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  • This is breakdown of growth within first two years of launch – pinterests growth exceeded both twitter, and FB
  • Pinterest for Brands Webinar 09 27 12

    1. 1. Pinterest for Brands
    2. 2. #451Webinar Max Silver Social Media Specialist 617-259-1605 @maxesilver
    3. 3. Today’s Agenda• What is Pinterest? Stats & Overview• Pinterest Best Practices• Success Stories• Case Study• Open Q & A
    4. 4. Unless You’ve Been Hiding UnderOne of These
    5. 5. Fastest Growing Social Media Site Jan 2012 Dec 2011 IN HISTORY
    6. 6. 10.4 million users in early 2012 6 million users in 20063 million users in 2008
    7. 7. Pinterest Receives 3rdMost Hits/Week Among Social Media Sites
    8. 8. Today,23,525,135Unique US Visitors
    9. 9. Pinterest Generates MoreReferral Traffic thanYouTube, Google+, andLinkedIn Combined
    10. 10. A “virtual pinboard” thatallows users to organizeand share beautiful and interesting content the find on the web.
    11. 11. A beautiful, user-friendly platform for storing and sharing your brand’simages which helps drive traffic to your company website and even help sell products
    12. 12. What is a Pin?An image added to Pinterest.
    13. 13. How are Pins Added?Can be added from a siteusing “Pin it” button oruploaded by user.
    14. 14. PinningSelect the image you wantto pin or repin. Write adescription, select aboard, and Pin It!
    15. 15. What is a Board?A collection of pins with similar theme
    16. 16. What is a Category? A category defines what typeof content is on a board. While a user is free to name their board, Pinterest has defined Fastest growing 33 categories. & most re-pins
    17. 17. What is a Repin?Reposting someone else’s pin
    18. 18. What is a Pin It Button?Button placed on websites to facilitate pinning.Pins added using the Pin Itbutton link back to the site they came from
    19. 19. FollowingYou can follow users (and all oftheir boards) or a single board.
    20. 20. Likes & CommentsYou can like or comment on apin without re-pinning the pin
    21. 21. Pinterest Users are Mobile Available on iPhone and Android.Pins added using the Pin Itbutton link back to the site they came from
    22. 22. Why Are Brands Using Pinterest?What is a Category?
    23. 23. Increase Brand/Product Recognition
    24. 24. Drive Traffic to Your Site
    25. 25. Brand/Product Recognition Today’s Site Visits Window + ShoppingConversion of Visits to Sales
    26. 26. Visual Content
    27. 27. Pin Bright, Vivid Images
    28. 28. Visual Content You Already HavePictures of products, covers of your publication,images from your last eventCompelling Visual from Blog PostsTo link back to blog contentInfographics & Data VisualizationHighly pin-able and good place to link
    29. 29. How-to Content
    30. 30. Promote Pinterest presence on other channels
    31. 31. Create a User-Generated Board
    32. 32. Create a User-Generated Board
    33. 33. Host a Visually-Based Contest
    34. 34. Add Pin It Button to Your Site
    35. 35. All link back to websiteAlways Link to Something
    36. 36. Use Hashtags & Keywords
    37. 37. Allow Pins to be Found on Search Engines
    38. 38. Showcase Your Corporate Culture
    39. 39. Create Boards for Different Audiences
    40. 40. DON’T Solely Self-PromotePin content from other related/complementaryusers & brandsDON’T Assume You Have Nothing to OfferConsumer & B2B brands find success on Pinterest
    41. 41. Track & Measure
    42. 42. Most Popular Brand on Pinterest
    43. 43. Unexpected Success Story
    44. 44. Unexpected Success Story
    45. 45. Case Study: Annie Selke Companies
    46. 46. January 2012: Though Annie Selke hadn’t created a corporatepresence on Pinterest… …Annie Selke products were being pinned at a high rate daily
    47. 47. Approach:• Create boards with a mixture of Annie Selke products and products from other related brands• Focus on partnering retailers, pertinent bloggers, and other companies Annie Selke Companies supports• Think of these boards as brand personality
    48. 48. To Date:• Pinterest is 3rd highest traffic referrer - above Facebook• 74% of traffic from Pinterest were first-time visitors• >5,000 unique visitors from Pinterest
    49. 49. #451Webinar Max Silver Social Media Specialist 617-259-1605 @maxesilver
    50. 50. Pinterest for Brands
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