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  • Introduction:Alan J. PorterContent Qualifications20+ Years - from Concorde to CaterpillarAuthor of “The Content Pool - Leveraging Your Company’s Greatest Hidden Asset”
  • Everyone creates content, so no-one manages it.Yet content is where a company’s Intellectual Property resides – it out lives even the longest tenured employees. If you don’t manage content you can lose institutional knowledge and capabilities.Content is the main way that you interact and interface with your customers, more now than ever as we operate in a digital on-line world.Content is as important as the other four activities – in fact it could be argued its even more important as none of the others can be done without content.Content is a strategic asset as important as widgets on the production line, financial reports, or customer data.
  • Marketing dresses things up…
  • Technical Publications gets into the detail
  • Whenthe customers reality is this….A unified Content Strategy helps bring these together to better deliver the content experience that the customer needs to meet his real needs.
  • When we interrupt them the content we deliver should be what they need, at the time they need it, and they should be able to do something with it that drives their business needs.We should interrupt the customer for the shortest time, with the maximum value to move them to the next step in their process, not ours.We need to put our content in the customer’s context.Tell our story by engaging in the customer’s success story.
  • Multiple definitions – it’s what you make it.Content Strategy is a repeatable system that governs the management of content through its lifecycle.A “unified content strategy” that includes any business unit that might need a hand in the content development game. Content strategy is about planning in advance who should be creating what kinds of content and using tools and processes to make sure you're realizing efficiencies and getting the information to everyone who needs it.
  • “Content strategy identifies how content will help achieve your business objectives,”. “It informs how organizations create, deliver and govern or take care of their content, online and beyond. It helps people move from thinking about content ‘launch’ to content ‘life cycle’, allowing them to create a plan to manage that content over time.” – Kristina Halvorson
  • But if we take a look at where our Content is we can see that there are areas where we need to understand and manage our content better.Doesn’t this sound like most of the problems that Techcomm has already addressed?
  • A Content Strategy should build on our foundational capabilities, and allow us to make the best use of new and Emerging Capabilities to develop and deliver a consistent voice of the enterprise in a way that delivers value for the enterprise’s partners and customers.And where do most of those foundational capabilities already exist? - Techcomms
  • Develop an overall vision statement..
  • Devise an approach to support that vision:ENGAGING – Short, Visual (MRG, video), Social, Mobile. Consistent experience with the Cat brand.RELEVANT – Timely, Globalization (think globally – deliver locally), Personalized, Industry Driven.ACTIONABLE – calls to action. What do I do next? Does this move me along my process for getting my work done?VALUE - Meets the customers need. Answers questions. Channel agnostic – same answers irrespective of how I get to the content
  • Content Marketing getting the buzz – but its Multichannel publishing that is driving the change.
  • Content is a strategic assetContent Strategists are the Management Consultants of the content world.Develop a vision – use Cat as example – match the vision to the organization’s business drivers and brand promise.
  • a content strategist job only to find out that the position is more about managing cross-silo politics than it is meta tags and CMSs. content strategy means different things to different people, depending on where you are in the organizationContent Strategy involves getting the most from your content:ScopeManaging RiskIncreasing efficienciesWho knows content better than Techcomm – where all the companies IP comes together.Need to understand the customers business – what drives the customers.
  • A content strategist job is more about managing cross-silo politics than it is meta tags and CMSs. You need to broaden your view across the enterprise
  • Developing a framework to make that vision actionable –Market PlanningGoals & Objectives AlignmentAudit ContentReview existing content.Identify content gaps.SegmentationDefine your audience personas.Map their buying process.Design & BuildFill relevant content gaps.Repurpose.Create.Content CalendarMeasure & OptimizeMeasure everythingOptimizeKey WordsSearch is barometer of real interest.Improve based on results.
  • Realize that Content resides across the organizationEnd the cold war. – the pig scenario.Break down silos – build bridgesTechcomm / Marketing / Training and more.Content AuditsOffer advice and consultancyShare the vision
  • 5. What is the job title for your current position?“Content Strategist” was 17% of the responses. The remaining 83% were widely distributed: Application DeveloperArchitectAssistant ProfessorAssociate Communications OfficerAssociate Creative DirectorAssociate ManagerB2B Marketing StrategistBusiness lead, employee portalcommunications & design specialistCommunications and Content EditorconsultantConsultantConsultant, Web Content Strategist/Content AdministratorContent ManagerContent Marketing ManagerContent Project ManagerContent Quality AnalystContent Quality AnalystContent StrategistContent StrategistContent StrategistContent Strategistcontent strategistContent StrategistContent StrategistContent StrategistContent strategistContent strategistContent StrategistContent StrategistContent StrategistContent Strategist and Authoring SMEContent Strategist/Communications SpecialistContent Strategy ConsultantContent Strategy ManagerCreative content writerDelivery SpecialistDirector of Content Marketing and StrategyDirector of Content StrategyDirector of Social MediaDirector Operations, Technical DocumentationDirector, Program Design and TrainingDocumentation managerDocumentation Team ManagerEditorial Consultant, specialized in digital mediaEditorial directorElectronics engineering technologistIMOInformation ArchitectInformation ArchitectInformation ArchitectInformation Design ManagerInformation DeveloperInformation DeveloperInformation DeveloperInformation Experience Strategist and ArchitectLead Content StrategistLead Documentation SpecialistLocalization Leader (there's another person acting as the IA)M&A StrategistManager of Content ArchitectureManager of Integrated Digital CommunicationsManager, Brand & ContentManager, Content Strategymanaging editorManaging EditorManaging EditorMarketing Communications ManagerMarketing SpecialistOwnerOwnerOwnerowner/consultantPR consultant and SEOPresident President and Chief OptimizerPrinciple Information DeveloperPrincipalPrincipal Content StrategistPrincipal Content StrategistPrincipal Information DeveloperProcess Manager, ManagerRich Media Program ManagerTeam leader technical writing servicesTech writerTechnical Author, API DocumentationTechnical CommunicatorTechnical CommunicatorTechnical writerTechnical writerTechnical WriterTechnical WriterTechnical WriterTechnical WriterTechnical Writer IIIUI Editorial ManagerUser Experience Content SpecialistWeb Content EditorWeb Content StrategistWeb EditorWeb editorWeb Project ManagerWriter

Techcomm to Content Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Techcomm toContent StrategyAlan J. Porter@alanjporter /
  • 2. @alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 3. Every Company, No Matter it’s size…• Develops a product or service. – R&D /Manufacturing.• Tells people about it – Traditional marketing /advertising.• Get’s people to buy it (hopefully) – Sales.• Collects money for it. – Finance.@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 4. And creates ContentContent is a strategic asset and should betreated like one.@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 5. But Different Roles =Different View of Content@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 6. @alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 7. @alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 8. @alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 9. Always rememberCustomers care more about their problemsmuch more than they care about our products.@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 10. We are the disrupter.Customers are busy doing other stuff 90% of the time.@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 11. What is a Content Strategy ?“There are no universal definitions of whata content strategist is. Its evolving, albeitslowly. I am struck by how it encompassesmany slices from many differentdisciplines, at least its best: it takes storytelling; data organization; operations;marketing; analysis; research and on andon.”@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 12. Content Strategy is..About achievingbusiness goals bymaximizing the impactof content.@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 13. What we don’t know today …• What content is relevant• Where the gaps are or how to fill them• What content can the organization crediblyprovide vs. other sources• How to establish a process to:– acquire, author, update & retire content• How to deliver it in the best way from a customer’sperspective• How to measure effectiveness to develop a scalableand sustainable content delivery.@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 14. Content Strategy@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 15. So what is our Strategy?We need to turn our contentaround by transforming it frombeing Customer Facing to beingCustomer Driven.Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 17. Where are people developing a ContentStrategy?@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 18. Where’s the OpportunityDoes your company have a unified content strategy the spans both content marketing AND multichannel publishing?Yes 19.8%No 80.2%@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 19. What Skills Do You Need?“While a technicalcommunicator is focused ondelivery, the content strategistis more focused on businesscase and strategy.”@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 20. Content Strategy involves getting themost from your content:• Scope• Managing Risk• Increasing efficiencies• Who knows content better than Techcomm –where all the companies IP comes together.• Need to understand the customers business– what drives the customers.@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 21. A Typical Content Strategy Process Framework5Measure &Optimize4Design & Build3Segmentation2Audit Content1MarketingPlanningGoals andObjectivesAlignmentDefine yourAudience,I.D.Personas,Map thebuyingProcessReviewexistingcontent,IdentifyContentGapsFill RelevantContentGaps,RepurposeCreateContentCalendarMeasureEverything,Optimize, KeyWords, Improve basedon Results@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 22. What Steps To Take• Realize that Content resides across theorganization• End the cold war. – The pig scenario.• Break down silos – Build bridges• Techcomm / Marketing / Training and more.• Content Audits• Offer advice and consultancy• Share the vision@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 23. You May Already be a ContentStrategist.@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 24. You not only choose the path you walk inyour career,you create the path you walk.Leverage your core competencies andcreate a new path!Go For It!@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 25. “The over-arching impact of a unifiedcontent strategy seems to be hittinghome for more and more companies.Strategists are learning to prove theirknowledge, impact, and usefulness byspeaking in a business-orientedlanguage, and executives arelistening.”@alanjporter / @thecontent pool
  • 26. ALAN J. PORTERalan@alanjporter.comTwitter@alanjporter / @thecontentpoolBlog on ContentTheContentPool.comOther Writinghttp://alanjporter.com