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  • 1. Epilepsy • She had meningitis at the age of 8. Since than she was suffering from epilepsy attacks almost daily. • She was on various medications to control it. Even with medication she was having the attacks about 4 to 5 times in a month. • The parents tried many kind of alternative treatments and have seen many neurologists but not much improvement seen. • Transfer Factor was introduced to her on fFebruary’09.She was taking 2 capsules of TF Adv 3 times daily. Within weeks the attacks gradually Umaiyal reduced and she is free from epilepsy for the last three months. 40+ • Now, she is only taking 2 capsules of Johor Bahru TF Adv twice daily.
  • 2. Asthma • Sejak seminggu lahir dia menghidapi asma yang agak kronik. Setiap minggu dia kena jumpa pakar untuk merawatnya. • Selepas dia diberi 1 biji TF And dan 30ml Riovida 2 kali sehari, sejak Januari 2008 hingga kini 1 September Daniel Bin Mohd. 2009 tidak pernah langsung Ajmal diserang asma lagi dan tak pernah pergi ke klinik lagi. 5 Tahun • Terima Kasih TF. Kuala Lumpur
  • 3. H1N1 ( Swine Flu ) • On 12/8/09, at 11 am I received a call from my daughter’s school to bring her back because of high fever. • I took her Kulim Hospital and the temperature was recorded as high as 39 degree. Some routine test done and two days later doctor confirmed she was infected with H1N1 virus. • Immediately I was advised by Mr. Jega to take 2 caps of TF Plus and 60ml Riovida 3 times Megala Tamilselvan daily. 11 Years • Within 5 days , the follow up check up showed her result is Kulim negative from H1N1.
  • 4. Dengue Fever21/6/07-26/6/07She was having fewer. GP diagnosed as normal fewer.27/6/07High Fewer, Severe Headache, Pale. Rushed to hospital. Diagnosed as dengue, critical condition and Platlets count 45.27/6/07 – NoonPlatlets count dropped to 27. ICU • Kavitha Devi standby. At 12pm, started to take 1 • 12 years bottle of Riovida and the next bottle the following day. • JB28/6/07 Noon • 0167330620 ( Segar,Dad)Platlets count 68. Doctors were surprised. Blood count was normal.Discharged at 5.30 pm.
  • 5. Thyroid • I am suffering from Thyroid problem for 7 years and on 3 camazole tablets 2 daily. • The swelling around my neck was growing and so many tests were done. I went through a lot of pain, breathing difficulties and had difficulties to turn my neck. I have tried many products and almost gave up until I was introduced to Transfer Factor. • I took 2 TF Advance 3 times daily. For the first time in my life I saw the swelling was reduced, the pain has gone, I can turn my neck and breathing become much easier.Madam.Kwong Siew Ngo • Now the doctor has reduced camazole 65 to one tablet twice daily. Sibu, Sarawak
  • 6. Eczema • I was suffering from eczema from the age of three. I was treated by many dermatologists in Singapore and Malaysia and have tried many alternative treatments from many places. All those have given only temporary relief only. • I was going through psychological stress and has given up hope for permanent relief. Even the doctors in National Skin Center of Singapore told me eczema cannot be cured and I have live with anti allergic pills and steroidal cream. • I was not able to play any outdoor games and advised to work in air conditioned environment. • I was introduced to TF 4 years ago. I took 2 caps of TF Adv 3 times daily and applied Renewal gel. Within 2 months I saw very good improvement and now I am living Mohd. Yahya normal like many of my friends. • I can play football and even can take sea 22 years food which I was not able to take before I was introduced to TF. Now even serve my Singapore country as a soldier and very happy with TF. +6598572730
  • 7. Asthma and IQ • He is suffering from asthma from the age of one. He was on medication and nebulizer monthly. • After he took 30ml Riovida 2 times daily, no more visiting clinic for medication or nebulizer. • He was below average student before.His IQ also Mohd. Hanif Sarhan has improved and getting 6 Years very good results in school Sarawak now .
  • 8. Allergies.... Ive been bothered with allergies all my life and over the years Iused nasal steroid sprays and allergy medications. I was still continuously sickand plagued with sinus infections. Since taking TF, Choice 50, DigestiveEnzymes and Bio Vitamins, I have not had to take any antibiotics and I can noweat food I previously had severe reactions to ...Victoria... OR.Allergies..., Stacy who is 9 years old says, I’d been taking TF for a whilebecause I had a bug. Lots of yellow stuff came out of my nose for about twoweeks. One 4aiiy I came home from school and said "Mummy I can smell". Forthe very first time I could smell things. The very best smell was the flowers...Stacy .. New Zealand.Allergies.... My daughter Jessica was born Oct 2000. From the moment wecame home it was obvious there was something not quite right with her. Shewoke crying, fed poorly and didnt stop crying until she fell asleep again.Nothing we tried seemed to make a difference. When Jessica was 5 year old, Ivisited Noel and was told about TF. I took some capsules home to try and theresults were marvellous. Overnight Jessica was a different baby. She woke upcalmly smiled at her toys, fed better, slept longer, her bowel movements wereeasier and she was definitely a much happier baby... Glenys.. New Zealand.
  • 9. Arthritis.... My name is Ian and Im 54 years old. Im a dairy farmer and lovethe outdoors. Last year my Joints started to stiffen and my feet started to swell.I was in terrible pain. In Feb I couldnt get out of bed on my own, couldnt dressmyself. I saw Noel Maxwell and he suggested I take TF. Within two weeks I wasback to farming and was symptom free. Lan Cox... New ZealandArthritis…... In December of last year I started taking TF+ and Fibro AMJDaytime formula. At the time I was experiencing severe joint and muscle pain.After two days I started to see some great results. After six weeks 1 felt like awhole new person. I feel healthy and strong now. Thanks to 41ife products....AndreArthritis ... Jessica has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She remains in fullremission without pain and is still very active. Jessica is taking TF and the Fibroproducts. She has had no infectious diseases requiring office visits or antibioticssince starting TF! ...David Markowitz MD.... ME ,Arthritis. .. I have Arthritis and I am telling anybody that has arthritis to pleasetake Fibro AMI. Its wonderful. I am also taking TF and TF+- but I couldnt livewithout the Fibro AMJ.... Bernicc ... CA
  • 10. Asthma.. My son Joshua suffers from asthma and sinusitis. He has been onVenlolin and Flexotide and has had many sleepless nights with coughing andwheezing. We were able to get him completely off both medications within themonth of commencing TF- Kids. His sinuses have been cleared. During themonth of Jan I had run out ofTF4 Kids and he had become asthmatic again andhad to go back on his medication. As soon as I got him back on the product hisasthma symptoms stopped. I highly recommend this product.,.Linette... NewZealandAsthma. .. I have had asthma since I was seven years old. In July I had asevere bout with bronchitis which turned into a acute asthma attack. I was puton 20 medications. After signing up and receiving my TF I proceeded to take sixa day for the first week and dramatically dropped my medications. Im nowtaking only my alkaloid and one inhaler. Im totally free of steroids.
  • 11. Autism.... I have a 4 year old son who is autistic. We began giving him TF in Novalong with many other vitamins and supplements that he was already taking. Heis also being treated for mercury toxicity and doing behavioural therapy. At hisrecent birthday party, several parents were amazed at the difference in him froma year ago. He has certainly gone from being the most often sick person in ourhouse to the least often sick. And when you arent sick you certainly can learnbetter His progress with TF led me to becomes a distributor and everyone in ourhouse now takes TF- .. Mark, NC.Autism.. Julies son was born perfectly normal. At 18 months he had a MMRvaccination and shortly thereafter ran a dangerously high fever and developedautism. She tried everything and finally started buying milk from nursing mothers.It helped but the supply ran out. She heard about TF from a friend and startedgiving it to her &on along with a low sugar diet, Vitamin B6, and ammo acids. Heis no longer diagnosed with autism and is living a normal life again.., Julie.,,, UTAutism.-,. Things we noticed since putting our son who is autistic on TP1. Kostyas (3 year old) appetite has greatly improved.2. He is now saying a few words; simple words but it is a Start. Many autisticchildren do not talk until they are 5 to 7 years old,3...Galena believes he is more intelligent in his playing and behaviour. He has alsostopped mouthing everything. We never noticed any improvement after sessionswith the specialists. But since using TF we have seen enough that we will not stop.Malcolm and Galena. New Zealand
  • 12. Bed Wetting .. 9 year old stopped bed wetting after 1 month on TF.Cancer. Dr. Vivien Matalon tells of a patient that had cancer which had metastizedto the breast, liver, and brain. This woman came to her office on a stretcher andafter taking TF+ for several weeks she is now much improved and walkingCancer, Bladder ..My granddaughter, Mary Katherine is 1 years old and wasdiagnosed with bladder cancer in Oct 1991. She took chemotherapy for a year.One type she took weekly, the other two she took every three weeks daily for fourdays. Needless to say, this took a tremendous toll on her body and immunesystem. When we heard about TF about five months ago, she started taking it.When she went back to Duke University Medical Center for her checkup in Dec.2001 her doctor ant the nurses were amazed at her energy and overall well being.She doesnt have to go back except for a routine check up in a year - no moredreaded tests! By the way, several of us in our family are now taking TFand TF+ as a protective measure, and guess what - no colds or flu. MaryKatherine and the rest of us plan to stay on a maintenance regimen forever .Nancye JohnsonCancer, Brain... Dr. Steve Slagcl DVM reported on a man named Frank who hada brain tumor behind his nose (a deadly kind of cancer). After 2nd cat scan thetumor had doubled in size. He started on TF+ and had his 3rd scan, it showed thetumor reduced in si2e. Four months later his tumor is gone and a year later he isstill in remission. He is now taking 4TF+ daily
  • 13. Cancer, Bone. .My name is Shaylee and I am 19 years old. Last June I wasdiagnosed as having Ewings Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. While onchemo I met a woman who recommended TF+, I took 4 TF+ twice daily andthere was in immediate improvement in my well being. But more importantly Iwas able to stop taking nausea tablets. I no longer take morphine for pain. Fromtaking 25 tablets a day, which the oncologist prescribed I took a few TF+ andwas free of pain and nausea. I now have a clearance of cancer all of which 1attribute to the miracle of TF+.,..Shaylee..—New Zealand.Cancer, Prostate.... DR, Rick Bennett’s father-in-law was diagnosed with stage3 prostate cancer. His PSA count was 2000. The cancer had spread to the bones.He is in his mid 60s. He cut out red meat and sodas, had Lukprone injectionsand chemo and radiation but didn’t have any improvement He had heard aboutTF+ and secretly started taking TF and TF+ daily as a test. After 6 months hisPSA dropped to 10. Then 6 months laid his PSA was at one with no Sign of bonecancer. Dr. Rick Benett HA.Cancer, Brain . Bianca gave this testimony about a friend of theirs who wasdiagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He was given a new chemo treatmentthat assisted in slowing down the growth of the tumor but it was still present. Hestarted taking TF+ four times a day. Since taking the TF+ he has had only onebout of illness. Doctors have stopped the chemo as his cancer is stabilized andhis tumor has decreased in size. He is now able to return to teaching full time .Bianca. -...UT
  • 14. Cancer. Pancreatic.... I have a patient who has pancreatic cancer end about4 months ago and he was given 3 months to live He had been Taking TF+ for8 weeks (8 a day) He went to the DRs to have his blood tested After the teststhe nurse came out and asked if he had had a transfusion because the nursecould not believe how good his blood looked. Does TF+ affect the immunesystem? I’d say definitely so.... MikeCancer, Prostate ...I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last fall I startedtaking TF and TF+ last December and my last PSA reading was 0.8%. Thatwas down from 360 in August. Clearly the oncologist was startled and pleased.I’m also on hormonal treatment. I think the two treatments potentate eachother. One of my inguenal lymph was removed last fail and proved to havebeen devastated by cancer. My recent Cat Scan indicated no problems withlymph nodes Needless to say I will continue taking TF and TF+Cancer, Leukemia... One of Dr. Markowitzs young patients with Leukemia isin full remission and is taking TF and TF+ daily. His blood counts remain goodand he remains infection free since starting TF and TF+,
  • 15. Cancer, Breast .A patient of mine came to see me with breast cancer. It had beendiagnosed 5 years ago. She had chosen not to do traditional therapy but to treat itherself. By the time she came to see me it was inoperable and the tumor was thesize of a grapefruit There was an ulcerated sore 4 inches in diameter and 2 inchesdeep. It was black inside and smelled horrible. I immediately opened six TransferFactor capsules and sprinkled them on the wound. I told her to get organic cabbageleaves, crushed them and used them as a poultice. I also ask her to take ninecapsules of Tf+ a day. After 6 weeks the wound was all healthy pink tissue. Thepatient >& now having a skin graft to close the wound and tests show no cancercells m the breast or lymph nodes. Noel MaxwellND... New Zealand.Cancer, Prostate.,.. In 1998 I found out I had prostate cancer. I was told that mycancer was not operable and that I would need to take shots for the rest of my life,I chose not to do what the doctors recommended. I tried all kinds of alternativemedicine over the next few years Last year everything went downhill for me. I wasparalyzed from the waist down. The doctors decided to perform surgery on myprostate to stop the hormonal feeding of the tumors on my spine and the lesions inmy lungs. After surgery I was on medication for pain when a friend told roc aboutTF+. After trying this supplement for several days I found I no longer needed thepain medication and stopped taking it. Today the tumors are gone on my spine andmy lungs are clear 1 now take 4 TF+ a day und took9 TF+ a day for several months. ...Max . NC
  • 16. Cancer, Multiple Myeloma , . I have Multiple Myeloma and decided to try TF+.After weeks on the product I had blood tests done The results of my blood workwere very good. All the counts were up 1 used to be a runner and am now backto running 3 miles a day .. Murray ...MTCancer, Skin.... I had a small cancer on my left temple that is now gone. I havebeen using TF Renewall in addition to regular TF. There is no doubt in my mindthat the addition of TF Renewall is responsible for this.,.. Jan....KA-Cancer, Breast. .- July 1999 I was involved in a car accident and in the resultingbruising to right side I discovered a lump in my right breast. It turned out to bebreast cancer I chose to have the lump removed by surgery. I then visited NoelMaxwell about changing my lifestyle and rebuilding by bodys immune system. Ihave been on 4life TF+ for a year and have now been cleared by the breastcancer clinic..-- Robyne.. NZ.Cancer, Lymphoma ... I have an uncle who was hospitalized at Cornell MedicalCenter with lymphoma. He was sent home in Jan 2000 because they had nothingfurther to offer him. His white blood count was 150. the normal is between 4.000and 10,000, The uncle’s son is an MD and did not want anything to do with TF forhis father. However my uncle did started taking TF and within 2 weeks his WBCwas at 4000. The MD is now looking at natural approached for illness. The unclecontinues to improve and takes 2 TF daily and one TF+ daily..,.RHEA
  • 17. Common Cold... In July, I acquired what 1 assumed was a common cold. Twodays later my cold had become severe I started taking TF4- at the rate of 3capsules every 2 hours and proceeded with my activities. By afternoon I wasfeeling much better and my evening my symptoms were gone so I stopped takingTF+. The next morning the symptoms were back so I continued taking TF+ fortwo more days. I havent been sick since and would not be without the product. Iconsider TF+ a doctor visit and prescription in a bottle...Jack..,NC.Cystic Fibrosis... We have a teenager with Cystic Fibrosis who started taking TF-^ six months ago and has had no infections since then. She previously had ahistory of a minimum of one infection monthly requiring antibiotic. If I had a childwith CF, he would be on both TF and TF-*- daily for the rest of his life. I amheartbroken over how many previous CF patients I have had over the years whocould have benefited from these products. David Markowitz MD.. ME.Diabetes…….Mrs Lyons was admitted to the hospital Apr 2001 with DiabeticCharcot Neuroarthropathy. Both ankles were affected with numerous bonydeformities. She was given the option of amputation but elected to haveextensive reconstructive surgery. Being an insulin dependent diabetic she was atrisk for delayed healing and infection. Mrs. Lyons told me she was taking TF+.Previously she had had a problem with infection and poor wound healing. Aftersurgery Mrs. Lyons showed no signs of infection and only mild swelling. All herfusions sites healed beautifully without complications. I was extremely surprisedby Mrs Lyons ability TO heal. I consider this a mild miracle but Mrs. Lyons insistsit was TF+.-.Larry Goss, DPM.PACFAS -. PA
  • 18. Cancer, Liver . . I started Chemotherapy Oct 2, 2001, once a week for durationof an estimated 4 month therapy. I finished early with what I sincerely believe tobe the help of TF+. I took one 3x daily for a week, then two 3x daily till the thirdmonth. The remission seemed to be going so well that I boosted the dose to five3x daily w/green tea( a known cancer fighter) and declared war on the tumor inmy liver. The tumor is now completely gone with only lingering effects ofchemotherapy. The condition of the liver from the first C-Scan to the last showeda dramatic difference The area of the liver affected thefirst time seemed to be completely repaired, I will continue to take TF as apreventive and maintain a dose of one 2x daily.,., Wiiiiam J . . NC.Crohns Disease....I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in 1991. Over theyears I tried many forms of therapy and supplements to help fight the disease. Iam 6 2" and my weight was down to l67!bs. After taking TF for one month Ibegan sleeping through the night without any pain or irritability. Now my energyis up and I have gained weight and feel great... Dave ..CACrohns Disease..- A 51 year old man with Crohns Disease and no spleen hadbeen ill for many years. He had tried many different nutritional products withnone of them really helping. After he started on TF he states he has never feltbetter. Always ill with something he has not had a cold or flu since taking TF, Henow has an appetite and is gaining weight... C... Ml
  • 19. Diabetes, Juvenile.... I have a patient with Juvenile diabetes who has dose verywell with TF. She takes twice the recommended dose and built to that level slowlywatching her blood sugar levels carefully She had reduced her insulin by 60 to75% since starling TF one year ago. She also has had no infections which led tomuch better control of her blood sugars,. ,,David Maikowitz MO , -, ME-Diabetes, Juvenile... .Mark Blatstein former President, Philadelphia Chapter ofthe Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, has had diabetes for 38 of his 49 years andkidney disease since 1998. In Aug. 1999 I went for my quarterly blood test resultsfor my kidneys. The physician called me with the results of the test and said "notonly are your kidneys functioning, well after fourteen years but their function hasimproved dramatically". My BUN (blood urea nitrogen) was near normal after 14years of it being almost twice as much as it should be because my kidneys werentfiltering well The only supplemental change in my life was TF This is also the 1styear in 16 years that I havent had a cold ofthe flu……….Mark..,.PA>Diabetes .. Marks cousin has had diabetes for 62 years. Her foot doctor who is anadvocate of TF had her call me and get TF They thought she was going to lose afoot so she mega-dosed on TF for 2 weeks. She has lost a toe not the entire foot ..
  • 20. Diabetes- - Glen is a diabetic and states that he has been taking Insulin for 55years. He would take 2-3 Insulin injections a day. 8-10 months ago he startedhaving problems in the muscles in his legs The pain gradually worsened and heused a cane and then a wheelchair. The paramedics were at his home once ortwice a week to help because of Insulin reactions. He started using TF+ and nolonger uses the wheelchair or the cane and the medic visits have stopped. Hestates that this is the best that he has ever felt and is amazed at the lovingkindness and help from everyone,-.Diverticular Disease Bill has diverticulosis that quite often becomes infectedand turns into diverticulitis. Since being on TF he has had no problemsDiverticulosis.... I was diagnosed with diverticular disease twelve years ago. Ihad occasional flare ups when it would become infected and turn into diverticulitis.That meant a round of antibiotics to take care of the infection. Since being on TFand TF+ I have had no problems... BormieH... SC.Epstein Barr Virus.. I was diagnosed with Epstein Ban ten years ago. During thefollowing years I experienced indescribable fatigue, self doubt, increasing pain anddepression. It hurt to do everything. By the time I was married I had learned towork around pain. After the birth of my son my symptoms intensified. For thefollowing years I trudged along until I began losing feeling in my hands and one ofmy legs. It was at this time that I was introduced to the 4life products. I made afew simple dietary changes and began to take TF as well as the fibromyalgiaprotocol. Within six weeks I was not only making dinner and cleaning but wasfeeling much better. Now I am pain free, well rested, energetic and mostimportantly, I am living again .Michelle-.-NJ.
  • 21. Fibroid Tumor... A woman had fibroid tumors in her lungs not malignant and anantibiotic resistant staff infection. Seriously ill- She started on 6TF kid a day andmade an amazing recovery.... Bonnic P... NC.FibrocystiC Condition ,. I was diagnosed at the age of 28 with a fibrocysticcondition. My ovaries and uterus were covered with cysts and fibrous tissue. Myuterus was enlarged. Also with this condition I had tremendous pain duringmenstrual cycles I started taking TF 6 months ago When I returned to the doctorfor a check up he found my uterus normal and the cysts were gone form myovaries.... Jewel,... SC.HIV AIDS Feroza is 26 years old. She came to Nkosis Haven in Dec 1999. Shewas very thin and frail. She needed assistance in walking bathing, and eating.Her hearing was bad, memory very bad, eyesight fair and body strength at only17%. For a number of times, Feroza has been admitted to the hospital) and herhealth was deteriorating. She was also pregnantShe is 26 years old and weighed 28kg. Her CD4 count was 43 After 3 months onTF+ her CD4 count went up to 78 and her weight to 52kg. NOW her CD4 count is163, her weight is 55kg she is able to take care of herself and her son. For awoman whom we have said goodbye to 7 times and 7 times she has bouncedback and is very healthy and seldom sick except with occasional bouts ofdiarrhoea. Gail Johnson... South Africa
  • 22. HIV/AIDS....Cynthia is 27 years old. She was so weak when she arrived at thehaven that she could not even lift her baby. She also couldnt do a simple taskof mopping the floor. She weighed 44kg. Two weeks later she was put on TF+.Two weeks later her weight was up 7kg. Because of her coughs and not beingable to gain any strength, a TB test was done which came back positive and wasput on a TB treatment along with the TF+. Her CD4 count on arrival was 297 itis now 340 and her weight is now 63kg Her body strength has returned Hereyesight is good, as is her memory and she is able to take care of herself andher baby. Gail Johnson... South AfricaHIV/AIDS. ..Grace is 42 years old. She was well and full of energy when shecame to Nkosis Haven in July of 2000, Her CD4 count was 388 and her weightwas 58kg. Her memory was poor. Since being on TF+ her memory is normaland her strength is atl00%. She works very hard and seems to be gaining moreenergy. Her CD4 count is now 411 and her weight is now 70kg. She has madean extraordinary recovery -. Gail Johnson South AfricaHIV/AIDS, , Tsidiso is 5 years old When he came to Nkosis Haven he was sickand his body full of sores and his ears were badly infected. He was introducedto TF+, So far his ears are fine and the sores on his body arc gone. His weightwas 10kg it is now 16kg. Gail Johnson South Africa
  • 23. HIV/AIDS.... Kenny is 20 years old. He has been on many regimens for his HIVan experimental regimen with no positive response. Kenny was put on TF+ and TFalong with his experimental therapy, He has remained infectious disease free. Henow I-as a zero viral count and CD4 count of 475 David Markowitz MD .- MeHepatitis C . Kim is 37 year old father of 4 with advanced Hep C. After 5 monthsof taking TF and TF+, Kirns liver function tests have improved dramatically and attimes are within normal limits His energy level has increased and he has stoppedall of his reflux and bowel medications. David Markowitz MD......MeHepatitis C..., Simon has Hepatitis C and started taking TF in April He had hisperiodic examination at a veterans hospital before stalling on TF. On August 10thhe had another exam at the VA hospital and his BP was normal and his liver countwas down to 60. Needless to say, today his doctor was amazed and asked whathe was doing Simon told him the only thing he was doing different was TransferFactor. Path BHepatitis B Shot... A 6 month old girl had a Hepatites B shot and suffered a badReaction She promptly got a bad cold and sinus congestion and would not sleep.She started on TF one a day and then increased to twice a day and within oneweek she was much improved C ... ID:
  • 24. Hot Flashes... For three years I have suffered from fatigue, anxiety, night sweats,heart palpitations, hot flashed and insomnia I really felt wiped out. I made severalvisits to Doctors and tried several prescriptions but nothing seemed to work.Someone suggested I go see a naturopath. I did improve on his program but whenI started taking Bio Genistein I noticed an immediate change in the way I felt.I would strongly recommend Bio Genestein. Heather.... WInfected Tooth ...I started taking TF in Nov 1998 because of an infected tooth.I took 9 TF a day for 2 days and the infection was gone and I have had norecurrence of the problem. I no longer have canker sores thanks to TF and a toenailfungus that I have had for a long time is gone. I take TF and TF+ daily as part ofmy prevention program...Bonniin H. SCBladder Infection.. 1 got another bladder infection and decided to not take theusual antibiotics and loaded up on TF+. I was really impressed that my infectioncleared up in 24 hoursSinus Infection.... A 58 year old woman who has had 2 sinus surgeries and manysinus infections. She has been treated with antibiotics and cortisone many times.She has been taking TF+ and has not had any major infections in the past 8months. She says she will not be without the product G. Wa.
  • 25. Kidney Infection . The grandmother of my friend was in the hospital with asevere kidney infection. The doctors had planned on putting her on kidneydialysis. My friend gave her Choice 50 and TF+ while in the hospital. Within daysthe infection cleared up and the doctors sent her home saying she did not needthe kidney dialysis. My family has taken grape seed for many years and trulybelieve in it healing power We are extremely happy with 41ifes product andwould recommend them to anyone. Darlene... NCGum Infection….. I was sick for years and I know herbs helped to get me backto good health. However I had a severe gum infection I could never get rid off. Istarted on TF and in 3 days my infection was gone. Carmen P, ,NCMultiple Sclerosis..,.I have taken natural products for years but I havedifficulty swallowing and taking 30+ pills a day became stressful. I started takingTF 2 1/2 months ago and have felt better than I have in 3 years. I recentlybegan to get a bladder infection so I increased my TF and it went away Myhusband got over a bad cold very quickly after taking TF. My daughter hasasthma Her asthma is better now that she is taking TF. Wendy.-CAMultiple Sclerosis-.. TF and Fibro AMJ have really made a difference in my life.I have MS. I have days of partial paralysis and extreme flu like pains. Since Istarted taking these products I find I have more good days than bad. During mygood days, I feel that I have more strength than I had before. Sue H... UT
  • 26. Planters Wart....A 4 year old planter wart disappeared while taking TF. Eunice ,NJPsoriases,-. I am a registered nurse, 64 years old and respect what medicationscan do. However prescriptions were not helping my severe allergies or mypsoriases. Allergic episodes usually result in bronchitis or a sinus infection. Mypsoriases did not respond to any of many medications. I take 4 Choice 50 and 3 TFwith my daily supplements Both my allergies and psoriases have totallydisappeared Dorene..,NCPregnancy ... Ive had a female problem since I started my cycle as a teenagerand was in a great deal of pain. My doctor prescribed a very strong pain relieverand I still was not getting any relief My husband and I wanted to start a family butI was unable to get pregnant. A friend of mine introduced me to TF and within 1month I was pain free and within 2 months I was pregnant. I know God gave me afriend knowing that she had 41ife to share with me. Missy....SC.Pregnancy.. I took TF throughout my pregnancy. This was my third baby. Thistime I experienced no pregnancy mask, no morning sickness, and no edima. Idelivered a healthy 8 lb 1 oz baby boy. He is such a good baby... Mary Lynn.. NC.Pressure Ulcer ..I have had a chronic pressure ulcer on the bottom of my right foot for thelast 5 to 6 years I am not diabetic. Prior to Aug. 1999 my foot and leg would continually swellup and become infected. I was taking an antibiotic called Cipro. After moving to Pennsylvania Iwas hospitalized with a severe foot and leg infection called Osteomylitis. The Dr. had toremove a small portion of bone in my right foot and I spent 6 weeks in a nursing facility. Whilerecovering I started taking 6 TF+ daily. I have been infection free since Sept 1999 thanks tothe TF products. I continue to take 4 TF and 4TF+ a day for prevention.,... Chauncey.,,PA.
  • 27. Prostate,... Frank was experiencing major prostate problems. All thesymptoms were there and his PSA was up After going on TF+ and Male Pro thesymptoms have disappeared.Pulmonary Problem.... A 45 year old woman who had been runningmarathons developed a pulmonary problem and had to use inhalers and manymedications to breath. She had used cortisone many times and otherbrochodialators. She has been using TF for 3 years and has not usedmedication since she started using TF. She is back running marathons andworks full-time and baby sits her 3 grand children after work. Hergrandchildren also take TF and they arc never sick... C. CAShingles....A 57 year old woman who had shingles for months and did notwant to try any more medication found her shingles disappear after two weekson TF She continues to take TF as prevention...- L NJ.Shingles.... My mother in law had shingles for 4 months. Nothing was helping.Shestarted taking 9 TF a day and five days later all symptoms were gone. Jo Carolc.NC
  • 28. Prostate,... Frank was experiencing major prostate problems. All the symptomswere there and his PSA was up After going on TF+ and Male Pro the symptomshave disappeared.Pulmonary Problem.... A 45 year old woman who had been running marathonsdeveloped a pulmonary problem and had to use inhalers and many medications tobreath. She had used cortisone many times and other brochodialators. She hasbeen using TF for 3 years and has not used medication since she started using TF.She is back running marathons and works full-time and baby sits her 3 grandchildren after work. Her grandchildren also take TF and they arc never sick... C. CAShingles....A 57 year old woman who had shingles for months and did not want totry any more medication found her shingles disappear after two weeks on TF Shecontinues to take TF as prevention...- L NJ.Shingles.... My mother in law had shingles for 4 months. Nothing was helping.Shestarted taking 9 TF a day and five days later all symptoms were gone. Jo Carolc.NC
  • 29. Tourettes Syndrome.. My son has tourettes syndrome. Hes taking TF andChoice 50 (grapeseed) extract) along with medication to stop the tics. He is doinggreat with this combination. I also have a son who is ADHD who is taking TF andChoice 50 along with the Fibro AMJ night time. He sleeps well at night and hasexcellent grades in school. We are definitely a TF family.. Sandi... NCSkin Problems.... My heels have been very sore, even to the degree of beingcracked and bleeding. I began using TF Renewall along with TF about 4 weeksago and in that period of time the areas on my heels are much better My mother,who sent me the product recommend that I use it on my face as a face cream.Im doing that and my skin is silky smooth. Kate ....MSSkin Problems... I use Fern Rite on my face every night and love the way itmakes my skin feel. Its a lovely light cream. I get my natural progesterone andmoisturizer at the same time ., Jackie... OH