Why SEO with Local & National Positions?


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Tips for working with online marketing companies. Facts about the online marketing industry and companies. Local & National Positions online marketing basics.

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  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • Why SEO with Local & National Positions?

    1. 1. Can you handle moresuccess?1. Are you looking for more sales?2. Do you have the best tools to monitor yourwebsite and competitors?3. Do you want to help your sales, marketingand webmaster teams?
    2. 2. BAD NEWSHello,Your URL came across my desk and I did some research and foundsome weaknesses with your online marketing strategy.I don’t think you have ALL the tools and education that give will painta clear online marketing picture for your decision making.Your sales, marketing and webmaster teams need help!How can I help YOU be a bigger success at your company?Sam
    3. 3. SEO is Online Marketing
    4. 4. Improving SEO will benefit not just search enginerankings but will help with organic promotion allover the web and customer service.Accountable Media BuyingIs every dollar profitable?Does your team have the tools and technical knowledgeabout all the media channels?Search Engine Optimization
    5. 5. Growth – Most Businesses Can GrowExposure – Hitting your target audience?Competition – There is no reason you can’t beatthem. You can always do things a little bit better.National Positions Systems consistently andprofitably grow business online?Media Buying Assumptions
    6. 6. Independent accountability – Every singlechannel right down to the smallest component.Can’t justify SEO investment with PPC and vice versa!Maximize your dollarInvest in media in the order of effectiveness, sometimesSEO or PPC.Accountable Media Buying
    7. 7. 2013 Market Place
    8. 8. 2012 & 2013 Major Algorithm ChangesFocus on Customer ServiceLocalMobileNaturalGoogle AlgorithmsPenguinPanda
    9. 9. Marketing Co. Industry Snap Shot
    10. 10. Algorithms &industry changetoo fast for 80% ofcompanies keepup.Do you have asystem toconsistently &profitably growyour businessonline?Journalism andMarketing are notprogramming!Supply vs. Demand Facts
    11. 11. The Internet is an Ocean of Target Marketing
    12. 12. SELL with me at the Top
    13. 13. Our Value PropositionGenerate moreleadsCreate special dealsand promotionsConvert visitorsinto customersUpsellsBetter customerretention
    14. 14. Win Trust with the CustomerPositive Reviews ProWebinarsBloggingWhite papersInfographicsVideo promotionSocial media
    15. 15. Measurable Local SearchLocal mapsLocal SearchMobile PresenceSocial MediaVideo SEOCall TrackingEmail marketingPositive Reviews Pro
    16. 16. Measurable eCommerceSEO/PPCCSEsSocial MediaConversionLead NurturingVideosMobileReputation Management
    17. 17. Consulting & ReportingA/B Testing campaigns to test what sellsTraffic generation, deliverability, subscriptions
    18. 18. Proprietary Software for SEO
    19. 19. Who Trusts National Positions ?NP has thousands of clients of all sizes, we provide custom solutions for each partner.
    20. 20. SELL with MeI took the time to find you opportunities.1. I want your company to be a leader.2. You need to keep up with the best strategies.3. I want to help your sales and marketing teams.Let me share National Positions sales and marketingexpertise.
    21. 21. My SEO TipsSEO is a cost of doing business, calculate itinto your business and pricing models.Consult a top SEO professional 3-6 timesper year. (Free Analysis)Do not take the “DO IT CHEAP” mentality.(YOU WILL FAIL, unless you have newniche industry or less than 10 competitorsin your local or market)Do not sign a long term contracts!Algorithms change and your companyneeds flexibility. Sales should start toimprove in 4 months. (If not jump ship)SEO is proven long term growth strategy,best results happened in the second year.Get Educated; How you rank vs. yourcompetition.SEO is not easy, very savvy educatedprogrammers struggle with SEO.Algorithms change like the weather, bepatient once you have someone you trustand have proved their expertise.Most businesses have tried and failed 4 or5 times with different online marketingcompanies. (BE CAREFUL)
    22. 22. My Online Marketing Tipsi. Submit Business information to Local and National Directories; name, office address, website,phone number & email.ii. Build professional network with social media accounts/pages; Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook and Pinterest. (Not Personal)iii. Website Setup: Onsite optimization, Landing Pages, Conversion Design & Mobile Friendly.i. Examples; Redirects, Errors, Site Map, Meta Data, Robots, Tags, Links, Images.iv. Calls to action, How are you helping your customers and providing better customer service?i. All info should be found in 3 clicks!v. Blog; Share authoritative original content that is vital to customers decision making.vi. Linking; Relative posts to different forums that targets Outreach, Content, Multimedia,Promotional, Social and Traditional Links.vii. Use pay per click or ad words only as a keyword testing tool, unless e-commerce (use Paid Ads,Affiliate Channels and CSE’s).viii. Email Marketing; Data base(CRM), Tracking and Monitoring Tool.ix. Conversion analysis, what are the customers telling you with their behavior?x. Consult with a TOP online marketing professional every 3 to 6 months. (Free Analysis)
    23. 23. Please don’t waste time,get on the right track today!It’s costing you lots business.Tap into my Networks.Contact me about Opportunities.Keep up with the best local & ecommerce Strategies.Build a partnership and gain a Friend.
    24. 24. Contact NationalPositions Today!Sam Goff your Local & NationalSEO Marketing ConsultantCall Today: 1.775.525.1814Email: sgoff@NationalPositions.comVisit Our Websites: www.LocalPositions.comwww.NationalPositions.com