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  1. 1. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真 九十九年第一學期應用英文寫作 Profolio 指導教師: 朱瓊芝 老師 姓名: 蕭琬真 系級: 機械三B 學號: 973003526
  2. 2. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真An Email of AppreciationFrom: Wendy-Shiao@hotmail.comTo: ncukittychu@gmail.comSubject: [Appreciation] Thanks for TDEX 2010s SuccessDear Kitty,Thank you very much for helping me with the TDEX (Taipei Design Exhibition)2010. I feel very pleased to work with you and be thankful for your help. I still remembered that you just stood up and volunteered to help when I had a bigproblem and dont know what to do. I was deeply touched and really appreciatedfor your supports. You made me know what team cooperation is. To say a truth, Ihave always done works by myself since I was a student. I thought that I have greatability to finish every work. But this time, I felt it is much happier to share ideaswith partners than just to do it all by myself.Once again, thank you for giving me so many ideas about the exhibition. Pleasesend my regards to your family, who also share many thoughts with me.Best regards,Wan-Jhen Shiao 蕭琬真:)
  3. 3. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真Love LetterDearest,It is very important to express my feeling that how much you reallymean to me. There was a time that I didnt believe in love. I reallythought it never existed, but this is the time that makes me want tothank you. Thank you everything, because it is you that taught me love,and how to love. Before, I feared love. But now, I know I cant go onwithout love.It is really strange that you could always make people smile and feelwarm. Before meeting you, I was a person who just wanted to get goodgrades and wanted to become a doctor. I even didn’t believe everyone.But you changed me. The kindness and humor you give to the patientsdeeply make me touched. The imagination you have always makespeople happy. The changes I see in everybody thats around you. Youallow me to open up my heart and trust again. Because of you I findthere is good man in the world. You unload all my unhappiness. I feelthat I am much happier than before.I love you. Ive loved you for so long. The happiest thing to me is to helpmany people with you in the Gesundheit lnstitute. I think I can’t livewithout you forever. I thank you and I will forever cherish our memoriesand I know there are many more to come.Love always,Carin
  4. 4. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真 Resume Katharine Parker 108 23rd St. SE, Salem, OR 97301, United States of America 1-800-321-1234 0988-105-308 katharine2000@gmail.comObjective Position as Project DirectorQualifications  Strong background in Business Administration practices and concepts  2-year experience in Harvard Management Consultancy, Inc. as a Guidance Counselor  Qualification of Project management and Enterprise Resource Planning  Excellent Spanish ─ A1 grade of Spanish Proficiency Examination  Experience as leader of college organization ─ student chief of Harvard University  Industrious, organized, developedEducation Master Degree in Business Administration, Harvard University, Massachusetts May 2008. Graduated with Honors. GPA: 3.9 Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, University of California, Berkeley May 2006. Graduated with Honors. GPA: 3.7 Concentration in Enterprise marketing and International trade managementHonors and Awards  The first place winner of Business Case Deliberation Competition of Harvard University, 2008  One of the top three students in the Business Administration Department, Harvard University, 2007, 2008  A member of the third place team of National College Volleyball Competition, University of California, Berkeley, 2006  Scholarship granted by the Business Administration Department, University of California, Berkeley, 2005, 2006Experience  5-year experience of Volunteer work in International Committee of The Red Cross , Dec. 2006~ present  2-year experience in Harvard Management Consultancy, Inc. as a Guidance Counselor, Sept. 2008~ 2010
  5. 5. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真 Meeting Minutes Sloane Curtis Meeting Minutes October 14, 2010 I. Call to order Dan Wanamaker called to order the regular meeting at 14:00 p.m. on October 14, 2010 in Conference Room A. II. Introduction Dan Wanamaker introduced everyone the new creative director, Darcy McGuir.III. Roll call Wendy Shiao conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Dan Wanamaker, Darcy McGuir, Nick Marshall, Morgan Johnson, Estella Marlin, Alex Chris, Adam Bryant, Roger Hilton, Alicia Louis, Wilson Swift, Thomas Alexander, Nora HuebschIV. Approval of minutes from last meeting Wendy Shiao read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. V. Open issues a) In the 90s, men simply stopped dominating how the dollars were spent and we lost our compass. Woman between the ages of 16 and 24 are the fastest growing consumer group. The girls who were born in the mid 80s control our advertising dollars. Female driven advertising totaled 40 billion dollars last year. But Sloane Curtis share of that was zero.VI. New business a) Come up with something for Women products and get in the fastest growing women consumer group, have a piece of a 40 billion dollar pie.VII. Adjournment Dan Wanamaker adjourned the meeting at 15:30 p.m.
  6. 6. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真VIII. Next Meeting The next meeting is scheduled on October 15 at 8:30 a.m. in Conference Room A. Minutes submitted by: Wendy Shiao Minutes approved by: Dan Wanamaker
  7. 7. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真Memo Memo TO: Dan Wanamaker, chairman FROM: Wendy Shiao, executive secretary DATE: October 14, 2010 SUBJECT: The policy of getting in the women consumer groupIn the 90s, men simply stopped dominating how the dollars were spent and we lostour compass. Woman between the ages of 16 and 24 are the fastest growing consumergroup.Because of the change of consumer type, Sloane Curtis has to change our strategies ofadvertising products. So, we are getting in the fastest growing women consumergroup and it’s an important time to change and make our better future.Everyone have to come up with something for Women products in next meeting. Thenext meeting is scheduled at 8:30 a.m. on October 15, 2010 in Conference Room A.Memo submitted by: Wendy Shiao
  8. 8. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真Formal Letter October 21, 2010The Language CenterNational Central University300 Chung-Da Road,Chung-Li, 320, TaiwanR.O.CDear Language Center,It is the desire of most NCU students that you could open more language courses toa campus with more than ten thousand students of the school.As we know that you have opened some courses like French, Japanese, Spanish andGerman, but the amount of these courses are still so few to all the students. We cansee that in the beginning of a new semester, many students go to these classes anddesire to take the password card to get an attending permission of these courses. Asa result, only some lucky guys could get into these classes. This really makes peopledisappointed.I am sincerely hoping that more language courses can be offered by you, and thestudents who are wishful to learn more foreign languages could participate in theprogram and learn.Sincerely,Wan-Jhen Shiao (Miss)JuniorMechanical Engineering
  9. 9. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真RecipeRatatouille5 tomatoes 4 petals of garlic slice1 eggplant cut into round thin slices 1/2 c. olive oil1 zucchini cut into round thin slices Salt and black pepper4 onions cut into small cubes Provence spices2 peppers cut into strips Put the tomatoes into boiled water for 2 minutes, take out and remove the peel.Combine olive oil, garlic, peppers and onions into a stewpot. Cook about 5 minutes,reduce heat to low, cover and let cook 20 minutes. Add Provence spices, tomatoes,and cook 15 minutes. Add eggplant, zucchini, and cook 30 minutes longer. Season totaste with salt and pepper.
  10. 10. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真InstructionInstructions《How to make pressed flowers》 1. To start with, prepare woodblocks, sponges, absorbent boards, tissues, rubber bands, scissors, tweezers, glue, and sealed box. 2. Next, put the flowers materials on the tissues. 3. Then, place the sponges and absorbent boards between the tissues layer by layer. Also, set the woodblocks on the bottom layer and upper layer. 4. Later, pile it up and fix it by rubber bands.
  11. 11. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真 5. Now, put the pressed flowers into a sealed box and wait about 3 days until it dry. 6. After the flowers becoming dry, take it out and prepare drawing papers, paints, brushes, and color pencils.7. Paint the background and stick the pressed flowers on the drawing paper. 8. After finishing the decorations, mount the picture into the frame, and we just finish it!
  12. 12. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真Midterm Writing/An Email of CongratulationFrom: Wendy-Shiao@hotmail.comTo: ncukittychu@gmail.comSubject: [Congratulations on the great achievement!]Dear Kitty,Congratulations on the Teacher of the Year Award 2010 of National CentralUniversity.The award came as no surprise to me. You have taught very attentive since youentered the college and the ways you teach are so active and interesting that studentslove to take your classes so much. You are also enthusiastic about holding activitiesfor student to take part in. Moreover, you pursue further education of other domainsas well. You are really a model teacher for us to follow.I am sure you’ll continue demonstrating your outstanding instructions as you did inthe past years, and I wish you a very cheerful and fruitful teaching also learning life.Best regards,Wan-Jhen Shiao 蕭琬真:)
  13. 13. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真ReportNearly 100% execution of NCUdonative monies for Typhoon MorakotDecember 5, 2010 Last August, Typhoon Morakot slammed into Taiwan unleashing floods, mudslides and misery and inflicting heavy losses to many schools of the south of Taiwan. The National Central University originated a plan called” Typhoon Morakot- Welfare Fundraising”. All the teaching and administrative staff contributed to the fund with an open heart andcollected about 1,630,000 NT dollars offerings. The other days, they held a resultreporting meeting, and amounted to help 3 counties, 11 high schools. Furthermore,one of the recipients, the principal of Bingdong Ciang-Yuan elementary school, Cai,Youfu, also attended the meeting and was sincerely thankful for the help. Last October, the president of National Central University, Jiang, Weining,appealed to the staffs for “One day income donation”. All personnel expressed greatlove and abundant sympathy to the actions. Hao, Lingni, chief executive for theprogram, said that every coin represented the responsibilities. She appreciated theefforts all the colleagues made so that they could give assistances to the in needschools and make the program proceed smoothly. She also said the typhoon made shehave deeper recognition of Taiwan. It’s the gap between the city and countryside.Many students in the remote districts couldn’t afford to pay even the breakfast.However, she thought that the moneyed helps would be limited but only the eyesightand education could make their world become rich and colorful. “Our school was near the Lin Bian River, the water flooded about 60 centimetershigh. It’s too ghastly to look.” the principal of Bingdong Ciang-Yuan elementaryschool, Cai, Youfu said. He’s also thankful for the volunteers from NCU, helpingthem cleaning the campus. He said the compassion that many people gave warmed up their heart, and they hadconfidence so that they could rebuild the campus. Also, they had the grateful mind tothe society’s assistances. The helps that everyone devoted gave them hopes and madethem could reappear the life-force.
  14. 14. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真Autobiography Autobiography Forest Gump I was born in a small simple town of Alabama. My mom and I live together. I haddifficulties in walking when I was little. She always gave me hope and taught menever gave up when I was frustrated. She had all the love and patience that shemanaged to bring me up and make me a sensible and educated person. Jenny was my first friend. Though I was a little different from the others, shetreated me sincerely and always helped me. I still remembered the first time that Ifound I could run as fast as the others. That day, I was teased by other classmates.They ran to me and tried to hit me. At that time, my best friend, Jenny, told me to runas fast as I can. Then, I found that I could play good in running. Also, I entered thecollege and became a member of the football team. After graduation, I joined thearmy and was sent to Vietnam. I made two important friends there, Bubba andLieutenant. In the troops, I also learn how to play ping-pong, and I went to China tohave competitions. Unfortunately, Bubba died in an air attack. I felt very miserableand decided to reach Bubba’s dream, having an own shrimping boat. So, I started toshrimp and established Bubba-Gump shrimping company to commemorate him. Just like my mom said:” Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know whatyou’re going to get!” All the things I did were not scheduled to do or to have. Also, tobring up my son, I expect him to explore the world by himself, try many things andfigure out the lovely things he likes. I’ll do as best as what my mom did to me, givinghim all my love. To summarize my lifetime, all I’ve done was being myself and do what I want. Justtried and did it as best as I can. I think Im full with blessing just like they said:”Stupid is as stupid does.” All the obstacles made me stronger and more independent.Also, the happiness made me grateful and thankful. I didn’t know if we each had adestiny, or if we were all just floating around accidental like on a breeze, but I think itmay be both.
  15. 15. Advertisement 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真 Alger Inc. Umbrella1 • Useful Facilitates2 • Durable your life!3 • Multi-functional Forever your shelter, 0800-888-888 (Wendy Shiao)
  16. 16. 991_Practical English WritingAlger Inc. 973003526 蕭琬真Facilitates your life! Umbrella You couldn’t live in NCU without this umbrella. Unlike the others, the newest reformations make the umbrella more useful, durable and multi-functional. It’s particularly designed for users who live in NCU. You don’t have to worry about the fierce wind will blow your umbrella. You don’t have to be drenched by a heavy rain anymore. Furthermore, it could also prevent you from being solarized by UV rays. Many different kinds of patterns to choose, you can have your own unique one. Withstand high wind, drenching rain, UV rays. Useful Better surface quality makes the cloth become quick-drying and waterproof. An improvement structure of the ribs makes Durable it more windproof. Also, the upgrade of glass fiber material makes the umbrella tougher, lighter, and difficult to break. The nonmetallic materials prevent the body from becoming rusty. No matter that it’s rainy or sunny, Multi-functional you can make good use of it. And it could also be a walking stick or a cosh when you need it. Forever your shelter, 0800-888-888 (Wendy Shiao)
  17. 17. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真EssayTopic: Should the fast food industry be blamed for national obesity? 973003526 蕭琬真 The fast food industry provides high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar, butpoor-nutrition foods. These kind of junk foods cause health problems, includingobesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, the fast food industry did notadmit the impacts on national obesity. This essay will illustrate some of the reasonsfor blaming the fast food industry. The proportion of children obesity is growing faster and faster. The fast foodindustry makes many fantastic commercials. The corporation even creates cartoons toadvertise their products and gives toys as gifts to make great popularity amongchildren. Some small children even do not know the bad effect which the fast foodcauses to their body. They are brainwashed by the packing and only see the wonderfulside which is in front of them. Therefore, these companies should take the blame forthe negative influence. The business owners argue that there is no proof showing that the obesityproblem has direct relation between the fast food. They also claim that the consumersmake the choice. In some conditions this is true. However, though we cannot provethe fast food directly results in national obesity, we are sure that this kind of junk foodcould not make good effects for our health, too. Hence, they should not make goodcover or remarkable commercials to attract people. On the contrary, they should postthe warnings on the products to tell people the consequences which the fast food maycause. The healthy problems caused by obesity become one of the top ten leadingcauses of death. The fast food industry use the great marketing to fascinate people andcover the facts which make our health become bad. The businessmen have infinitedesires and continue to expand their enterprises. Thus, they need to be blamed and beurged to make some changes. The fast food industry should take some of the responsibilities for nationalobesity. The junk food they provide does make harms to people. We cannot act likewe did not see the issues and tolerate the behavior of the fast food industry.
  18. 18. 991_Practical English Writing 973003526 蕭琬真Final Writing/ReportReport on James’ Collection Show, Sep. 25 For the most part, I think the idea of the combination between eastern andwestern style was well and nice. The eastern mode tended to be reserved, simpleand gray. On the contrary, the western form was likely to be colorful, vigorous, andmature. I believe that the conjunction might develop into a new fashion and I reallyexpect for that. However, I must report a few concerns. First, the designation was absurd. Iwas surprised to see the strange tailoring of the clothes. Every production was likethe same. I didn’t observe the main idea of the combination. More serious, itbecame weird and flat. Second, the use of colors was totally odd and bizarre. The color matchingcould not catch my eyes. I wouldn’t even want to see it more and don’t think that Iwant to put it on. They were obsolete and I could not understand the design point. Finally, the main idea of intersection between eastern and western wasdisappeared. I don’t think these designs present vogue or fashion and they wereeven far away from that. I do not wish to give the impression that the whole design was worthless. Iknow that the designer must had paid efforts into the work. However, I really hopethat we can see the remarkable and marvelous creations. I think it is a good way forthe designers to understand more about the cultures of the western and eastern. Sothat it is helpful to make touch and extraordinary designs.