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NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations from across England descended on the capital to witness the official launch of NHS Sustainability Day 2014. It was a day of passionate presentations and even more enthusiastic speakers.

The day kick-started with an introduction and welcome from Trevor Payne, Director of Estates and Facilities at Barts Health and the brainchild of the NHS Sustainability for the last three years. Following on from Trevor delegates were treated to presentations from Rick Walker, CSR Senior Manager, NHS England, who spoke about the corporate social responsibility NHS England has to support sustainable healthcare. Following Rick, the audience were then invited to listen to the 2013 award winners which included Lambeth Food Co-Op. Lambeth were on hand to give an inspiring presentation on how they have developed a programme which has built great momentum and involved volunteers from across the Borough. They joined Ed Rosen to discuss what the food Co-Op meant to them and how it had influenced their lives.

Presentations followed from 2013 NHS Sustainability award winners Lancashire Care Trust who delivered a compelling case study on how their community sustainability programme had supported patients and those with mental health issues and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust on a commonly missed issue – Anaesthesia related electrical energy use and anaesthetic gas scavenging.

Following another exciting case study from Hyder Mohammed of Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust the audience were delighted to welcome Andy Jones, National Chairman of the HCA. Andy discussed the urgent need to re-address the way we source our food and how it is packaged in Hospitals. Making some bold pledges, Andy, spoke at great lengths on why we must change our behavioural culture in order to improve our sustainable performance.

Next up saw Carillion present on their work with Barts Health. Gemma Lynch and Tracey Williams spoke on how Carillion have supported Barts Health in both environmental performance and community programmes. Tracey informed delegates on the offender programme which has been so successful in getting ex-offenders back into employment and showcased how sustainability is not just about the environment.

The day concluded with Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor David Walker. David was on hand to discuss how the Department of Health are focusing on sustainability in healthcare and the examples they are seeing from across Europe of good practice.

It was left to Trevor to close the event with the presentation of the 2013 awards. Trevor presented Trusts and healthcare organisations from across England with their well-deserved awards for continuous development of sustainable practices.

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  • WelcomeNotice of filming – Energy LiveHosted by Barts Health and partners 4allofus, Carillion and Healthcare Estate
  • NHS Sustainability is a day of action on climate change across the healthcare sector. As the largest trust in the NHS and with the diversity of staff, building stock and health communities we serve we feel we feel it is important for us to play back into the NHS areas of excellence and best practice. Last year 100 NHS organistaions participated in the day, demonstrating the appetite for collaboration and wealth of knowledge in the sector. This year the new website will provide a platform for knowledge sharing and idea generation and the national roadshows will provide an opportunity for local collaboration and networking. This year we are focused on creating a lasting legacy across the communities in which we work – establishing sustaianable projects through our partners 4 all of us.National roadshows – Hull done on 3rd October, Liverpool 4th December, Bournemouth 6th February and London 27th March.The awards will give trusts recognition for the work they are doing across the UK and encourage others to join next year.
  • Follow us on twitter and facebook @dayforaction/#dayforaction
  • Health and safety commission 1995. 8 hour time weighted averageControl of substances hazardous to health
  • BS 6834;1987 80-130lISO DIS 7396 50-80l
  • LHS = 2.2 kW older pair of operating rooms RHS = 550w single newer roomJust show me how many of your theatre teams actively switch off AGSS at the end of the day?Risk of not activating the following day?
  • 28.3kWh per theatre per dayRelatively small amount of energy for anaesthesia delivery 28.3 Large amount heating and AGSS (2/3rds)
  • Total of 388,000 kWh/year
  • So we have a problem
  • In principle AGSS should be checkedPatient Warming
  • In the mean time…..
  • Define the outcomes before we startWork together, not in isolationShare knowledgeDrives innovationBest cost?? NO NO NO NO
  • NHS Sustainability Day 2014 Official Launch

    1. 1. www.nhssustainabilityday.co.uk Welcome
    2. 2. NHS Sustainability Day A call to action for the NHS • A platform for whole system thinking on sustainable actions • Showcase for innovation, excellence and best practise • Opportunity to learn, share, collaborate • Engage - staff/patients/visitors/supply chain • Help develop an NHS that is fit for the future • Do one thing differently • We hope you will be inspired to take part in 2014
    3. 3. NHS Sustainability Day Motivating Success • • • • • • • • • • Day of action and engagement across NHS 100 organisation participated 2013 300 participating in 2014 Key endorsements Royal Colleges, associations and Institutes Sharing knowledge, experience and best practice Creating a legacy National Road Shows Awards Internationally showcasing NHS
    4. 4. #dayforaction If the NHS can deliver a sustainable focus collectively on one day, why can't we do it every day - think what a difference it would make
    5. 5. NHS Sustainability Day 2014 launch event Organisation / date
    6. 6. Understanding sustainability Rick Walker Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Manager NHS England T: @Rick_Walker1 Section number 7 NHS | Presentation to [XXXX Company] | [Type Date]
    7. 7. Sustainability The goal of sustainable development is to enable all people … to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising the quality of life of future generations … meeting the needs of today, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs … 8
    8. 8. NHS England – vision & purpose The idea High quality care for all, now and for future generations
    9. 9. NHS England – vision & purpose NHS constitution • “… committed to providing best value for taxpayers’ money and the most effective, fair and sustainable use of finite resources … accountable to the public, communities and patients … taking decisions…should be transparent and clear to the public, patients and staff.” Public health outcomes • “… wider factors that affect health and wellbeing and health inequalities e.g. children in poverty, green space for exercise/health • “…. healthy lifestyles – healthy choices – reducing health inequalities 10
    10. 10. NHS England – vision & purpose Our purpose We create the culture and conditions for health and care services and staff to deliver the highest standard of care and ensure that valuable public resources are used effectively to get the best outcomes for individuals, communities and society for now and for future generations.
    11. 11. Sustainability in NHS England Corporate Social Responsibility – is the way we understand and manage our impacts and take steps to use them in a positive way, encompassing • Patients – Doing the right thing for patients – towards sustainable models of healthcare • Community – Managing our impacts to support communities • Healthy environments – Reducing negative impacts and protecting the environment • Our people – Striving to be the best employer we can • Our organisation – Having the highest standards of accountability 12
    12. 12. Towards a plan • Offices (energy, carbon, waste, water) • Travel • Local community benefits/community impact (e.g. local procurement) • Engaging & involving staff – our personal responsibilities • Volunteering  connecting to our priorities • Exploring employability / access to work  links to health outcomes • Processes e.g. NHS Standard contract • Exploring the scope of Commissioning tools & support, CSU products, primary care commissioning 13
    13. 13. Sustainability day 14
    14. 14. Rick Walker Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Manager Email: rick.walker@nhs.net Twitter: @Rick_Walker1 15
    15. 15. Gracefield Gardens Health Centre April 2013 How it begins: Building food growing capacity inside the Streatham located Health Centre.
    16. 16. Gracefield Gardens Health Centre April 2013 Patients get to work preparing a planter
    17. 17. Paxton Green Group Practice June 2013 Participants planting crops
    18. 18. Lambeth Walk Group Practice Summer 2013 Using space at the side of the surgery to full potential
    19. 19. Lambeth Walk Group Practice October 2013 Participants harvesting produce
    20. 20. Lambeth GP Food Co-op Funded by the London Borough of Lambeth and NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group. Supported and grown by the people of Lambeth
    21. 21. Anaesthesia related electrical energy use and anaesthetic gas scavenging (AGSS) Dr JMT Pierce Gemma Morris Tom Dugdale University Hospital Southampton
    22. 22. Nitrous oxide 100ppm Isoflurane 50ppm
    23. 23. Where is electricity used during anaesthesia? • Plug-in energy meters for all anaesthesia related equipment • Surreptitious observation of radiant heater use • AGSS – Obtained the total power consumption from all the locations from Estates Department – Power clamped each of the 3 phases of the supply
    24. 24. Energy use and surgical speciality
    25. 25. Energy use and equipment
    26. 26. Anaesthetic gas scavenging pumps
    27. 27. Up in the loft • 31 operating rooms • Total load 25.15 kWh • Mean derived load per room 0.8kWh/theatre – 19.47 kKw/theatre /day • Mean measured load 0.75 kWh/theatre – 18.03 kWh/theatre/day • In addition AGSS in radiology, ICU, catheter labs – Additional 21kW – 504 kWh/day
    28. 28. Average daily anaesthesia related energy consumption (UHS kWh) 1.35 5.00 3.90 Mean AR Mean OR Mean AGSS Radiant heaters 18.03
    29. 29. How big is the issue? • Theatre use 24/7 – 204,000 kWh / year • Other use in radiology 24/7 – 184,000 kWh / year 230 tonnes CO2 OR used for 40% of the time
    30. 30. What was the state of knowledge? • 7 Night time surveys 11pm – All AGSS left on • Survey anaesthetic department knowledge of – On / off switches – Anaesthetic machine AGSS indicators • Informal telephone survey of other anaesthetic departments • Anaesthetic machine servicing teams
    31. 31. AGSS on/off switches
    32. 32. Confirming the AGSS is working
    33. 33. The future? • Initiatives have a honeymoon phase – Staff turnover • Interface the anaesthesia machine with the AGSS proven too difficult • Occupancy sensors to activate AGSS – Current project • Move to low FGF may prove safe enough to allow a significant reduction in the AGSS flow rate
    34. 34. NHS Sustainability Day Award 2013 For Best Community Engagement Initiative Centre for Sustainable Health Care NHS Forest Annual Awards Most Innovative Site 2013 Network Name Corporate Services
    35. 35. Question: Can more be done to choose safe, environmentally sustainable food and a healthier diet? Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    36. 36. Yes its possible adopting the Grow Your Own Model We reduce supplier related CO2 emissions by growing organic, seasonal crops. Food miles have become food steps! We have reduced food waste, harvesting produce to meet patient menu requirements. We can assure food quality and growing standards as there is no external involvement in the growing process. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    37. 37. Providing a Healthier Diet Fruit and vegetables are one of our main sources of vitamins and minerals, which the body needs to perform a variety of functions well. Vitamin A helps to strengthen our immune system, B vitamins help us process energy from food, vitamin D helps us maintain healthy teeth and bones, and vitamin C helps to keep cells and tissues healthy. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    38. 38. Louise Treasure, Team Leader Property Services. “Part of the GYO project is to introduce locally grown, organic food in to the food chain for the Service Users at Guild Lodge. This summer we have had fresh strawberries, which have been harvested, prepared and served all within a few days, providing the Service Users the best quality fresh ingredients which is the priority. An abundance of fresh salad vegetables and herbs have all been provided to the kitchen to be used in patient feeding, this not only gives the Service User a freshly made dish but also cuts down on food miles, cost and waste. These issues are high on the agenda at Lancashire Care and as we get more and more established the planning of vegetable growing to match menus will increase and we can cut down on the above on a bigger scale” Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    39. 39. Chris Rowe, Head of Support Services. “The project plays a vital role in minimising waste within the catering industry and builds towards planning for the future, establishing a sustainable resource that is multi facetted and can be of benefit to the reduction of food miles and locally sourced produce. We will endeavour to move forward in the future building on what we have already achieved broadening involvement in the local community and encouraging a stable method of procurement for the future .” Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    40. 40. Question: How can gardening support mental health recovery? Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    41. 41. Network Name Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability
    42. 42. Blake Shaw, Associate Practitioner, “At Fellside unit we started the project with a selfcontained poly tunnel which was full of weeds and overgrown. With encouragement service users have embraced the concept, showing self-motivation by participating in the „grow your own‟ project. therefore Chris A and I started to recruit volunteers to work on the land, clearing the weeds and making the tunnel and surrounding area fit to grow our own produce. With a lot of hard work and dedication from the Fellside grow your own team the Polytunnel is being redesigned with the help of the service users. We have started to cultivate and replenish the growing beds with seedlings and an assortment of vegetable and fruit plants which in time will be sourced as part of our on-going health promotion projects. Many of us know that being more active outdoors is good for our physical health but getting outdoors and into nature can improve mental health too. Even simple activities like taking a stroll in the park, or gentle outdoor exercise can have big benefits for our mental wellbeing.” Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    43. 43. Paula Pemberton, Associate Practitioner, “On Forest Beck we have used produce from delicious apples, juicy sweetcorn and my favourite - honey. It is a project that saves money at Forest Beck, it provides produce for healthy eating groups, communal meals which encourages service users to use skills in preparing and cooking food. At Forest Beck service users are preparing to go out into the community and cooking skills are important for their future. It is something that service users can see from beginning to end. From plot to plate. It is outdoor exercise which is stress busting and a way to enjoy the great outdoors. NHS campaign „Change 4 Life‟ with eat well, move more live longer is exactly what this project promotes.” Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    44. 44. Carol Bristow, SEED Project Lead Service User Involvement “Please can I take this opportunity to say what a fantastic project you lead on you must be very proud of your achievements!! The person who I escorted down did not stop talking about your project “ Grow Your Own” on the way back. I wish I had a camera to capture his expression when we arrived down at Grow Your Own. I have not seen a service user so emotionally enthusiastic for a long time. What hope you gave him by just experiencing your project for a short period of time – that‟s called Recovery!! The service user champion has now gone away to design a promotional leaflet and poster to advocate your project to other service users and staff here at Guild Lodge.” Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    45. 45. Service User Comments Fellside and Forest Beck “Great opportunity to learn new skills that I can take away with me on discharge” “Very good quality and produce was well presented on arrival looking very fresh and tasty.” “Help with having a healthier lifestyle and personal fitness” Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    46. 46. Question: Does community engagement matter? Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    47. 47. Community is the fundamental building block to our society Through community we promote healthy eating, outdoor spaces and organic produce living and We help to development positive personal skills, teamwork, confidence, achievement, pride, ownership and engagement We interact with staff, service users and community groups to share skills, network and develop friendships, overcoming stigmas and perceptions Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    48. 48. We promote positive community engagement with real benefits for the local health economy We provide opportunities for people to volunteer and make a real difference to outcomes, being a team makes us stronger We support service user recovery and actively help to reduce the need for service user dependency Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    49. 49. Community Feedback "I really enjoyed the day, thank you" "A one and only experience to help out" "Amazing experience" Esther Wilks Assistant Programme Manager, The Challenge Network, ”I've not had a chance to write to say the HUGEST of thank you’s for last weekend (I can't believe it was only a few days ago, seems like ages ago!!) I, for one, had so much fun on the day, and all the feedback I got in the staff debrief suggests that the staff and young people did too. It was such a nice way to end their time at The Challenge. The level of effort you put into the day was so evident, from the team signs to the hand sanitiser and biscuits in baskets, thank you. I hope we managed to get a lot of the apples picked for you and that the service users enjoyed the labyrinth.” "Always willing to answer questions" "Would love to get the opportunity again" “All instructors were excellent, very informative” Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    50. 50. Grow Your Own Project Food Security Mental Health Recovery Community Engagement Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    51. 51. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    52. 52. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    53. 53. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    54. 54. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    55. 55. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    56. 56. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    57. 57. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    58. 58. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    59. 59. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    60. 60. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    61. 61. Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    62. 62. Thank You From the Grow Your Own Project Team Elizabeth Harrison, Volunteer Project Lead : Email Elizabeth.Harrison@lancahirecare.nhs.uk : Tel 01772 773580 Teamwork – Compassion – Integrity – Respect – Excellence – Accountability Network Name
    63. 63. Sustainability at BHR University Hospitals NHS Trust 17th October 2013 NHS Sustainability Day 2014 Official Launch
    64. 64. Queen‟s Hospital Romford Beds Staff Contractors Companies ~ 1,000 ~ 4,242 ~ King George Hospital Ilford ~ 400 ~ 1,581 610 ~ 194 70 ~ 50 ~
    65. 65. Estates & Facilities Division Director of Estates, Facilities & Capital Range of contractors, ppliers, Jackie Nugent su Head of Estates Capital, PFI Portfolio & Contracts PFI Contractor inter Peter Harris nal and external stakeholders Sustainability & Carbon Manager Estates Sustainability Hyder Mohammad Sustainability Communications Officer Estates Sustainability SODEXO
    66. 66. Success Story NHS Sustainability Day 2013 Campaign Best Carbon Reduction and Best Overall Initiative
    67. 67. Invest Time & Money Predicted Savings Implement Projects Stakeholders Upset sustainability plans Water conservation Waste reduction & recycling Out-of-hours / bank holidays savings Culture change in FM Retain SMT support Meet Drivers
    68. 68. NHS Sustainability Day 2013 Campaign Objectives: organise a high profile launch engage, ed ucate, enco urage implement simple measurable actions
    69. 69. energy & carbon – awareness energy & carbon – savings initiatives waste & water – awareness NHS Sustainability Day 2013 Campaign planned activities waste & water – Travel awareness & support changing behaviours better ways of doing reduction initiatives
    70. 70. energy & carbon – awareness LIVE energy consumption – check anywhere, anytime Cardboard monitor says “switch me off” Green Champions in Action Real-time Energy Display: A high profile launch by CEO with Head of Estates, Sodexo FM Managers and eco|Driver Director at Queen‟s Hospital. Big A1 size “PC monitors” crafted out of cardboard “Switch off your monitor overnight and save as much as 2% of Queen’s electricity costs. That’s £30,000!” Green Champions raised local awareness with provided information and tools.
    71. 71. energy & carbon – savings initiatives Lights go off, when no one on stairs Let our buildings sleep Secret Energy Audits Implementation of light sensors in multistorey car park staircases at Queen‟s Hospital.  Review and making changes to AHUs operating times to match business hours.  Easter Bank Holiday switch-off Green Champions were encouraged to do walked- around in their local areas to identify potential energy savings.
    72. 72. waste & water – awareness How to save water? Empty paper boxes display Which bin to use? Essex & Suffolk Water company, distributed their Water Saving kit. Stacked empty paper boxes were in display in the Atrium with an awareness raising animated movie. A stand raising awareness with bins, posters and interactive quizzes to teach staff how to segregate waste properly. Join us to learn more On 28th June Queen’s Atrium
    73. 73. waste & water – awareness Disposable cup Empty card box packaging On 28th June Queen’s Atrium Plastic/paper packaging from clinical equipment Mask worn by staff Gloves exposed to blood/body fluids Paper towel used for hand drying Paper towel contaminated with blood Join us to learn more Empty Spirigel container Disposable hat worn by staff Disposable gown with blood stain
    74. 74. waste & water – awareness Nurse wasteful vs. Nurse greenway An activity based pictorial guide showing the behaviour of a “waste producer vs. waste reducer”.
    75. 75. waste & water – reduction initiatives IV Bags recycling in Pharmacy In Pharmacy Unit awareness and facilities are provided to send saline & dextrose bags, as Food Waste stream. Aperlan waste bottles recycling In Renal Unit and Endoscopy Unit facilities were arranged to collect Aperlan plastic bottles for recycling Water reduction opportunities Identified ways to work in collaboration with water supply company.
    76. 76. travel – awareness & support Free Free BUG Dr. Bike Breakfast Bike marking sessions Sessions
    77. 77. Changing behaviours – better ways of doing things Stakeholders engagement and training Domestics M & E Team Medical Records Store FM Supervisors Security Porters
    78. 78. Outcomes / Achievements increased awareness at all levels Connection to wider teams monitoring & targeting tools Contractors participation Opportunities, external funding & services Integration into Estates and FM plans Sense of “never done, can be done & achievable” Completion of Travel Plan Recorded progress, c hange and savings
    79. 79. Invest Time & Money Predicted Savings Implement Initiatives Meet Drivers Stakeholders with a desire to make a BIG difference, it is vital to RETAIN SMT support and leadership timely available of resources stakeholders full support
    80. 80. Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
    81. 81. Sustainable Catering NHS CATERING Andy Jones National Chair of HCA
    82. 82. Caterers Responsiblity • People • Communication – Trained/Focused/Committed – Local Community • Good Food – Good Ingredients – Well Presented – Served with Knowledge • Waste – Local Suppliers Showcase Stalls – Customers Information Point - Patients and Staff • ASK – Case Studies – NFU, MSC, Red Tractor Served with Passion Nothings IMPOSSIBLE
    83. 83. Suppliers Responsiblity • Supply Partners • Co-operatives • Meet the Supplier Days • Procurement – Food Chain Guardians • • • • Seasonal and Local British First Goods Sustainable Sourced Clear and True Labelling • Packaging 90
    85. 85. Carillion Services – Community Engagement Gemma Lynch Operations Director, Carillion Health Tracy Williams HR BP, Carillion Health, Barts Health Contract KEEP UP TO DATE WITH SUSTAINABILITY Get involved at www.stnlive.info Making tomorrow a better place through our 2020 sustainability strategy
    86. 86. Carillion plc Carillion plc is one of the UK’s leading support services companies with a substantial portfolio of Public Private Partnership projects and extensive construction capabilities. Our services have the potential to contribute significantly to society, as well as providing employment within the communities in which we operate. The Group’s annual revenue in 2012 was £4.4 billion and we employ around 42,000 people across the UK, Canada and the Middle East and North Africa. To fulfil our mission and vision, we seek to behave in accordance with our Values in everything we do and to embed sustainability across all our business units. Our sustainability vision: To be recognised as a leading sustainable business and the leading sustainable support services company. KEEP UP TO DATE WITH SUSTAINABILITY Get involved at www.stnlive.info Making tomorrow a better place through our 2020 sustainability strategy
    87. 87. Our six positive outcomes Building a successful business Enabling low-carbon economies Protecting the environment Supporting sustainable communities Providing better prospects for our people Leading the way KEEP UP TO DATE WITH SUSTAINABILITY Get involved at www.stnlive.info Making tomorrow a better place through our 2020 sustainability strategy
    88. 88. Supporting sustainable communities • Charitable giving • Employment opportunities • Engaging with schools and hard-to-reach groups • Local spend • Use of Community Needs plans KEEP UP TO DATE WITH SUSTAINABILITY Get involved at www.stnlive.info Making tomorrow a better place through our 2020 sustainability strategy
    89. 89. Community Engagement at Barts Health • Business Action on Homelessness • Harpley School • HM Prison Send KEEP UP TO DATE WITH SUSTAINABILITY Get involved at www.stnlive.info Making tomorrow a better place through our 2020 sustainability strategy
    90. 90. Sustainability and DH Professor David Walker Deputy Chief Medical Officer Department of Health
    91. 91. Sustainability and DH General Outline of Talk • DH contacts and partners • National work on SD and Climate change • International work and the inspiration you provide for others…
    92. 92. DH Contacts • Prof David Walker – DCMO, SD & CC Champion • Helen Shirley-Quirk – Director, Health Protection • Robert Edmondson-Jones CBE – Director, Estates & Information Services • Dr Louise Newport – Policy lead for sustainability and CC • Ian Rowlan – Senior Engineer • Christine Hardy – Estates & Sustainability Manager • David Wathey – Sustainable procurement
    93. 93. Partnership Working • NHS-England • Public Health England • Sustainable Development Unit • Defra • Decc • Environment Agency • Local Government Association
    94. 94. Climate Change Act (2008) • DH provides health input to cross-government implementation of the Climate Change Act (2008) – Input to Carbon Reduction Strategies – Five year cycle to understand and act on the consequences of climate change, CCRA and NAP – Climate Change Risk Assessment (January 2012) – what are the likely consequences of climate change – National Adaptation Programme (July 2013) – how are these risks addressed – for Healthy and Resilient Communities
    95. 95. Guidance produced… NHS Sustainable Development Unit • NHS Sustainable Development Unit. – Adaptation to Climate Change in NHS Organisations – what you need to know (2012) – PHOF – SDMP indicator – ARP – SD Strategy consultation 2013 www.sdu.nhs.uk
    96. 96. Procurement • Procurement is 60% of the NHS’S carbon footprint • Sustainable messaging in contracts • Procurement for Carbon Reduction (P4CR) • WHO looking at P4CR use internationally
    97. 97. ERIC AND PAM • Important to measure progress across the system. • Updating to include necessary information on sustainability and climate resilience • BREEAM for healthcare – Phase III – increase sustainable building construction in healthcare for 2020
    98. 98. Health Impacts of Climate Change Developing the UK evidence – 2002/08/2012 • Heatwave-related health problems • Aeroallergens – pollen etc • Air pollution – Respiratory & Cardiovascular effects • Indoor environment • UV - Sunburn, skin cancer and cataracts • Flooding / mental health consequences • Vector-borne diseases • Water & Food-borne disease • Extreme weather-related events (injuries/death) • But, decrease in cold-related illness & deaths
    99. 99. Health Co-benefits • Lancet co-benefits research, Nov 2009, LSHTM • Health benefits of low carbon actions in transport, built environment, food and agriculture, both in the UK and the developing world • Eg Health benefits from low car use – increased active transport – reduce obesity, – reduce urban pollution, – reduce road traffic accidents. – „Greener‟ fuels also lead to reduced indoor and outdoor air pollution. • Currently 800,000 deaths per year from outdoor air pollution, 1.5 million from indoor air pollution, 1.9 million from physical inactivity and 2.6 million from obesity (WHO European region). • WHO „Health in the Green Economy‟ series Lower carbon saves lives! – and money!
    100. 100. International collaboration „Climate Change is Global‟ • WHO Resolution on Climate Change and Health (61.12), 2008 • Commonwealth Ministers agreement to cooperate on climate change and health. WHA, May 2008 • UK co-chaired the WHO (Europe) Climate Change Task Force, to develop a Framework for Action on Climate Change and Health. • WHO European Environment and Health 5th Ministerial Conference, Parma, 2010 • DH chairs the WHO Euro Working Group on Health Impacts of Climate Change (HIC)
    101. 101. Greening Healthcare • WHO Europe Meeting in Bonn, 2013 • Inspiring examples from other countries • Solar power in hospitals in Kyrgyzstan and Montenegro – Uninterrupted power supply for the first time – Able to function outside daylight hours – Improved patient outcomes and staff morale
    102. 102. Thank you Professor David Walker Deputy Chief Medical Officer Department of Health
    103. 103. NHS Sustainability Day 2013 Awards
    104. 104. Don’t forget the date!
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