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4Promote - How to Create an Iconic Ad
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4Promote - How to Create an Iconic Ad


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. How to Create An Iconic Ad
    By 4Promote
  • 2. How To Createan Iconic Ad
    There is a lot to choose from, but we think it is more important to focus on what made ads so iconic and how we can use these strategies for our own brands and advertisements.
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  • 3. There are 4 steps to creating an iconic ad:
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  • 4. 4 Steps to Creating an Iconic Ad
    STEP 1 – Contribute to the consumer’s self-expression and personal identity:
    The advertisement must resonate with the target audience and more particularly with how they would like to portray themselves.
    This could be a link to their past or how they see themselves in an ideal world.
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  • 5. 4 Steps to Creating an Iconic Ad
    STEP 2 - Be simple and repetitious enough to be absorbed easily
    If an ad becomes too complicated or needs to be explained, it won't easily be assimilated in the brain and will therefore be easily forgotten.
    It takes the average human at least 8-9 viewings of most advert's before they will be remembered - so if the ad fails to make enough impressions on an individual through repeated exposure, the ad will not be assimilated.
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  • 6. 4 Steps to Creating an Iconic Ad
    STEP 3 - Be courageous enough to create something different (extraordinary) from the industry norms
    All the truly iconic ads were created by stepping outside the norm. This requires great courage and fortitude.
    A safety first approach will land you right in the middle of the cluster - your only way out here is a big budget. Be courageous. Take a chance!
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  • 7. 4 Steps to Creating an Iconic Ad
    STEP 4 – Tell a great story
    Tell a story that people will re-tell. Not only does this give you viral potential, it also has the power of memory reinforcement, because when someone re-tells a story they tend to remember the message much longer.
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  • 8. Some examples:
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  • 9. Volkswagen ‘The Force’
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  • 10. Old Spice ‘Questions’
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