you. This is also a great option if you get bored easily and need loads of variety in your workouts.