How to stop procrastination | 6 strategies for overcoming procrastination

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People want to change and overcome procrastination but they don’t know how they going to do it and how to stop procrastination. I going to show you 6 strategies how you can do it once and for all!

People want to change and overcome procrastination but they don’t know how they going to do it and how to stop procrastination. I going to show you 6 strategies how you can do it once and for all!

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  • 1. How to Stop Procrastination | 6 Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination When you are not successful at the moment and you want to change something in your life because you know, if you do what you have done all the time nothing new will happen. One of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome is procrastination to change the way, you have to change in order to become successful. You want to change (don’t you?), yet you keep putting off the very steps that will create the desired results. A lot of people made New Years Resolutions for the year 2014 and trust me most of them abandoned them by the end of January already. People want to change but they don’t want to take the steps which are necessary to get it together once and for all. You might notice that it is not that simple to change that fast unless you develop an iron will. But it isn’t hopeless. There are some strategies you can use to ease your transition through changes and I are going to tell you six of them. Use reminders One of the hardest parts for me and I guess for you as well is to remind yourself to perform your new habits. A habit, by definition, is something we do automatically. It is hard to overcome your old habits because you do them like automatically. Maybe during or after you did something you realize sh…t didn’t I say I wouldn’t do this again??? And bang you followed your old habit. Sometimes you are maybe just too busy to think about the thing you wanted to do like exercise and you realize that 5 min. before you go to bed. The easiest way to overcome this forgetfulness is to place visible reminders in obvious places. They have to stick out from the rest. You can use for this brightly colored sticky notes or something more creative which keeps your attention every time you pass it. Put those reminders on different places in your house, office, and car or wherever you need a smack in the face to remind you to perform something. However, try to limit the notes to no more than 3 or 4, and
  • 2. be sure to change them around frequently so you don't become accustomed to them and begin to overlook them. Another way is to create a planner for yourself. Get into the habit to use this planner every day to write down what you have to do the next day for example. Include the new habits you are trying to adopt and again if you have to, mark them with a bright color for your little wake up call. The best thing is you use those planner every day. You can use it also to write down your goals and most important the system how you wanna reach the goal. Like your goal can be to get 5k subscribers on your list and the system would be to write everyday one blog post. Now that we are in the future with modern technique I will tell how I do it to remind myself every day. I use an app for my android smartphone called evernote. Evernote is something like a note book where you can write notes down, upload pictures and so on. I set up a goal and a to-do list in evernote with an alarm clock which is reminding me every day to have a look at it. Yes it can be easy like this guys. I would recommend to try it out. Envision the outcome Often we avoid task because we don’t like then or don’t enjoy them. I know that as well but those tasks are most of the time the important ones or the ones you have to at least once. I’m not quite sure who said this I believe Brian Tracy and he said “Eat That Frog” which means you have to do every day at first task the task you don’t like to make most! Instead, take some time to think about why you will enjoy your activities, even if it's simply the outcome that makes you feel inspired. It is not rocket science but it is working.
  • 3. Hype yourself up! You have to set your mindset right on this one! Especially with tasks you don’t like. Hype yourself up and repeat to yourself: I can do it. I want to do it. I’m ready to create the life I wanted. I refuse to be held back by my fears and negative habits. I am capable of so much more than I've done so far. Use affirmations like this and you will feel stronger and more excited to work on you and your business. It will lay the foundation to your change and lead you down the path to success. Set a timer Let me give you another practice strategy. If you're still struggling to get moving, set yourself a timer for five minutes. Urge yourself to work on that task and stick with it for five minutes. Set your timer and start to work for those five minutes. I mean five minutes is almost nothing!? Push yourself because you know that you just have to work those five minutes and it seems less overwhelming and that will often be enough to nudge you into action. After the time is up you can decide if you want to stop or keep going! But believe me it is most of the time the start which holds us back and if you are over this you keep going. Reward yourself Once you've gotten started and worked on your goals for at least 5 minutes, give yourself a pat on the back! Reward yourself for your start to change. Don’t overdo it and buy yourself a new TV because you worked for 5 minutes but a reward could be a motivational video on YouTube or a look on a your favorite website for 5 minutes. Something what pus hes you something you feel good about it. See it as a first reward to the ones you still have to work on to get.
  • 4. Consistency wins the game Remember that forming new habits and overcoming procrastination is a moment to moment decision. It would be a great thing to say today I wanna change and by tomorrow you changed but I must disappoint you because it doesn’t usually work that way. We need to become aware of our selfdefeating actions, and make the effort to change them moment to moment, the next day or even the next month. If you pressure yourself to much you will setting yourself up for failure. Failure can be good if you learn from it but it can also hold you back to make the important steps to change. Don’t try to be perfect because this will hold you back as well. Take one step after another. If you struggled or failed you know that in the end it all comes down to your willingness to keep moving forward and believe it or not, the right mindset to do it. Every little step will strengthen your will and lead you to the path of success. So, if you have been struggling with procrastination, don't despair! Your way and goal is now to stop procrastinating and set yourself up for success. Stop being sorry for yourself and develop strategies like the one I showed you to blast your excuses right out of the window. Thank you for reading! Please visit for more! Follow us on
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