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陳奕臻's Gallery



Published in Education
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  • 1. A Person I Would Like to Give Thanks to Through out this semester, there’s a person I would like to give thanks to. Idon’t know her Chinese name but her English name is Kelly. First time I sawher was on Toastmasters’ Demo Meeting. She is one of speakers on that day.I’ll never forget her topic” Ces’t La Vie.” Before she started to deliver herspeech, her romantic title had already caught my attention because I know itsmeaning in English means “It is Life!” I love this sentence in French. I couldn’twait for her to talk about this topic. The moment she got on the stage, I saw a confident woman with her bigsmile. I really admired her since she looked so free in front of a lot of people.She delivered her excellent speech without fear. I could imagine manybeautiful scenes from her vivid description. They all come from our daily life.The simple pleasures what we often ignore. I was hesitated to join the club at first. But after her speech, I decided totake part in this club immediately. I wanted to improve my speaking skill and bebrave when I face this kind of occasions. And now, I’m happy to make thisdecision at that time because I can grow up from preparing speech and learnto be a good audience. Preparing speeches also make me think about my lifedeeply. Through out this semester, I want to give thanks to Kelly, who givesme motivation to be better!
  • 2. A Song I’d Like to Share I want to share a song named “Singing in the Rain.” which I like dearly. Some people like rainy day; some may not. But I think theres no oneloves rainy day as much as the man in this video. It seems that why we haverainy day is all because of him. Its a kind of weather created for him to singand dance. Although he is totally gets wet, he doesnt mind. He is carefree andkeeps singing and dancing leisurely. In the video, he looks like the happiesthuman in the world. When I am depressed, I usually listen to this song. It never fails to cheerme up. Seeing satisfied expression on his face, makes me feel that everythingis wonderful. Even when we encounter difficult situation, we can face it and beoptimistic! If it means to rain only on your head, just accept it and sing happily.I always get a lot of courage from this song. Hope this song could bring youhappiness. Have a great time enjoy the music! Singing In The Rain Lyrics Im singing in the rain Just singing in the rain What a glorious feeling Im happy again Im laughing at clouds So dark up above Cause the suns in my heart And Im ready for love Let the stormy clouds chase Everyone from the place Come on with the rain Ive a smile on my face Ill walk down the lane With a happy refrain Cause Im singing Just singing in the rain.
  • 3. Roaming in a Magic World Have you ever heard a person, whose name is Peter Pan? I think he is anextraordinary hero for children, at least for Wendy, lost boys and me. Theres asentence I never forget since I saw this movie, Peter Pan. "All you need is faith,trust and a little bit of pixie dust." I trust this sentence firmly, its not luckyenough for everyone to meet a fairy, but with trust and faith, sometimes we canfly in another way! We may hesitate to pursue our dreams, but actually, if we free to dowhatever we want, there are two results. One is that we found our wings arestrong enough to fly up high, this is the better one. But in the real world, wemay often found that we wave our wings as possible as we can, but still dropon the ground. It’s OK. Even when we hit the ground, we can smell thefragrance of soil and see the beautiful flowers bloom on the green land. Itsounds not really terrible. Every time when I feel down, I will pretend I am one of the partners ofPeter Pan and lost boys. They always defeat Captain Hook with courage andconfidence. And, Ivy, a lost girl should be brave and fearless when I confrontchallenge and overcome the obstacles with a strong mind. Optimistic people are not afraid of pursuing their dreams, although it maybecome a broken dream finally. If we do every effort trying to achieve our goal,we will grow up from those experiences. We wont know what will happen inthe future, thats why our life is interesting. I love the unpredictable part of life.
  • 4. Feel free to do whatever we want, and we will become the person who wewant to be gradually.
  • 5. The Color of Love Love is everywhere. You can find it when a mother gives her child a hug. You can find itbetween a couple’s eye contact. You can find it when a friend gives you asincere smile. Love is everywhere. We have many ways to find love, and we have many ways to expresslove. But there’s a kind of person who not only find it but also turn it into an art.That is painter. They draw their feelings with a sentimental heart. Let me read you a poem by one of my favorite painters to you before I tellyou who it is. In my paintings I hide my love I inhabit my life Like the tree the forest Who hears my voice Who notices my face Buried in the light of the moon Like a dead beings of a thousand years agoHe is Chagall. Many people thinks his painting is fantasy and symbolic, but hethinks his painting is realistic. The painting shows the strong feeling in his mind.It’s not fantasy but real. In his heart, it’s even more real than what we actuallysee. His representative work is “L’anniversaire” which means anniversary inEnglish. Bella, his fiancée, brings a bunch of flowers to him for celebrating
  • 6. Chagall’s birthday. The perfume of a flower lights the candles on that day.Since that time, flowers never wither and become one of elements in hispaintings. Few weeks ago, I went to National Palace Museum for Chagall’s exhibit.Before that day, I think he is the luckiest painter because his works alwayscolorful. Look like that he never encounters bad things. That exhibit gives me achance to gain a better understanding on him. Unlike his painting, his life was full of tragedies. He experienced World War II and after few years, he lost his beloved.Bella died of an unexpectedly viral infection. I have heard a sentence“If you arein a deep sadness is all because you were in the same quantity of happinessbefore.” When Bella brings flowers to him, she also gives him the whole world.Bella became the best main model for both his painting and his life. It’s hard forpeople imagine how sorrowful to live through the darkest time like him. Butfrom his works, you still can see love and hope. That’s why I really admire him. Art is magical and art can heal. Although we live in different times, we can still receive message what thepainter want to express through the painting. As we mature, we know how tolook things deeply. No one wants to go through bad experiences, but thosethings also play an important role in our life. Life may full of sadness but we stillhave love, we can turn the sorrowful memories into beautiful power. Chagallused that power to create outstanding paintings. As time goes by, his paintingsstill have big influence on many people. Remind people cherish their love andnever lose hope. I think the elements in Chagall’s painting, flowers, cocks, andthe violinist, are all represent one color. The only one color never fades. Itgives life and art meanings. It’s the color of love.
  • 7. The Passage Do you remember where you walk through today? Do you remember whatyou see? There are always something new or strange happen around us.These things are too familiarize into our daily life, so we may ignore them. I tryto be more perceptive but sometimes I still forget what a wonderful world I livein. To remind myself don’t overlook the loving part of life, I decided to take atrip by my own. This winter vacation, I went to 苗栗. I ‘m a little afraid of gettinglost but I’m more excited about starting my adventure. I threw myself into thistour. Did every effort to see the scene I passed thoroughly. I took the bus to 向天 lake, and I found that cherry trees are bloom. There are many flowers on theground. I sat in the bus and looked out through the window. It’s just like a longpink carpet. At 南庄, I took a walk on the old street. I found that many corners Ididn’t notice before have many nice decorations. Some plants in front of thestore, the picture on the wall, the shadow of each object, and so on. If we justignore them and keep going, we will miss the chance to appreciate them. Inthe forest, the air really refreshed me. I took a deep breath and felt that I’m fullof energy. With a pleased mind, I came back home. I walked through the way Ipass everyday. Guess what? I walk through the same way everyday. But onthat day, I suddenly found that a cherry tree bloom beautifully near my home. Iwas stunned by the scene. I stood under the tree and looked up at it. I askedmyself: how could I didn’t notice this amazing change until now? Many thingschange day by day. I’m trying to notice them.
  • 8. You get all you need doesn’t means that you will be happy. Somepeople have lovely family, good friends and don’t worry about money, but theystill unhappy. Some people don’t have many fortunes, but they enjoy their life.It has many ways to find happiness. For me, it’s a treasure I get from thosethings look nothing special. Although it’s seems that there nothing worth to bementioned in our daily life, I know everything has connection with another one.I think it’s like a spider web. We won’t think spider is pretty, but when it isshining under the sun light, it’s really gorgeous. If we know how to appreciateour life, that ability for our mind is the sun light for the spider web. Next time when we walk through the way, don’t too get used to thescene. Try to be more perceptive. Life would be wonderful when we found thesecret beyond our expectation. Be a curious passer who has excellent taste forlife. Sharpen our senses, feeling the light, the wind and the color of nature.
  • 9. Extensive Reading Project Report Submitted by 陳奕臻 Department of Finance Student ID # 994008012 Prepared for Grace Liu National Central University January 2nd, 2011
  • 10. Complete Project Evaluation I wanted to improve my language skills by reading English novels, but didnot fulfill that goal until this semester. Through this extensive reading project, Icould see the improvement in my reading comprehension and fluency. Thoughit may not a drastic achievement, I have the confidence to start and finish anEnglish novel now. I hope to make this a habit of reading novels in their originallanguage. I am fortunate to be a NCU student because we have numerousEnglish resources on campus. The books from the reading corner are notdifficult to read but I gain a lot from these books. Because these stories areimaginative, I was totally drawn into the fantastic world in the story. It is easy tofocus on the story and to finish the book when the material is interesting. Thisis a really wonderful start for me to keep going on my new reading life.
  • 11. The Magic Finger By Dahl, Roald Summary Gregg family is good at hunting and they hunt just for fun, however, the girlthinks it’s a really cruel behavior. She tries to stop the hunting in a polite waybut without any success. The girl decides to turn her magic finger on the Greggfamily. Then, Gregg family becomes a pack of birds and they learn a lessonfrom the experience of being treated like helpless animals. Finally, they treatanimals in a kind way. Response When I read that the girl has magical power, I was curious about howwould she use her magic finger to let Gregg family knows that life isprecious. Also, I asked myself if I had that super power how I will use it. AndI keep reading the following development. As I read the story I admire thegirl very much. She turns them into birds. It’s a smart idea to make themreally know it’s unfair for animals.
  • 12. Alice in Wonderland By Carroll, Lewis Summary Alice is curious about a rabbit with a watch in his pocket and chasesafter him. She falls into a rabbit hole and start her unbelievable adventure inwonderland. She meets many strange creatures there, such as Cheshirecat and the talking caterpillar. Finally, she gets involve in a trail becausesomeone steals the queen’s tart. She tries to defeats the cards and finds herway home. Suddenly, she wakes up and realizes it’s just a dream. Response Alive in Wonderland is one of my favorite cartoons, so when I foundthis book, I chose it without hesitation. I love the colorful characters in thisbook, especially for Cheshire cat. I love the way he talks and thinks. Healways impresses me a lot. In wonderland, you can choose which way youwant to go, and you will never be disappointed because anything canhappen there! I enjoyed in this book very much.
  • 13. Esio Trot By Dahl, Roald Summary Mr. Hoppy is a lonely man and he loves his neighbor, but Mrs. Silver onlycares about her pet. So Mr. Hoppy tries to catch her attention and comes upwith an interesting idea. He teaches Mrs. Silver how to use the magical spell tomake her turtle grow bigger and bigger and he changes her turtle day by daysecretly. In the end, he wins Mrs. Silver’s heart! Response Mr. Hoppy is really a lovely man. His method to catch Mrs. Silver’sattention seems ridiculous, but it’s really sincere. When I read this book, I oftensmiled unconsciously. Even if it is just a story, I still think Mrs. Silver is one ofthe luckiest women in the world. It’s a great story since it can let readers in anice mood after reading it.