careStarter - My solution to the Cannes Lions Chimera Brief


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My solution to the Cannes Lions Chimera Brief

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careStarter - My solution to the Cannes Lions Chimera Brief

  1. 1. THE TOPIC: AID IS WORKING. TELL THE WORLD The Brief: Many people in the developed world are aid weary. They know billions of dollars go into aid, and yet the problems never seem to go away. This leads them to question if the money ever gets to where it is needed, and even then, if it is used wisely. The media seems full of stories of corruption, waste and broken systems. But that’s not the whole story. Effective aid programs help developing countries become self-sufficient. They do not replace those countries’ efforts, but rather support the important work that’s already under way. The Budget: $100,000 Time: 12 months to build and 6 months to ramp up More Information: Peoples - @44thfloor
  2. 2. THE PROBLEM: - The Scale of Aid issue are so large it can be overwhelming Mark said, “We’ll never be able to end world poverty and hunger, why try?...” - Positve information about “Aid Working” is scattered & difficult to find Tracy said, “I would be interested, I just don’t know where I can go...” - A few corrupt aid orgs have cast a negative shadow over the whole Christina said, “Its all about greed, Ive read and seen so many programs on TV where they just steal the money...”AC Peoples - @44thfloor
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION: CareStarter platform / Donate a Share campaign - a centralized crowd-caring platform where aid organizations can chunk their larger goals into “shareable”, “careable” and easily discoverable project stories that can be followed passively or engaged actively, from start to finish. CareStarter attempts to re-frame the global aid discussion by drawing comparisons to the popular crowd-funding platform KickStarter except, our platform’s currencies are sharing, caring and engagement. The launch of the platform would coincide with an integrated “Donate a Share” campaign where people could see how their social media shares and engagement could start others to care, follow / engage in the journey of “Aid at Work” and ultimately change lives.AC Peoples - @44thfloor
  4. 4. CareStarter platform / Donate a Share campaign CareStarter takes the complexity of Aid awareness and collaborative engagement, simplifies it, and rolls it into an easy to use, share and engage platform. The main three advantages of the platform include project discoverability, story structure and goal chunking, all from a credible source. discoverability story structure goal chunkingAC Peoples - @44thfloor
  5. 5. CareStarter platform / Donate a Share campaign Discoverability - by providing a centralized location it minimizes the effort needed to get involved, a single social media share or visit to the site opens the door to thousands of aid projects and extends an opportunity for two way engagement and collaborative problem solving. Discoverability - “connecting the aid organization islands, not replacing....”AC Peoples - @44thfloor
  6. 6. CareStarter platform / Donate a Share campaign Story Structure - a standardized story framework provides a uncomplicated user experience while bringing familiarity to various related and unrelated goals. Each project includes a clear goal, main video, story feed and a think pod for facilitating two way communication. Story Structure - “The ATM is a great example of a shared interface...”AC Peoples - @44thfloor
  7. 7. CareStarter platform / Donate a Share campaign Goal Chunking - The intricacies of global aid goals often evoke apathy purely based on scale, the platform allows users to grasp, engage and celebrate victories at all levels of completion. In addition to adding a layer of transparency needed to change the wrongful perceptions, it also allows users to experience how the larger problems are being solved with a bunch of smaller pieces. Goal Chunking - IKEAs cookbook beautifully deconstructs baked goodsAC Peoples - @44thfloor
  8. 8. CareStarter platform / Donate a Share campaign More on the platform CareStarter platform design is broken down into an outward interface including: all the features a user needs for discovery and involvement with any project stories including, “Donate a Share” functionality, curatorial sections that highlight active and popular project stories, other sections include grouping project stories into larger global goals, most active conversations, most active on social media..etc. The internal side of the platform implements story tools for aid organizations including: tools for a adding projects, updating story feeds with text and any other embeddable media like youtube, editor for posting questions, responding to feedback and commenting in the think tanks...etc.AC Peoples - @44thfloor
  9. 9. CareStarter platform / Donate a Share campaign Donate a Share campaign - launches with a 24 hour CareAthon. Half crowd sourced talent and online stars, the other half, booked performers. A truly global live event, all streamed from YouTube and Google+ Hangouts. The grassroots campaign continues with a mass push from all the participating aid organizations and their workers via their own blogs, sites and social media offerings. A PR push to seed the story of Donate a Share and the new CareStarter platform. All combined with small but, strategic paid media placement.AC Peoples - @44thfloor