Google plus Revealed! Why you should start using Goggle plus today


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Google plus is all about putting human faces to names and this is going to apply to the business world as well. Would you rather hear about a new product from the President or CEO of a company or from some representative that you can’t relate to?

Google + is Google’s attempt to put a face to the name and create personalities.

Getting Started with Google plus with this presentation.

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Google plus Revealed! Why you should start using Goggle plus today

  1. 1. 1Google +Revealed
  2. 2. 2Google +Google +Google + is all about putting human faces to names andthis is going to apply to the business world as well. Wouldyou rather hear about a new product from the President orCEO of a company or from some representative that youcan’t relate to?Google + is Google’s attempt to put a face to the nameand create personalities.
  3. 3. Google + is basically a mixture of differentsocial products and features.• Stream - a newsfeed• Sparks - recommendation engine• Hangouts – video chat feature• Huddle – group texting service• Circles – a way of managing your friends• Photos
  4. 4. 4Getting Started with Google +Getting Started with Google +To access Google + you need to have a GoogleAccount and you will need to be sent an invite to join.This restriction will be lifted at sometime in the nearfuture but was still in force at the time this report waswritten.
  5. 5. Getting Started with Google +Your next step is to create your Google Profile.Your profile page has six tabs:• Posts• About• Photos• Videos• + 1’s• Buzz
  6. 6. Getting Started with Google +You will want to go into edit profile and fill out the various fields.Currently you can add information in the following sections:Introduction WorkBragging Rights RelationshipOccupation Looking forEmployment GenderEducation Other namesPlaces Lived NicknameHome LinksSearch Visibility
  7. 7. “To add more content to your profile pop upwindow, you should go to the employmentsection and add additional text in the firstbox. Then click “current” and “save”. Yourpop up window will now show more contentwhen someone hovers over it.”
  8. 8. The links field is important as it allows you to link to other profiles on theweb. To enter custom links, perform the following steps:1. Sign in to your Google Profile2. Click Edit Profile3. Click on the About Tab4. Click the Links section on the right hand sidea. To add a link that Google suggests simply click ADD5. To add a custom link
  9. 9. 6. Click on ADD Custom Link7. Enter the name and URL8. Check the box that says ‘this page is specifically aboutme’ if Applicable9. Click Save10. You can change the order of your links by dragging thelink and reorganizing your list
  10. 10. 10Google + PrivacyGoogle + Privacy“The Google + Settings page allows you to add your emailaddress and your mobile number. You can connect yourmobile phone without using an App with this method. Youcan then select how and when you want to be notifiedwhen someone in your circles adds content.”
  11. 11. Google + PrivacyTo navigate to your privacy settings, click on the gear icon in theupper right hand corner. Then go to Google + Settings.From here you can change all of your privacy settings by clicking ondifferent links.• Account Overview• Profile and Privacy• Google +• Language• Data Liberation• Connected Accounts
  12. 12. “The Data Liberation tab allows you to downloadyour data from specific services such asdownloading your circles and contactinformation.”“Google has taken great steps to ensure thatpeople can delete their accounts when theywish. They can simply download theirinformation via the Data Liberation feature anddelete their account.”
  13. 13. 13Google + CirclesGoogle + Circles“The reason Circles are so important is that they allowyou to share different information with certain people.You can choose who sees what! For example you canshare a photo with your family and only business linksand information with youracquaintances or business circle.”
  14. 14. By clicking on the Circle icon, a new page is displayed with someexisting circles. These include:• Friends• Family• Acquaintances• FollowingTo add someone into your circle, you can simply drag and dropthem into the appropriate circle. By clicking on the circle itself,you can rename and organize your circle. You can add adescription and even delete a circle if you wish.Plus you have the option of creating new circles.
  15. 15. Google + CirclesOne great Circle that you can create is your own circle as you as theonly member. This circle can then be a place where you can postyour notes, articles, ideas and any scraps of information.A draft Circle is another one that would be perfect if you are in thehabit of writing long posts.Another Circle that you could create is a Local circle and thiscould include any local business that you use. Or place people herewho live in your neighborhood, friends of your children, school infoand more.
  16. 16. 16Google + StreamGoogle + Stream“The Stream feature is basically a newsfeed of thecontent shared by members of your circle. On the lefthand side of your Stream you are given options forfiltering your Stream. This way you can view yourfamily or business stream only. Your Stream page willalso show suggestions of who you may want toinclude in your circles.”
  17. 17. Google + StreamThe posts or photos with the most comments will normallystay at the top of the Stream.At the top of each post there is a small arrow, and byclicking this arrow you are shown some options. You canlink to the post, mute the post, report abuse or block theperson.To update your status, you simply type in a comment andthen hit the share button.You can choose to share text, a photo, links or a video.Google will automatically detect the link and allow you tochoose a thumbnail for your post.
  18. 18. 18Google SparksGoogle Sparks“Google Sparks is basically a contentrecommendation search engine. Just click on theSparks link and you will be shown a page that hassome basic interests listed. Or you can simply typeyour interest into the search bar and results will bedisplayed.”
  19. 19. 19Google + HangoutsGoogle + Hangouts“Google Hangouts is a group video chat feature, andyou simply click on Hangouts to get started. You caninvite up to ten people to join in your Hangout and youcan chat via microphone. The first time you enable thisfeature you may have to install a small piece ofsoftware for it to work in the same way you do forGoogle Talk.”
  20. 20. 20Google + PhotosGoogle + Photos“Clicking on the Photo tab will show you pictures thatpeople in your circles have uploaded. The “YourAlbums” section allows you to upload and create yourown photo albums.After you have uploaded your photos Google gives youthe ability to edit them. This includes adjusting thecontrast and black and white features. You can rotateand even delete photos.”
  21. 21. You can organize your photos to be viewed in differentcategories:•Photos from your Circles•Photos from your Phone•Photos of You•Your AlbumsIf you click on a photo, it will bring up a slideshow feature whichwill show any recent comments made on the photo. While inthe slideshow view, you can add tags and see features such aswhen the photo was taken and by what type of camera.Google + Photos
  22. 22. 22GoogleGoogle + Mobile+ Mobile“The mobile app will allow you to access your stream,upload photos, manage your circles and update andview your profile. One feature of the Google + app isits Huddle feature. Basically,this is a group text feature where you can put groupstogether so they can send and receive text messages.Another feature is one called Instant Upload. This willsync any photos you take with your desktop.”
  23. 23. 23Google + BusinessGoogle + Business“Currently, there are a limited number ofbusinesses on Google +, and they are testdriving the system. In fact, Google recentlyannounced that they do not want anybusinesses to create a profile yet.”
  24. 24. 24The Future of Google +The Future of Google +“Google + is still in its infancy and has certain bugswhich have to be ironed out and resolved.Some reported additions to the Google + network arethe ability to ask Questions and allow users to take aPoll. Google + Games is another development that isassumed to be in the works. This one feature shouldattract thousands of people to the Google network.”
  25. 25. 25Google + Chrome ExtensionsGoogle + Chrome Extensions“For anyone who uses Google Chrome there are someextensions which you can use to make using Google +easier.”
  26. 26. Google + Chrome ExtensionsBeautify G+is an extension that allows you to fix the left and right hand menus inplace.GPlus + Searchadds an icon to the Chrome toolbar that allows you to search forGoogle + content.Usability Boostfor Google Plus changes the background of the posts to make themeasier to read.+Photo Zoomallows your photos to enlarge while hovering over the image for acertain length of time.
  27. 27. Replies and Morefor Google Plus this adds a Reply to Author function to your posts.This extension automatically adds +nameto your post or your comments. It also features a drop down boxwhich allows you to share to your linked accounts.G+ Count in Titleadds a counter to your Google + page tab so you can see howmany posts you have to view.G+ Extendedallows you to add shortcuts such as pressing ‘e’ to expand all thecomments or‘s’ to share the comments.
  28. 28. Helper for Google +allows you to receive desktop notificationsand share your posts via Twitter. It has an audio alert buttonand a translate option.+Comment Toggleallows you to hide or show comments depending uponhow busy your Stream is.Extended Share for Google Plusallows you to quickly share with other sites such as LinkedIn,Facebook and Twitter.
  29. 29. 29Proposed Uses of Google + forProposed Uses of Google + forBusinessBusiness“Google is definitely out to create a great businesspage for its users. Some of the features could includea whiteboard application along with screen castabilities. There could also be a Google Meetings areaas well.Google has already made it clear that personalinteraction is key. “
  30. 30. A business could use Google Sparks to pull in interestinginformation surrounding their business and make it available totheir Circles.Hangouts could be a huge business potential here. Alreadycompanies such as Dell want to use Hangouts as a CustomerService method.Huddle could be expanded to allow group conferencing on mobiledevices.Holding group discussion in your circles is another way todiscover what people are looking for in different ways. You can findout their interests, what they have on their wish list and more.
  31. 31. 31Google + TipsGoogle + TipsHere are some tips and tricks that we have found to make yourGoogle + experience more exciting and easier!If you would like to tag a friend in one of your Google +, posts then allyou have to do is simply type the @ or + and then start typing theirname.If you wish to scroll forward in Google +, use the ‘J’ key and the ‘K’key will allow you to scroll backwards.If you want to import your Facebook contacts into Google +, you cancurrently do this if you have a Yahoo email account.
  32. 32. 32Latest Updates:Latest Updates:With the increasing popularity of Google + Google has nowdecided to speed up their process of building the businessplatform. They hope to have this in place before the end of thiscurrent year.While Google is staying quiet about the current number of userson Google +, estimates have this number projected as 20 millionand rapidly increasing.
  33. 33. It will be interesting to see how Google + evolves and howcreative both individuals and businesses get in personalizingtheir accounts.If you are not on Google + yet, you need to find someone whocan give you an invite and start creating your personal profiletoday!
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