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Forged chain can be used in many conveying appliactions, from drag conveying to en-masse conveying. Showing 4B's range of chain components, including, forged chain links, flights, sprockets, trailers and the new Bolt n Go assembly system.

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4B Forged Conveyor Chain Presentation

  1. 1. Drop Forged Chain A Complete Line of Drop Forged Chain and Accessories Designed for All Your Conveying Needs
  2. 2. Conveying Methods Drag Conveying – Material height being transported is less than or equal to the flight height. This method applies to horizontal or up to 10° incline conveyors. Plastic Flights En Masse Conveying – Flight height can be as low as 12.5% of the material height being transported in the conveyor. This method applies to 25° to 90° incline conveyors. Drag Vs. En Masse Steel Flights Drag Conveyor Material Depth En Masse Conveyor
  3. 3. En Masse Principle Material, fed into the conveyor from the top, falls through the moving chain to the bottom of the box. Because the particles interlock, the material moves as a single stream at the same speed as the chain. This highly efficient conveying process allows nearly the entire conveyor cross section to move as a bulk.
  4. 4. Forged Chain Applications Cement Industry (Cementera) Grain Industry (Agrícola) Mining Industry (Minera) Chemical Industry (Química) Sugar Industry (Azucar) Power Stations (Centrales Eléctricas) Malt Industry (Cervecería)
  5. 5. Drop Forged Chain Overview Forged and heat treated alloy steel Case hardness – Rockwell C57 (595 BHN) – High abrasion resistance – Long wear life Ductile core hardness – Rockwell C40 (371 BHN) – High shock resistance ISO 9000 Quality Standard Link Chain During the Forging Process
  6. 6. Drop Forged Chain Links Minimum Case Case Core Link P H A T Weight Breaking Load Hardness Depth Hardness 102 mm 36 mm 28 mm 7 mm .35 kg 180 KN .5 mm 102 N-A Rockwell C57 Rockwell C40 4.02 in 1.42 in 1.10 in .30 in .80 lbs 40,400 lbs .02 in 142 mm 50 mm 42 mm 11 mm 1.26 kg 300 KN .7 mm 142 N-A Rockwell C57 Rockwell C40 5.59 in 1.97 in 1.65 in .43 in 2.80 lbs 67,200 lbs .03 in 142 mm 50 mm 62 mm 16.5 mm 2.00 kg 450 KN .7 mm 142 H-A Rockwell C57 Rockwell C40 5.59 in 1.97 in 2.44 in .65 in 4.40 lbs 100,800 lbs .03 in 216 mm 75 mm 60 mm 19 mm 3.66 kg 600 KN 1.0 mm 216 N-A Rockwell C57 Rockwell C40 8.50 in 2.95 in 2.36 in .75 in 8.07 lbs 135,000 lbs .04 in 260 mm 75 mm 71 mm 22 mm 5.38 kg 700 KN 1.0 mm 260 N-A Rockwell C57 Rockwell C40 10.24 in 2.95 in 2.80 in .87 in 11.86 lbs 158,000 lbs .04 in
  7. 7. UTS vs. Temperature
  8. 8. Flights, Pins, Sprockets & Trailers Typical Welded Flights Standard Pins Sprockets & Trailers 4B Clamp Tool NOTE: Custom Flights are Available
  9. 9. Flight Design Conveyor Type: Horizontal or Inclined till 10° Tipo de Transportador: Horizontal o Inclinado hasta 10° T Plate Flights Aletas Tipo T BT1 BT2 BT3 Square Bar Flights Aletas Tipo Barra T1 T2 T3
  10. 10. Flight Design Conveyor Type: Inclined till 25° Tipo de Transportador: Inclinado hasta 25° U Type Flights Aletas Tipo U U1 U2 U3 Conveyor Type: Inclined till 25° Tipo de Transportador: Inclinado hasta 25° C Type Flights Aletas Tipo C C1 C2 C3 Conveyor Type: Inclined till from 25° to 90° Tipo de Transportador: Inclinado de 25° hasta 90° 00 Type Flights Aletas Tipo 00 001 002 003
  11. 11. Welded Flight Assembly Assembly Using Pins and Collars Assembly Using Pins and Circlips
  12. 12. Bolt ‘N’ Go - Drop Forged Chain Revolutionary chain and flight assembly method for drop forged and round link conveyor chain – No welding required for flights – No need to slacken or remove chain from conveyor for maintenance – Nylon flights Bolt ‘N’ Go system uses bolts, hollow pins and locknuts for a reliable and secure assembly U.S. Patent #7,080,728 Other Patents Pending
  13. 13. Bolt ‘N’ Go - System Overview 2 1 3 Bolt ‘N’ Go System - Drop Forged Chain Application on a Conveyor 4 Bolt ‘N’ Go System is Available on 3 Drop Forged Chain Sizes # Description 102 N-A Link 142 N-A Link 142 H-A Link 1 Drop Forged Chain Link GB0102BNA GB0142BNA GB0142BHA Attachable Plastic Flight GB0142BFP (HDP) GB0142BFP (HDP) GB0142BFP (HDP) 2 (Max. Width 24") GB0142BFN (Nylon) GB0142BFN (Nylon) GB0142BFN (Nylon) Attachable Steel Flight 3 GB0102BF GB0142BF GB0142BF (Max. Width 24") Reinforcement Plate 4 Not Required GB0142BBF GB0142BBF (For Flights Over 16") Bolt 'N' Go Assembly Kits GB0102NPAC - No Flights GB0142NPAC - No Flights GB0142HPAC - No Flights 5 (Pins Included) GB0102NPAF - Flights GB0142NPAF - Flights GB0142HPAF - Flights
  14. 14. Bolt ‘N’ Go - Link Assembly
  15. 15. Bolt ‘N’ Go - Round Link Chain Easy flight assembly by using a standard bolt and nut, connecting the flights directly to the link. The chain can be supplied in a coil together with the bolt on flights already assembled. # Description Part Number 1 Attachable Plastic Flight GB1365BPF 2 M10 x 45 Bolt GB142BM1045HEX 3 Washer (Not Shown) GB142BM10W 4 Nylock Nut GB142BM1045NYL 1 5 Round Link Chain GB1235BRL 6 Link Connector (Not Shown) GB1365BC 3, 4 2 5 Bolt ‘N’ Go System - Round Link Chain Application on a Conveyor
  16. 16. Product Testimonial - Bolt ‘N’ Go To whom it may concern: I have used 4B products such as elevator buckets, conveyor chain and motion detection, with good results for many years. Our grain elevator handles several commodities which include wheat, durum, and soybeans as the main products we ship out and receive each year. We load grain by rail and ship and will load out about 70,000,000 bushels a year. We have several drag conveyors which use a forged steel chain with a typical pin and circlip to assemble the chain. While this is a good and reliable assembly, it can be very time consuming when changing out bent or broken chain flights. CHS – Superior, WI In November of 2006 we installed a test section of 4B's new Bolt-n-Go chain and I am quite pleased with the results. The Bolt-n-Go chain is very easy and fast to install and maintain, as you eliminate the need to separate the chain each time while installing a new flight. Also there is no need to slacken off the chain or re-tension while changing flights. This alone will save untold hours on the routine maintenance of these conveyors. The Bolt-n-Go chain has been in service eight months and is running great with no problems. As the old chain wears out I will definitely replace it with 4B Bolt-n-Go chain. Bill Hoffer Head of Maintenance Bill Hoffer - Head of Maintenance CHS Inc. (Superior, WI)
  17. 17. Application Photos Double Stranded Chain Bolt ‘N’ Go Chain – Canadian Malting
  18. 18. Free Design Example
  19. 19. Free Design Example
  20. 20. Thank You! www.go4b.com