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  1. 1. BIG WOMENA recogniton for her work
  2. 2. Alicia Moreau de JustoShe was born in England on 11th october 1886. When she was childtraveled to argentina. She studier in Buenos Aires and she graduated as a teacher and doctor, that was unusual because women was disciminated at university.Fighter for the humans rights and female kind, she was the first woman who joined the argentinian politic. She died in 12th May, 1986.
  3. 3. Pierina DealessiShe was born on 25th December, 1894 in Italia, but she nationalized argentina. Started her career integrating the cost at the national theatre and in the podesta brothers circu´s. After her acting training with Roberto Casaux formed his own company whit Carlos Morganti.In 1930 started her film career in the silent film ¨Adios Argentina¨, in 1978 performed her last movie ¨El fantástico mundo de Maria Montiel¨. She was close friend of Eva Duarte. She died on 21 January, 1983 In Buenos Aires.
  4. 4. Azucena Villaflor She was born on 7 th April, 1924 in Avellaneda. She married with Pedro De Vicenti and they had four children, his son Néstor was intercepted by a dictatorship operating in Villa Dominico.She intervened to ask for help by families of missing persons met together in front of Government House this was the first step of the “madres de plaza de mayo”.She is abducted from her home, killed and thrown into the sea.
  5. 5. Emma de la Barra She was born in Rosario in 1861, she was a writer. When she a teenager attended literary meetings after she married with her uncle, she moved to Buenos Aires where widowed and shaped his new work “Stella”. Years later she meets Julio Llanos journalist of the newspaper “La Nacion”. Emaa was a business, she invested in the project of a working class neighborhood in the town of Tolosa. She died on april 5th, 1947 in buenos aires
  6. 6. Aime PaineShe was born on 23 August,1943 in a Mapuche Comunity in Rio Negro. she was a singer, she was a dedicated to the rescue and dissemination of folk music. She entered into the national poly phonic choir at 29 years. She felt humiliated for belonging to a people who denied their roots. It went south and she discovered that the mapuche music was a spiritual attraction. She died on September 10, in Asuncion Paraguay.
  7. 7. Victoria OcampoShe was born in Buenos Aires on 7th April, 1890. She was a writer, intelectual and translator in Argentina. from early age she participated of feminist manifestations and of anti-fascist intellectuals in Argentina. She traveled the world and she has contacted with the leading exponents of literature, she founded “revista y editorial sur” in 1931. she was opposed to Peronism and she was arrested 26 days in 1953. He received several honors. He died in January 1979 in Buenos Aires at age 88.
  8. 8. Members• Paula Soraire• Natalia Cisneros• Julieta Grasso 5º2