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Same Sh*T different day

Same Sh*T different day






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    Same Sh*T different day Same Sh*T different day Presentation Transcript

    • SSDDSame sh*t, different day
    • This is me Xaviera RingelingOwner of Never Ending WebFounder of 42bis.nlAvid social media user Serial site maker @Contentgirl
    • You and I must make a PAKT
    • Don’t worry. This doesn’t involve anyone’s soul
    • Whachu talking ‘bout?PersonalityAudienceKnowledgeTrust
    • Question What does a starry eyed customer look like?And why do companies want them?
    • Or was it starry eared….? Why do you want them? Buy your products – no questions askedDefend them – when something goes wrongDo your marketing for you – so you don’t have to
    • Something from yesteryearNet Promotor Score One of the leading metrics for customer loyalty and long term business success “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” Nielsen: 90% of consumers trust recommendations from friends
    • ImpactNet Promotor Score Has even more impact in the internet age >>>
    • Only a few create70% of web users are spectators Creators, critics andconversationalists are a minorityA small group has more impact Even more so than offline
    • We’re all connectedOnline is eternal Bad press doesn’t disappearEven when you change
    • So you need them starry eyes Who love your brandAre willing to talk about itAnd recommend you to their followers And P.A.K.T will get them
    • Personality
    • Old skoolYour personality is you
    • Just yesterdayTheir personality comes from a carefully controlled brand strategy
    • But todayThat just won’t do in the social media age!People don’t do business withbrands, they do business with people With personalities
    • Challenge for big companies You are not that one person. But you have to operate and feel like that one person
    • AttractionA strong and clear personality attracts Customers, fans, friends
    • Forget persuasionAttraction is what you want
    • Personality - ToDo What is your personality? What does that mean for your company?How do you help your employees spread that message and enforce you personality?
    • Personality - remember It’s not a trick Not a thing you do Or a thing one dept. does It’s what you are!Figuring out your personality doesn’t change what your marketers do or your communications department does It changes how you do business
    • Audience
    • It used to be Knew your audience personally.Their names, their families. Their likes, their dislikes.
    • Just yesterday Didn’t know who they were.Used research to split them into groups. Used mass marketing and communication to reach them
    • But You were always off by an inchThere were a lot of innocent bystanders
    • Today Your customers want to beacknowledged. That you speak tothem as equals and become their peers.
    • Online they tell you their Wants Needs Hate Love What Moves Them
    • ToDoFigure out where your customers areFigure out how to listen to themListen and find out what moves them Deliver!
    • Knowledge
    • It used to be simpleYou just talked them face-to-face
    • Just yesterdayYou needed an agency to make it all happen for you. Creativity, scale and knowledge was bought.
    • TodayYou (!) need to understand both the technical restraints and possibilities of social platformsAND the culture in order to reach your customers
    • Not for sale Even if you do outsource, youneed knowledge to know what you’re buying
    • Not reallyWe just seem to forget that good web building, communications etc. requires expertise This is a strange phenomenon that’s specific to the web Between strategy and result is Knowledge
    • How it works No: Build it and they will come Yes: build it welland they will come
    • Recap…
    • Why? Personality Because this attracts customers so they come to you instead of the other way around AudienceBecause you need to know who you’re talking to, to speak the right words: to know what moves them Knowledge If you don’t do it well, it will have an adverse and long lasting effect
    • PAK leads to T So what is Trust?
    • There are 2 definitionsLogical Emotional
    • Logical PredictabilityBeing able to predict what other people will do and whatsituations will occur
    • Trust Personality Your behavior is predictable KnowledgeYou offer a certain predictable quality
    • Emotional Enabling others to takeadvantage of your vulnerabilitiesBut expecting them not toHow well, you are liked!
    • Emotional Audience Listening to the needs of youraudience and adhering to them makes you a friend
    • Net Promotor ScoreYou need P.A.K.T for a positive answer: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague” Nielsen: 70% of consumers trust online reviews By people they don’t even know!
    • Consumer behaviourHas consumer behaviour changed? We’re back where we started Just smarter (and a little overweight)
    • Consumer behaviour Good news for consumers Filled with opportunities for companies Make a PAKT!
    • Questions?