You can know what type of autoresponder to use


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You can know what type of autoresponder to use

  1. 1. How do I know What Type of Autoresponder to Use?How do I know What Type of Autoresponder to Use?This is a question that many business owners ask themselves whenthey decide that the need to start using autoresponders.As we discussed in your first lesson, autoresponders are helpful toolsthat you can use to automate your business and decrease your workload tremendously.Basically, there are three types of autoresponders to choose from, thecompatibility of which depends on your personal level of skill andavailability to use the autoresponder. The three main types ofautoresponders are- Remotely hosted autoresponders- Locally hosted autoresponders- Desktop hosted autoresponders or self hosted autoresponders.Of the three, many business owners prefer having a locally-hosted ordesktop-hosted autoresponder for several reasons. Remotely-hostedautoresponders cannot carry a website’s domain name. What appearsin the autoresponder is a link extension of the website that is hostingthe autoresponder. This may be preferred by some who do not havetheir own website or those whose business require anonymity of a sort.
  2. 2. Furthermore, because the autoresponder is carried by another websiteand not your own, there will be very little room for control or flexibility interms of what the autoresponder can do for you.It is easy to spot the pre-written message if it’s hosted in a remotely-hosted autoresponder whereas locally-hosted or desktop-hostedautoresponders can choose to customize their settings such that it’snotmade to look or sound like an automated message. In addition, the e-mail address is the website’s own which makes it more difficult topinpoint an automated message.This is a great feature for those in the customer service industry orthose who require warm relations with potential customers because ofits ability to mask a generic script.After all, very few people want to receive a message that’s been sent tomillions of other people and no matter how successful, knowing anautoresponder is the one responding to the message will give a touchof coldness to the content.For all the limitations of a remotely-hosted autoresponder though, it isby far cheaper than the other two. It’s great for home businesses orstart-up companies who need the service but not the heavy expense.And it is not to say that locally-hosted and desktop-hostedautoresponders don’t have their own limitations too. Depending on theprovider, these two can be quite expensive especially when you’reasking a technical person to develop the script and the installation for
  3. 3. you. Scripts can get very complicated depending on how many featuresyou want in the autoresponder. An Intelligent autoresponder, one whichdoes sequential sending and the like, can be quite expensive.A desktop-hosted autoresponder from the name itself is dependent onone desktop. So, given this, the computer should be very reliable andshould always be connected to the internet lest it wont receive oranswer any of the messages. The computer also needs to have a largecapacity especially for those who have a very large mailing list. Withdesktop-hosted autoresponders, one will need to have intelligent know-how on how the system works or else most mails will only end up in apotential client’s Spam Folder and be sure to choose a very reliablehosting server. Hosting services for such will also tend to be veryexpensive.Take your own company’s considerations in mind when choosing. Notevery business will fit the same mold when it comes to choosing theright autoresponder for its needs.I also want to tell you about how youcan make 100% commission on GVO Autoresponder and all of theiramazing marketing tools....Im switching from Aweber to GVO and heres a few reasons why...... its the cheapest autoresponder on the market, has the best deliverability
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