You're Invited: How to Create Buzz and Drive Attendance to Your Event Using Social Media


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Promotion is the key to any successful event. By integrating social media promotions into your event plan, you can maximize attendance, reach your target audience, and build excitement for future events. From hosting an opening event at a new location to a product launch gala, using online promotion can mean the difference between a success and a flop. In this 451 Marketing Webinar, we’ll discuss how to promote a successful event before, during, and following the event. We’ll review best practices, tools, and case studies to ensure attendees walk away with a blueprint for promoting their next event online.

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You're Invited: How to Create Buzz and Drive Attendance to Your Event Using Social Media

  1. 1. You’re Invited:How to Create Buzz and Drive Attendance toYour Event Using Social Media
  2. 2. Max SilverSocial Media Training
  3. 3. National Public Relations, SocialMedia, and Search Marketing AgencyFounded in 2004Headquartered in Boston with officesin New York and Los Angeles65 Full-time staff, strong connectionswith gift guide mediaRecognized as a 2011, 2012, 2013an award recognizing the fastestgrowing private companiesheadquartered in MassachusettsAbout 451 Marketing
  4. 4. Evolution of Event Promotion
  5. 5. Online vs. Offline
  6. 6. Social media promotion increasesticket sales to that event by anaverage of 30%* and helps reducedrop outs during booking.*Data reported by event promotion and management company BookItBee
  7. 7. Agenda• Intro to Event Promotion Strategy• Pre-Event• During Event• Post-Event• Case Studies• Q & A
  8. 8. Social Media = Primary WeaponSocial media sites and blogs nowaccount for approximately 27% ofthe total time* Americans spendonline.
  9. 9. is NOT expensiveSocial Media…
  10. 10. Social Media…brings people to your landing page
  11. 11. Social media produces almostdouble the marketing leadsof trade shows, telemarketing, directmail, or PPC.
  12. 12. Social Media…is dynamic and self-propelling
  13. 13. Social Media Marketing canPromotersCustomersVisitorsStrangersAttract Convert Impress
  14. 14. Before the Event
  15. 15. Pre - Event TimelineAnnouncementSteady PromotionRamp UpPromotionsFinal Push6w 4w 3w 2w 1w
  16. 16. Where to start?
  17. 17. Event Landing Page
  18. 18. Create a shortened, customizable, trackable link foryour event landing pageGet Stats: when and how many timespeople are clickingTrack from Day One
  19. 19. Track from Day One
  20. 20. 1.11 Billion UsersConfirmed andpotential guestlistGoogle Mapof exactlocationDirect link toticket page
  21. 21. 500 Million UsersInclude important info:hashtags, link, andevent dateGet yourconnectionsto retweetGet yourspeakers topromote
  22. 22. Ask for feedbackGiveaway ticketsSpotlight SpeakerProfilesShow highlights frompast eventsCountdown the daysCrowdsource ideas
  23. 23. 225 Million Users
  24. 24. 343 Million UsersUse keywords that arepopular search terms toboost your SEO
  25. 25. 100 Million Users4B photosUse description forcall to actionUse relevant hashtags
  26. 26. Event FlyerAttendee’sticketconfirmation#BostonCalling
  27. 27. 48.7 Million UsersMake sure to edit pin to addevent link as source
  28. 28. #BostonCallingEvent FlyerEventHeadliners
  29. 29. #YachtWeek
  30. 30. 1 Billion Users72+ hours of video uploaded every min
  31. 31. 14 Million Users
  32. 32. Keep Your Content Fresh
  33. 33. During the Event
  34. 34. 55% of mobile market inUS is smartphones -129.4 million peopleWhy Use it During Your Event?(Via comScore)
  35. 35. #451webinarTweet highlights likestatistics that areinteresting to youraudience
  36. 36. #BostonCallingBehind-the-scenes contentUp-to-the-minute updatesThoughts and reflectionsImmediate audiencefeedbackRespond to inquiries
  37. 37. Add context with multimedia
  38. 38. #BostonCalling
  39. 39. After the Event
  40. 40. Thank attendeesThank sponsorsRespondCongratulate winners
  41. 41. #BostonCallingHighlightsCrowdsAttendeeShowcase
  42. 42. #BostonCalling
  43. 43. Twitter proved to be an instrumental tool in attractingbusiness leaders to and engaging them at BBJ events.Case Study: Boston Business Journal
  44. 44. Case Study: Boston Business JournalGoalCreate buzz and engagement around their signature events onlineApproach451 Marketing designed and executed an event promotion andlive-tweeting strategy that included establishing hashtags for all BBJsignature events, pre-event promotion to create buzz amongstattendees and honorees, and live event coverage.Results• Over 51 million impressions for BBJevents, advertisers, and sponsors• The BBJ Twitter handle grew morethan 360% - from 4,400 to over16,000
  45. 45. Takeaways:• Start at least a month in advance• Promote across several different platforms• Create a hashtag to brand your event• Schedule your tweets beforehand• Add multimedia – photos, videos, links - whenever possible• Be attentive and responsive to comments and inquiriesfrom potential attendees. Follow up before, during, andafter your event• Curate content from your event participants
  46. 46. Questions?
  47. 47. You’re Invited:How to Create Buzz and Drive Attendance toYour Event Using Social Media