...      ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE            3

                                 Discla...     ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE           4

       20 Crucial Elliptical Trainer
    ...     ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE            5

People of all ages and fitness levels ca...     ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE               6

Go up one level, and you get to the r...      ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE              7

6. What is the weight capacity of the...      ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE             8

9. Is the frame sturdy and robust?


hill climbing and fitness tests, to nam...     ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE           10

16. What sort of feedback will I get?


20. What sort of warranty is included?


            Compare Two Top-Selling
     ...          ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE                        13

Before we get into mor...    ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE             14

               The Truth About ‘Turbule...    ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE            15

    department to keep you busy for 26 w...     ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE                16

   Whereas ‘Turbulence Training’ c...
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Free 'Elliptical Trainer Buyer's Guide' Answers 20 Crucial Consumer Questions


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It can be overwhelming to go shopping for home gym equipment such as elliptical exercise equipment. All the manufacturers continuously come up with new models, new features and innovative technology. Is it any wonder that a novice finds this to be very confusing? I have good news for you! I have written a free Elliptical Trainer Buyer's Guide that answers 20 of the most frequently asked questions in clear, easy-to-understand English. I invite you to download it right now if you are in the market for new fitness equipment. Read your free 'Elliptical Trainer Buyer's Guide 'today, grab your Dick's Sporting Goods coupons, and go and impress the sales people with your knowledge!

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Free 'Elliptical Trainer Buyer's Guide' Answers 20 Crucial Consumer Questions

  2. 2. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 2 ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 20 Crucial Consumer Questions Answered! a report by Rika Susan © 2008 All Rights Reserved Find free articles, videos and ebooks about fat burning and home gym equipment at Feel free to email this report to a friend! Visit to download more free reports in this series!
  3. 3. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 3 Disclaimer The information in this book is for entertainment and informational purposes only, and is not intended as a source of advice. It should not be used as the basis for making choices. Copyright The contents of this book is copyrighted by All rights are reserved by The content, in part or as a whole, may not be reproduced, downloaded, published or transferred in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, except with the prior written permission of
  4. 4. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 4 20 Crucial Elliptical Trainer Consumer Questions Answered! Elliptical trainer reviews and consumer reports come jammed with details about the superb cardio workouts for weight loss these machines provide. Is trim, toned thighs your goal? Do you want to get your heart really pumping? Do you need to rev up your metabolism? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, getting one of these fat-burning exercise companions may be the logical place to start. Don't worry if you see one of these and have no idea what it is or how it is used. Home gym equipment is known for its innovative technology, and it has become almost impossible to keep up with all the latest trends and changes. So, you are in your local branch of Dick's Sporting Goods, trying to look as if you know what you are doing. What are some of the questions you should be asking when the salesman saunters over? How can you be sure to get the most bang for your bucks and the right elliptical exercise equipment for your needs? Let me see if I can help you to make sure that the salesman earns some of that commission of his! 1. What exactly is an elliptical trainer and how is it used? An elliptical trainer is one of the most effective, low-impact, stationary trainers. You simply stand upright on the machine, holding onto the hand rails. You position your feet comfortably in the roomy foot pedals. You then 'walk' with your natural motion. In contrast to a jogging motion, your feet remain in the pedals throughout. This is why it is a low-impact device and why it is often used during rehabilitation.
  5. 5. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 5 People of all ages and fitness levels can utilize these machines. It has been compared to combining a treadmill, stair stepper and stationary exercise bike. You set your own pace and can usually adjust the resistance level until you feel comfortable. Your natural walking motion is emulated almost perfectly. 2. What can I expect to pay? The price tags on elliptical exercise equipment can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Establish the budget for your purchase before your leave your home, otherwise you may be pressured into paying more than you can afford. In order to decide what you need, you have to ask yourself some basic questions. How many people will use the machine? Will they use it daily or only a couple of times a week? Are they of average weight or will some users be on the bulky side? Will the workouts be light or will the equipment be used for marathon training? A single person of average weight, who plans to train three times a week, can opt for a less expensive model. A family of four with two marathon runners among them, may need a top-of-the-line trainer. 3. What sort of drive system does the trainer have? The drive system is a crucial element, but it may be difficult for a novice to judge its quality and durability. Do some homework on the internet beforehand and visit reliable review sites for suggestions and pointers. These guys are usually up to speed as far as all the hiccups are concerned. Price-wise, the first level of trainers usually comes with front drive systems and articulating foot pedals. To be comfortable during use, and to prevent injuries, this kind of machine must have pedals that adapt to your motion with angle changes. Never buy one of these without articulating pedals. These models can generally be seen as fairly reliable. They are also low- maintenance in most instances.
  6. 6. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 6 Go up one level, and you get to the rear drive systems. These can be seen on machines such as Precor elliptical trainers. The price is usually a bit higher here. These devices are also easy to maintain. Their track record has been fairly steady. The rear drive systems facilitate a natural ellipse during use, so they don't come with articulating pedals. The newest models on the market come with a unique center drive system. These still have to be tested for reliability and efficiency. One notable example of this is the new award-winning, space-age Center G Keys elliptical trainer. This machine sports friction-free magnetic resistance. The flywheel is located in the middle of the device. You will note that operation is whisper quiet. One of the main advantages of this class is that the nature of the design facilitates a shorter and more compact end product. This is useful if you have space limitations. 4. What are the dimensions? How much space do I need? The dimensions of elliptical machines vary tremendously. You need to make absolutely sure that you have the room your choice of machine requires. You may be looking at anything from 4 feet to 6 feet in length, and 4 feet to 5 feet in height. Transport wheels are vital, as the devices can be extremely heavy due to their size. For a more compact design, you may want to consider on of the center drive system models such as the Keys Center G. Another option is a space-saving, folding model. 5. How noisy is the device during operation? This can also be an important factor. If you find the noise level to be annoying, you are going to avoid exercising. You may also want to watch television or listen to workout music while training. Your trainer shouldn't drown out other devices you want to use simultaneously. In the end, a lower noise level may also be an indication of better quality. Keep this in mind when testing the different models.
  7. 7. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 7 6. What is the weight capacity of the trainer? It is crucial to take a look at the maximum user weight of the machine. Don't cut it too close to the upper limit. This may result in not-so-good vibrations and balance issues. It may even lead to inconvenient break downs due to overloading. For example, if the machine has been given an upper limit of 300 pounds and you weigh 300 pounds, rather look for a 350 pound user weight capacity model. Remember that you may void the warranty if you use it and you are over the weight limit. 7. What kind of foot pedals does it have? This is where user comfort will dictate your choice. Imagine how distasteful a 20 or 30 minute session will become if you experience pain, discomfort and numbness in your feet and ankles. Adjustable, oversized pedals are the best. Newer developments include more comfortable, slightly sloped pedals as seen in some Sole elliptical trainers. Another innovation is an adjustable angle in the pedal, in addition to the articulating feature. This makes the articulating pedals even more effective, as they can easily adapt to the cycle of your stride with a change in angle. Another benefit of this design is that it makes your workout more interesting and varied. You can choose to target your glutes or hamstrings specifically by adjusting the angle. 8. Is the stride length adequate? You don't want a trainer that will cramp your style! If the stride length is sufficient, you can be sure of a relaxed, fluid action. Look for anything between 19quot; and 21quot; and test it thoroughly.
  8. 8. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 8 9. Is the frame sturdy and robust? If the frame is lighter, portability is enhanced. If it is heavier, the machine is likely to be more robust. In the long run, the latter is more important. You will want to check that the base frame isn't too compact. If you are on the tall side, this may affect the elliptical motion. 10. Does the trainer come with an adjustable ramp? An adjustable ramp can be a huge advantage in your training. By changing the angle of the ramp, you bring new muscle groups into play. Use a low setting if you want to focus more on your upper body. Adjust it to a higher elevation if you want to target your back and legs more effectively. 11. What type of resistance system does it use? Remember that, once you are in a training rhythm, you don't want to lose your momentum. You don't want to have to interrupt your session to make adjustments to the machine. Try to get a trainer with a variable magnetic resistance or an eddy current brake system. This will allow you to make mid-stride, automatic adjustments via the controls on the unit's display or handle bars. This kind of system also helps to lower the noise level, and aids a more fluid action. 12. What can I expect in terms of workouts? Some people prefer a very simple electronic display with a minimum of functions and workouts. They just want something that is simple to follow. In contrast, you may be looking for a good selection of different programs to motivate you and to add interest to your training. It can be a good idea to 'surprise' your muscles with a fresh workout from time to time. This can help to avoid the dreaded plateau where it feels as if nothing is happening in terms of progress. Workouts can include weight loss, heart rate sessions,
  9. 9. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 9 hill climbing and fitness tests, to name but a few. Your equipment should adjust automatically according to your selection. 13. Is iFit compatibility included? These days elliptical exercise equipment often comes with full iFit compatibility as part of the package. This is a great option, as it virtually (no pun intended!) gives you your own personal trainer and personalized workouts. You will receive the option to connect to the website. Here you will be guided through a variety of workouts, accompanied by workout music. You can use this feature to motivate yourself to improve your performance. If you can't use the internet, you can opt to make use of CD's and videos. 14. Is the power source cost-effective? To operate the control panel and resistance system, you will probably need a power source. The set-up can be electrical or battery operated. Make sure that it won't be too expensive in the long run. 15. Will I be able to manage the electronics? The consoles of these trainers can be very sophisticated and state-of-the- art. This is the windows where you see details of the workouts, as well as reports of your progress. Make sure that you will be able to understand the functioning of the console with ease. You don't want to feel that you need a university degree in electronics to be able to digest the data diet the console feeds you. Also make sure that it is large enough to be easy to read.
  10. 10. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 10 16. What sort of feedback will I get? Usually the feedback on the console will include details about the workouts. In addition, you may get information about the calories you are burning, your heart rate, the time, the stride number, the resistance level, and the distance. A carb counter may also be included. 17. Does the trainer make provision for an upper body workout as well? Some machines come with movable upper body handlebars. This adds yet another dimension to your program, and revs up your progress. The main advantage is that you will get a total body workout, as your arms, chest and shoulders are brought into the training mix. Don't be surprised if you feel as if you are cross-country skiing! One major difference you will notice, is that the motion is so fluid that you won't register the intensity of your workout. This characteristic of machines such as the Precor Elliptical, enables you to continue your workout for a longer period, maximizing the fat-burning effect. 18. Does my model of choice include a heart rate monitor? While a wireless heart rate monitor as such isn't crucial (in fact the chest strap may irritate some people), you have to be able to keep track of your pulse rate in some way. You can use handgrip pulse sensors for this purpose. 19. Does the trainer feature a reverse mode as well? The reverse mode can be a very handy feature. Using it brings new muscle groups into play. It also freshens up your routine. Such a 'wake-up' call for your muscles can only help you to ensure fast-paced progress.
  11. 11. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 11 20. What sort of warranty is included? When it comes to the warranty, you have to go for the best you can find. Certain brands, such as Sole and Precor, have built a reputation for providing excellent long-term warranties. The length of the warranty can be a good indication of the reliability of the machine. It is a good idea to make sure that you have enough time when you go shopping for an elliptical trainer. Never buy without conducting a thorough test-drive. Look for stability and a completely smooth action. Choose the right training partner, and it is likely to become a highly beneficial, long- term relationship, paying impressive dividends body-wise. Just remember that you don't necessarily need expensive fitness equipment such as an elliptical trainer or a home gym to create the toned body you want. There are excellent, well-tested, budget-programs on the market that have been proven to reduce body-fat significantly. Many of these require little more than an affordable set of dumbbells and a bench. Check two of the best-sellers out by reading the following comparison study:
  12. 12. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 12 Compare Two Top-Selling Fat-Burn Programs! and Trying to find out how to burn fat fast, but finding yourself bombarded with sales letters that take an eternity to read, with a humongous amount of information - enough to make your head spin? Let's try to save you time and head-scratching, and get to the heart of two of the top-selling fat-burning programs on the internet today, ‘Turbulence Training’ and ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle’. Both of these tried-and-tested programs have been written by experts with years of experience in the fields of weight loss and strength training. Both books are praised in testimonial after testimonial. Both focus on getting you the figure you have always dreamed about.
  13. 13. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 13 Before we get into more detail, here's a quick overview table: Fat-burning and muscle building through nutrition Fat-Burning and muscle MAIN know-how, strength training building using bodyweight. FOCUS and cardio conditioning, plus Some nutritional guidance. motivational techniques FAT LOSS 2 Pounds per week 1 Pound per week PREDICTED EQUIPMENT You can start with as little as Bench, dumbbells and a NEEDED a set of dumbbells. stability ball. Bodybuilder, certified strength and conditioning specialist Fitness expert, certified AUTHOR (CSCS), qualified personal strength and conditioning CREDENTIALS trainer, health club manager, specialist (CSCS), consultant nutritionist, motivation coach and writer. and freelance writer 337 Page information-packed 76 Page e-book, plus a one FORMAT e-book. hour MP3 audio. Valued at $402.80 Valued at $229.78 3 reports, e-book, lifetime e- FREE 7 reports, 3-month basic level zine subscr, access to the e- BONUSES zine archives, lifetime membership to the Turbulence Training Discussion Forums updates to Burn The Fat. PRICE $39.95 $49.95 LINK: Burn The Fat, Feed The CLICK HERE FOR Turbulence Muscle Training
  14. 14. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 14 The Truth About ‘Turbulence Training‘ And Toning Your Body  This program by Craig Ballantyne was written for regular people of all ages and all fitness levels, from beginners to fitness buffs. Women can also use the book, without fearing that they will add too much bulk.  ‘Turbulence Training’ aims to create lean, strong, well-defined physiques.  Craig concentrates on high intensity strength training with a cardio element built in, rather than boring, traditional and time-consuming cardiovascular or aerobic workouts.  This approach is based on studies that show that heavier resistance training is the more effective option when it comes to fat-burning and calorie crunching.  Being a balanced, realistic program, it aims to enable you to lose 1 pound of fat per week. Fad diets promise huge losses, but most of the loss is water. This explains why the weight simply comes back with a vengeance as soon as you end the diet.  3 Workouts per week of under 50 minutes are all you need to get the full benefits of the program. The idea is to help you to spend the minimum time training, while gaining maximum benefits - the ideal approach for busy people.  This method revs up your metabolism big time. The result is that you should continue to burn calories at a much higher level after your workouts, than with traditional aerobic workouts.  Whereas ordinary weight loss programs virtually ensure that you lose lean muscle mass, ‘Turbulence Training’ protects this aspect and is geared to add to your lean muscle mass. This is a vital aspect if you want to lose weight permanently.  You get the whole fat loss package, with more than enough in the workout
  15. 15. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 15 department to keep you busy for 26 weeks. This is a lifestyle, or should I say healthstyle program. No quick fix here. You will learn how to lose fat the healthy way and keep it off forever.  Some valuable nutritional guidance is also included as a bonus, but this isn’t the main focus of ‘Turbulence Training’.  The great thing is that you don’t need a room filled with expensive equipment. A stability ball, dumbbells and a bench will do. For the rest, you use your own bodyweight.  Do you get bored easily? You will love this program. The workouts change constantly, keeping you entertained and interested.  ‘Turbulence Training’ comes with an iron-clad 8 week money back guarantee. The Meat Behind The Magic Of ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle‘  This book by Tom Venuto is also aimed at regular people: those of us without the perfect genes, those of us who have tried a gazillion diets without success. Find out why these diets fail time after time.  ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle’ provides a fine-tuned fat-loss nutrition system, combined with the best muscle-building workouts and tips. The plan enables you to create a lean, well-defined look.  Imagine the hole a one-on-one session with Tom Venuto will make in your pocket. Yet, he shares all his knowledge freely in this affordable book.  Let me tell you, this guy tries to make the process as quick and painless as possible. You don’t need tons of endurance and determination. The plan can be adapted to fit in with your program and the time you have available. Tom even allows for those vital cheat days we all need!
  16. 16. ELLIPTICAL TRAINER BUYER'S GUIDE 16  Whereas ‘Turbulence Training’ concentrates more on the strength training aspect, ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle’ offers more comprehensive nutritional guidance. Yes, Tom Venuto spills the beans about the secrets behind the super-low body fat percentages of bodybuilders and the models you are likely to see on the cover of Muscle And Fitness Mag.  Tom tells you how to work WITH your metabolism, rather than against it. The author’s experience enables him to get you to lose the fat without losing the benefit of a revved up metabolism. In fact, he will help you to turn your body into a lean, mean, calorie-crunching machine that will continue to work away even while you sleep.  His target is to get you to lose the fat - and keep it off forever. Doesn’t that sound like a plan?  No weight loss pills, potions or nasties like steroids feature in this program. It’s all natural stuff.  ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: A Complete Fat Burning System Based on The Secret Techniques of The World’s Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models’ comes with an iron-clad 8 week money back guarantee. The bottom line? If you are overweight and want to get rid of all those extra pounds while building muscle mass at the same time, ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle‘ may very well be the best partner for you. If you are in fair shape, but want to concentrate on firming up and building muscle definition, ‘Turbulence Training‘ should work well for you. This is also a great option if you get bored easily and need loads of variety in your workouts.