M2 m template - agriculture 2-3-11 final


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M2 m template - agriculture 2-3-11 final

  1. 1. M2M in AgricultureWhy my smartphone is now my best farm hand Lew RothVP Business Development, ClimateMinder
  2. 2. Overview• The agriculture opportunity• Affordable data collection enabled by M2M• Technology integration is challenging, but not the main business challenge• Application software that makes “farm sense” of the data is a stronger adoption driver than ROI
  3. 3. Water• Water availability and cost is the biggest issue for agriculture• More efficient irrigation practices increase yield and quality• New pressure on growers – 2009 California Water Legislation• Agricultural output needs to double by 2050
  4. 4. US Irrigated Farmland Irrigation Water Withdrawal by Method  57 million acres of irrigated farmland in US Sprink 43% Flood 50% Micro-i Sprinkler Surfac 7% Drip* Irrigation statistics by “Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 2005” Report, USGS, U.S. Department of the Interior 4
  5. 5. Example High Value Crops in CA Berries Nuts Grapes (All) Vegetables151K Acres 1.8M Acres 1M Acres 2.7M Acres10K Farms 39K Farms 25K Farms 23K Farms Highly perishable berry crops can yield of $30,000 + per acre 5
  6. 6. Grower Needs• Getting quantitative, reliable field data• Soils profiling and soils management• Turning irrigation ON• Turning irrigation OFF• Optimizing use of fertilizers• Microclimate monitoring (frost, excessive heat)• Pest control
  7. 7. Crop and IrrigationMonitoring and Control Solution
  8. 8. What is ClimateMinder? ClimateMinder is a wireless climate and soil monitoring and control system for agriculture. It helps growers use water more efficiently and increase yield while reducing costs. In addition, system enables:  Immediate frost response  Healthier nutrient/pesticide application  Better micro-climate coverage  Run-off minimization due to over-irrigation
  9. 9. How does it work?Data Gathering Data Transmission Data Access Irrigation Control
  10. 10. Supported Sensor Types• Ambient Temperature & Humidity• Light / Solar Radiation• Soil Moisture, Temperature, EC• Leaf Wetness• Tensiometer• Wind• Rain• Flow
  11. 11. Sensor Node / Soil Station
  12. 12. Sensor Node / Soil Station
  13. 13. Cellular Gateway
  14. 14. Low Cost GrowFlex 4 7 1 5 2 8 6 3 GWPatent-pending, redundant & cost effective wireless monitoring & control system with mesh technology
  15. 15. Growers Requirements• “How it works” matters less than “that it works!”• Fully integrated and supported services model• No wires in the field• No PC needed on-site• Data is remote, accessible, safe, and backed up• No software to be installed or updated• Low power consumption, long battery life• Portable nodes with good coverage e.g., 1 per 10 acres and easy to set up
  16. 16. Web Application Software
  17. 17. Configuration Map
  18. 18. Dashboard
  19. 19. Sensor Readings
  20. 20. Interactive Soil Profile Charts
  21. 21. When to Irrigate?
  22. 22. Degree Days and More…
  23. 23. Daily Custom Reports (in PDF)
  24. 24. Alerts via SMS or Phone
  25. 25. Growers Notepad
  26. 26. Mobile Application Software
  27. 27. GrowMobileTM Screenshots
  28. 28. GrowMobileTM Screenshots
  29. 29. GrowMobileTM Screenshots
  30. 30. Customer Value PropositionTotal Acreage 100Crop StrawberryAssumptions / VariablesWater cost per acre-foot $200Pesticide cost per acre $200Avg. Tonnage per Acre 30Avg. Crop Value per Ton $1,100Seasonal Water Need per Acre (acre-foot) 3.20Incremental Profit Margin for Extra Yield 10%Crop Value per Acre $33,372Water cost per acre $640Total Annual Water Costs $64,015Total Annual Pesticide Cost (Including Material & Application) $20,000
  31. 31. Customer Value Proposition Case 1 Case 2 Percent Percent Improvement Improvement / / Increased Risk Increased RiskROI Item Savings Profit Avoidance Savings Profit AvoidanceReduction in Wasted Water Due to Optimized Irrigation $3,201 5% $6,402 10%Reduction in Wasted Pesticides Due to Premature Application $1,000 5% $2,000 10%Reduction in Wasted Crop Due to Failure to Spray/Control $3,771 0.10% $3,771 0.10%Reduction in Loss Due to Proper Frost Management $3,771 0.10% $3,771 0.10%Improvement in Quality or Yield Due to Optimized Irrigation $3,372 1% $16,859 5%Total Annual Benefit $11,742 $3,372 $15,943 $16,859Sum of Savings and Benefits $15,114 $32,802 Case 1 Case 2 Pay back period 9 months 4 months Annual return on subscription 9x 20x
  32. 32. Recent Adopters• Bolthouse Farms (Carrots)• Bay View Farms (Strawberries)• Pacific Berry Farms (Strawberries)• Berry Valley Farms (Strawberries)• McGrath Family Farms (Organic Pumpkins)• Catalinos Berry Farms (Raspberries)• Driscoll’s (Raspberries & Hyroponic Strawberries)• Mandalay Berry Farms (Strawberries)• Saticoy Berry Farms (Strawberries)• …
  33. 33. Where is the value to the grower?• Sophisticated micro-climate monitoring and control• User friendly web-based software• Enhanced mobile user experience through GrowMobileTM• Innovative & affordable service model• Easiest installation and maintenance in the industry• No local PC required. Data stored remotely• Flexibility to add or remove sensors• Continuous support and warranty
  34. 34. Thank you… ClimateMinder, Inc. 3501 Ocean View Blvd. Glendale, CA 91208 Phone: 818-495-4922 1868 Greenwich St.,San Francisco, CA 94123 Phone: 415-742-8636www.ClimateMinder.com