The Ugliness - Episode 1


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Join us as we unveil a terrifying saga featuring The Corporation, and their genetic mutation dubbed 'The Ugliness'

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The Ugliness - Episode 1

  1. 1. An experiment in Genetics by The Corporation
  2. 2. This is the Horrible family. They were dropped into Sunset Valley by an evil company who specializes in genetic mutation. When these three were young, they were stolen as babies by this corporation. Then, the genetic experiments began.
  3. 3. This is the Compound. The evil scientists at The Corporation forced these three mutations (known to each other as siblings) to live in The Compound in Sunset Valley. The deviant scientists want these 3 subjects to inject their mutated genes into the quiet town to spread this infection known as “The Ugliness”. If each of the Horribles produce 2 spawn from the citizens of Sunset Valley, their mutations will be reversed and they will be free to live normal lives.
  4. 4. Helga was destined to be a raving beauty before The Ugliness was bestowed upon her as a wee baby.
  5. 5. Hero (named by the scientists for his constant struggle to save himself and the others) is another unfortunate survivor of The Ugliness.
  6. 6. Muchacho, who was kidnapped from his parents as they were fleeing the Mexican border, is the only one who partially resisted The Ugliness.
  7. 7. Helga gets right to work and puts the charms on this poor fellow
  8. 8. Before 1 day has passed, Helga has succeeded in getting herself impregnated. Oh, is that Miss Crumplebottom’s house? Yes, it is… I almost forgot!
  9. 9. While Helga was busy trying to get random guys at the park to even talk to her, Hero was laying on the charm with one of Sunset Valleys most eligible bachelorettes – Miss Crumplebottom!
  10. 10. Hero, being the smartest of the group, knew that he wanted to escape The Compound and live in the style he knew he deserved. So instead of just impregnating Miss Crumplebottom like some kind of animal, he wanted to make an honest woman out of her…
  11. 11. he could move ‘uptown’ for a while…
  12. 12. ..and THEN impregnate her like an animal!
  13. 13. Before too long, Hero implemented his Master Plan. He terrorized Agnes until she gave in…
  14. 14. And let his brother and sister come stay too
  15. 15. Muchacho was not having much luck with the ladies
  16. 16. So he wrote a letter to The Corporation. They sent him the Elixir of Most Sexy. And before you know it, this little hottie came into his life.
  17. 17. He used the Elixir copiously…
  18. 18. And soon convinced the hottie to leave her man
  19. 19. At last, Muchaco had a woman all to himself
  20. 20. Muchacho felt so manly, he was a little hard to live with for a while
  21. 21. Agnes bore Hero’s first child. She might have wondered at the bluish skin, but she was under the spell of Most Sexy and something kept telling her she loved Hero, even though she couldn’t tell anyone why.
  22. 22. Meanwhile, Hero constructed a mini Compound in the backyard. Agnes wondered at it for a while, but decided it was just some silly man project. Maybe he would be keeping his bug collection there?
  23. 23. Hero wasn’t going to let anything get in his way. Agnes was barely home from the hospital when he made his move again
  24. 24. Agnes and Hero’s first baby girl was about to have a birthday…
  25. 25. Jumpin’ jellybeans… Is it really a girl??
  26. 26. Not long after, Helga gave birth to the girl she had with a random guy she met in the park… What was his name? The baby girl was named Bertha
  27. 27. And before long, Bertha grew up too. The Corporation was not pleased. Bertha did not turn out like they had planned. They sent a letter to Helga warning her that if Bertha did not show more signs of mutation, she would not count toward the required quota.
  28. 28. Boo soon grew into a child… but that dress didn’t give her any points in femininity.
  29. 29. The Crumplebottom residence was getting a little crowded so Muchacho decided to marry the hottie and move to her place.
  30. 30. Agnes gave birth to Hero’s second child, Grom. Hero was starting to feel smug. He would soon be changed into the greek god he had always known he would be.
  31. 31. HOLY UGLINESS BATMAN! This child takes the cake so far. Wow.
  32. 32. Helga, not being the commitment type, heads for the gym to find her self a strong African hottie.
  33. 33. She secretly drinks the Elixir of Most Sexy and soon hits it off with this guy
  34. 34. She takes him into her nest and he plants a seed in her garden
  35. 35. As soon as the deed is done, Helga bids goodbye to her athletic “friend”
  36. 36. Grom, son of Hero, son of Agnes had grown into a child. Agnes lamented her choice of names. Wishing she had opted instead for “Beavis”
  37. 37. Helga stared at Hero’s son in disgust – “what an ugly child!” she thought.
  38. 38. Hero, in the culminating action of his Master Plan, leads Agnes to the Mini- Compound to live out the rest of her days in agony. She has fulfilled her purpose.
  39. 39. Helga was worried. Would Bertha grow up to be as ugly as she should be? The Corporation filled her mind with torturous thoughts. Would she ever be a hottie?
  40. 40. Wow that was fast! Here comes Helga’s second child!
  41. 41. She has her daddy’s lush chocolate skin. This worried Helga. Would this baby grow up to be a monstrosity as she hoped? So far, it didn’t look good! She phoned to corporation to let them know of this birth. They chastised her for giving birth to another baby that looked as if it might not have caught The Ugliness.
  42. 42. Worried, Helga started flirting with the ghost of Nick Darling
  43. 43. Before too long, the new baby (little Helana) grew into an average looking toddler. Things were not going well for Helga.
  44. 44. As Hero grew older, he tried to while away the days fishing down at the fishing hole. He felt sure that soon he would be released from the ugliness.
  45. 45. As Bertha stood near the cake, Helga chuckled. Surely, as a teen, Bertha would begin to show The Ugliness.
  46. 46. Sure enough! Score 1 for Helga!
  47. 47. Helga’s second child followed with a birthday not long after
  48. 48. Yep, The Ugliness is showing… And Helga is feeling more confident that it will only grow as Helana comes of age.
  49. 49. When visiting Muchacho’s house, The Corporation found this little one on the ground.
  50. 50. A baby… girl? Well, if you say so. This is little Maria. It appears that her father may have passed on his resistance to The Ugliness.
  51. 51. Well, she may not be ugly, per-se, but the look in her eyes as the members of The Corporation entered their private jets told the evil scientists that this one could be trouble.
  52. 52. Muchacho, not one to waste time, got right down to work. You see, Muchacho had a plan. A plan that no one could guess. In episode two, we’ll get more information about that plan. Thanks for reading!