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The SEO Roadmap was born out of necessity. This guide will help save you a TON of time by pointing you towards the best SEO resources available out there by answering some common SEO questions. That's Search Optimization Engine From His Best!

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SEO Roadmap Search Optimization Engine From His Best!

  1. 1. SEO ROADMAPSEO ROADMAP“The SEO Roadmap was born out of necessity.This guide will help save you a TON of time bypointing you towards the best SEO resourcesavailable out there by answering some commonSEO questions.”
  2. 2. 2WHERE CAN I GET AWHERE CAN I GET AQUICK SNAPSHOT OFQUICK SNAPSHOT OFTHE SEO PROCESS?THE SEO PROCESS?“I think the best way to deliver that type ofconcept all at once is with an infographic.An infographic is a large picture thatdisplays information in an easy to digestformat. Since infographics can engage us soeasily, they are a great way to learn.”
  3. 3. 3WHERE SHOULD IWHERE SHOULD ILOOK FOR QUICK ANDLOOK FOR QUICK ANDEASY BACKLINKS?EASY BACKLINKS?“There are a lot of ways to get backlinks to yoursite. One of the quickest, though, is with directorysubmissions. Also, there are tons of directories outthere to submit too and most are free.A couple of tips - don’t waste time on thesedirectory submissions. If the site’s CAPTCHA isacting up, just move on. If there is a charge, nomatter how small -- move on. If they require a linkback from your site, then move on as well.”
  4. 4. WHERE SHOULD I LOOK FOR QUICKWHERE SHOULD I LOOK FOR QUICKAND EASY BACKLINKS?AND EASY BACKLINKS?Here are some great directory resources:DMOZ - The first directory to submit to. Themost powerful and the only one to truly care alot about.Add URL - A huge list of directories to submit to.Strongest Links - Another directory listDirectory Critic - Yet another directory list
  5. 5. 5WHERE SHOULD I DO MYWHERE SHOULD I DO MYKEYWORD RESEARCH?KEYWORD RESEARCH?“Keyword research is obviously an importantstep to any SEO campaign. There are anumber of tools out there that can help youchoose the right keywords. Most of these toolswill give you an estimate of how many times aterm is searched, as well as other suggestedkeywords.”
  6. 6. 6WHERE SHOULD I DO MY KEYWORDWHERE SHOULD I DO MY KEYWORDRESEARCH?RESEARCH?The following tools will help with yourkeyword research:Google Keyword ToolKeyword DiscoveryLSI KeywordsSEO BookWordTracker
  7. 7. 7WHERE CAN I FIND OUTWHERE CAN I FIND OUTWHERE I RANK ON THEWHERE I RANK ON THESEARCH ENGINES?SEARCH ENGINES?“If you are actually putting time into SEO,then you probably want to track yourprogress right?The best way to do this is to actually searchon the search engines; however, if you arestarting out, you may be way back on thepages. It wouldn’t be worth the time to scrollthrough 10 pages of Google.”
  8. 8. 8WHERE CAN I FIND OUT WHERE I ALREADYWHERE CAN I FIND OUT WHERE I ALREADYRANK ON THE SEARCH ENGINES?RANK ON THE SEARCH ENGINES?The following tools will help you figure out yourSERP (search engine results placement):Google RankingsMarket LeapSEO CentroSite Map DocSERP RushQuick Note: SEO isn’t an instant process, you might notsee your efforts pay off right away, but if you commit toSEO, it will pay off.
  9. 9. 9WHERE CAN I LEARNWHERE CAN I LEARNABOUT THESEABOUT THESE“BACKLINKS” ?“BACKLINKS” ?“Backlinks aren’t all about Google and SEOeither. The more backlinks you have outthere, the more people can stumble across.Backlinks not only help your SEO efforts,they can directly send traffic to your site.That is win-win.”
  10. 10. WHERE CAN I LEARN ABOUT THESEWHERE CAN I LEARN ABOUT THESE“BACKLINKS” EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT?“BACKLINKS” EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT?Backlinks should be a part of any SEO strategy,and will continue to be for the immediate future.Here is where you can find some more info onbacklinks:Get BacklinksHubpages Backlink GuideTop 10 Backlinking TechniquesBacklinking GuideBacklink Watch
  11. 11. 11WHAT SHOULD I DO ONWHAT SHOULD I DO ONMY WEBSITE TO HELPMY WEBSITE TO HELPWITH SEO?WITH SEO?“Quick Note: In general you won’t have tospend as much time with on-page SEObecause once you do it, you will be doneoutside of tweaking. Backlinking should be aregular strategy.However, many people (me included) includeadding fresh content to your site as an SEOstep, so make sure you are regularly addingunique content to your sites”
  12. 12. WHAT SHOULD I DO ON MY WEBSITE TOWHAT SHOULD I DO ON MY WEBSITE TOHELP WITH SEO?HELP WITH SEO?If you are interested in getting some SEOfeedback, check out:Website GraderSite ScorerPear AnalysisSEO ScoresSEO Workers
  13. 13. 13WHAT THE HECK DOESWHAT THE HECK DOESTHIS SEO TERM MEAN?THIS SEO TERM MEAN?“If you are getting into SEO, then youneed to know the most used terms. Youneed to know the difference betweennoFollow and doDollow, long-tail andshort-tail etc...”
  14. 14. WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS SEO TERM MEAN?WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS SEO TERM MEAN?Luckily, there are some great glossariesonline that will help teach you SEO specificlingo:RlrouseSEO GlossarySEO MozSEO Theory
  15. 15. 15I NEED A CHECKLIST TOI NEED A CHECKLIST TOFOLLOW!FOLLOW!“Some people need more guidance thanothers when it comes to learning. Otherswant concrete details and instructions.There is nothing wrong with eithermethod, it just comes down to whatworks for you. If you need specificinstructions, then you probably lovecheck lists. What could be more straightforward?”
  16. 16. I NEED A CHECKLIST TO FOLLOW!I NEED A CHECKLIST TO FOLLOW!Here are some SEO related checklists thatyou can follow:60 Essential ChecksComplete SEO ChecklistHigh Priority ChecklistOnpage SEO Checklist
  17. 17. 17IS THERE ANYWHERE IIS THERE ANYWHERE ICAN DISCUSS SEO WITHCAN DISCUSS SEO WITHOTHER PEOPLE?OTHER PEOPLE?“The easiest way to do that is to joina web forum. There is a web forum ormessage board for just about everytopic on earth. SEO is no different.”
  18. 18. IS THERE ANYWHERE I CAN DISCUSS SEOIS THERE ANYWHERE I CAN DISCUSS SEOWITH OTHER PEOPLE?WITH OTHER PEOPLE?The following forums will help you get yourSEO questions answered:Digital Point SEO GuyHigh Rankings Site Point ForumsIM Talk V7 NetworkSEO Chat Web Pro WorldSEO Forums Webmaster World
  19. 19. 19WHERE DO I GET THE LATESTWHERE DO I GET THE LATESTINFORMATION ON SEO?INFORMATION ON SEO?If you would like to stay on top of all the latestSEO information, then make sure you follow acouple of these blogs:David Mihm SEO BlogDistilled Blog SEO Book BlogGrayWolf SEO By The SeaHuge Guzman SEO Chat BlogPole Position Marketing SEO Design SolutionsPractical SEO SEO MozRuss Hudgens SEO TheorySEER Interactive
  20. 20. BONUS #1 - ARTICLE DIRECTORIESBONUS #1 - ARTICLE DIRECTORIESA1 Articles Acme ArticlesAmazines Article AlleyArticle Bin Article BizArticle Blast Article BusterArticle City Article ClickArticle Compilation Article CountyArticle Cube Article DashboardArticle Feeder Article FriendlyArticle Geek Article PoolArticle Pros Article RichArticle Slash
  21. 21. Article Snatch Article SphereArticle Trader Articles BaseArticles Factory Associated ContentBright Hub BukisaBuzzle Content ArticlesEasy Articles EhowEvan Carmichael Ezine ArticlesEzinemark GatherGo Articles HeliumHub Pages Idea MarketersInfo Barrel Information BibleIsnare
  22. 22. Knol My Free Article CentralPub Articles Search WarpSelf Growth SelfSEOSite Reference SnipslySooper Articles SquidooSubmit Your Article Suite 101The Free Library TriondUltimate Article Directory UpublishWeb Source Xomba
  23. 23. BONUS #2 - URL DIRECTORIESBONUS #2 - URL DIRECTORIESA2Z Web DirectoryAaumlAbout Directory Web ResourcesAd WalkerAdd LinkAdoraAgri EducationAll States US DirectoryAOL DirectoryArxiugavinBali DirectoryAstral DirectoryBE41Best Directory 4YouBio Watch MedBL FreeBurb Blog DirectoryColorado DirectoryCultu TUData Soft System – websites and articles
  24. 24. Deshi WebDirectory StopDiverse ListDmozDynnEbbaEn ForumFATMFree Website DirectoryGlobal Online Business DirectoryGozoofHit Web DirectoryHuman Edited Web DirectoryIFCC FBI
  25. 25. Little Web DirectoryLurpoMagellanMainostoimistotMedia HPMee LinkMy DirectoryMyriad WebsOpen DirectoryPiSeriesPlenty LinksPop NetPR Web DirectoryPuppy URL
  26. 26. Step MindSubmit Blog NowSubmit LinkSubmit URLSummer RainThe DirectoryTheDirectoryTop Blog AreaTop BloggingTop SitesTower SearchTurnPikeU Will FindURL Broadcast Daily
  27. 27. BONUS #3 -RSS & PING SUBMISSION SITESBONUS #3 -RSS & PING SUBMISSION SITES4 Guys Formula9 RulesAna TechAutomotive DirectoryBlo.gsBlog A RamaBlog DiggerBlog Search EngineChordataFeed 4 AllFeed BurnerFeed CatFeed ListingFeed MailerFeed PlexFeed SeeFeed SharkFeedageFeedAgg
  28. 28. Feedgy Feeds 2 ReadGabbr Globe of BlogsGolden Feed Ice Rocket add blog tooIts My News Jordo MediaKeegy Leigh RSSMed Worm Million RSSooBdoo Network Ping O MaticPlazoo RDF TickerRead a Blog Red TramRSS Buffet RSS ChompRSS Directory RSS Feed DirectoryRSS Feeds
  29. 29. RSS MicroRSS MotronRSS MountainRSS RootRSS StopRSSFeedsRub HubSolar WarpSource ForgeTwigglyXmeta
  30. 30. BONUS #4 - BLOG SUBMISSION SITESBONUS #4 - BLOG SUBMISSION SITESAB Blog All For BlogAll Top Best of the Web BlogsBL Logs Blog AZBlog Bunch Blog CollectorBlog Digger Blog DirBlog Dire Blog DirectoryBlog Directory Submission Blog Directory WSBlog Dirs Blog ExplosionBlog Hints Blog IntroBlog Listing Blog PopularBlog Pulse
  31. 31. Blog Rate Blog RollBlog Search Engine Blog Top ListBlog Universe BlogappediaBlogged Blogger HQBlogging List Blogo WogoBlogoculars BlogotionBlogs Blogs CanadaBlogs Collection Blogs RankerBlogs Rater Blogs That FollowBlogville BlogZBritish Blog Buzzer HutCkalari
  32. 32. Conseillemo CrayonDelightful Blogs Demand MediaDirectory Blogs DrooolEze FlookieFuel My Blog Get BlogsGlobe of Blogs Google Blog SearchGrokodile LS BlogsMy Blog 2u My Blog DirectoryMy Blogs NYC BloggersOnTop List PhotariumPhoto Blog Directory Planet USAQuick Blog Directory RegatorSwoogle Total Blog DirectoryURLZ Web WorldWebloogle
  33. 33. BONUS #5 - SEO ADD-ONS FOR FIREFOXBONUS #5 - SEO ADD-ONS FOR FIREFOXBROWSERBROWSERFire BugFoxy SEO ToolGoogle EnhancerMoz ToolbarRank CheckerSen SEOSEO DoctorSEO for FirefoxSEO Link AnalysisSEO QuakeSEO ToolbarSwoosty SEO Tools
  34. 34. BONUS #6 - FREE SEO SOFTWAREBONUS #6 - FREE SEO SOFTWAREAlexa Rank CheckerSEO Power Suite – has free versionSEO SurfSerp AttacksTraffic Travis
  35. 35. BONUS #7 - TRAFFIC MEASUREMENT SITESBONUS #7 - TRAFFIC MEASUREMENT SITESGuess what? Traffic can effect SEO! You need totrack traffic so you know if your SEO is effective,what your bounce rate is and where your trafficcomes from. All useful SEO facts!Awstats – already installed on many hosting sitesGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Website OptimizerPiwikSite Meter – free and paid optionsStat CounterWebalizerWoopra
  36. 36. BONUS #8 - MISCELLANEOUS SEOBONUS #8 - MISCELLANEOUS SEORESEARCH TOOLSRESEARCH TOOLSAlexaArchiveBacklink Analyzer with Page RankBacklink CheckerBacklink ReportBing Webmaster ToolsCompete – free and paid versionsDomain ToolsFind Broken LinksFree Backlink CheckerGoogle Search InsightsGoogle Traffic EstimatorGoogle TrendsGoogle Trends for WebsitesGoogle Webmaster ServicesIndex Rank
  37. 37. Keyword Research GadgetLink Analysis GadgetMajestic SEOOpen Site ExplorerSearch StatusSEO Logs – check how difficult your keyword will be torank forSpy FuTrend ReportsXinuYahoo Clues
  38. 38. BONUS# 9 - MISCELLANEOUS BACKLINKBONUS# 9 - MISCELLANEOUS BACKLINKTOOLSTOOLSBack Links BuilderFree Back Link ToolSearch Optimization SchoolSocial MonkeeYahoo Site Explorer
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