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Can we "Join" Miracles?  Why can't miracles happen every day to every one of us?
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Can we "Join" Miracles? Why can't miracles happen every day to every one of us?


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"Mere coincidence" …

"Mere coincidence"
Apparent "good luck".

Suppose seemingly random happenings -- events that almost feel like miracles -- are in fact within our control?
Suppose the serendipitous events we encounter are actually a product of our mental focus and expectation?
Can we intend synchronicities, those happy strokes of good fortune and serendipity?
Can we shape the flow of events we encounter by what we expect and intend?
Can we train our minds and intentions to make synchronicity and serendipity our norm?
Can we develop the ability to "join" miracles?

JOINING MIRACLES: Navigating the Sea of Intended Synchronicities is a visionary novel exploring how the human mind, properly trained and focused, can assist us in joining miracles -- that is, enabling us to step into the tracks leading to the outcomes we intend.
JOINING MIRACLES is a novel, but it's not a fantasy: it's based on findings extending from the breakthroughs of modern quantum physics back to the insights of the ancients.
JOINING MIRACLES: Navigating the Sea of Intended Synchronicities is by Michael McGaulley, author of the science technothriller, THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES . (JOINING MIRACLES plays a key part in the plot of THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES.)

Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement

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  • 1. Why CAN’T miracles happen every day, to EVERY ONE of us? Can we Adapted from the book, Joining Miracles, Michael McGaulley “Join” Miracles?
  • 2. First question: What IS a miracle? Definition: “Miracle: an event or effect in the physical world that deviates from the KNOWN LAWS OF NATURE.”
  • 3. Or, to put another way . . .
  • 4. “Miracles happen,
  • 5. “Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” St. Augustine
  • 6. Maybe what seems impossible or even miraculous
  • 7. Maybe what seems impossible or even “miraculous” is waiting within human capabilities that we are only now learning HOW to tap.
  • 8. Just think: What miracles might we humans be capable of when we finally learn how to tap the potentials that are dormant within us?
  • 9. Maybe we can learn to move beyond the limitations imposed by our PRESENT UNDERSTANDING of the nature of physical reality. . .
  • 10. Mystics have long taught that there is a DEEPER REALITY beyond this material world.
  • 11. Now science is suggesting much the same . . . .that the seemingly solid things of our world are not really solid.
  • 12. Scientists tell us that every single thing in our physical world, even our bodies, is made up of atoms… … and atoms are 99.99% empty space.
  • 13. Think what that means! If everything in our world is ultimately 99.99% empty space, then … Reality is very different than it seems!
  • 14. But if a door is 99.99% empty space, then why does that door seem solid when we knock?
  • 15. But if a door is 99.99% empty space, then why does that door seem solid when we knock? And since our hand is also 99.99% solid, then why doesn’t it slide through the door as a diver slices through water?
  • 16. As humans, we bridge two worlds. We live in our normal world, where things seem solid and fixed. Yet we also live in that strange, unseen world of sub-atomic reality, in which everything is 99.99% empty space.
  • 17. In a way no one really understands, our sense organs and brains work together to create the illusion of solidity from what is 99.99% empty space.
  • 18. But if the things of this world --like these rocks and trees-- are not really as solid as they seem . . . If everything is 99.99% empty space . . . then that changes our understanding of reality!
  • 19. Once we understand that nothing is as it seems, that we are living in an ILLUSORY world of APPARENT solidity, And once we understand the implications that flow,
  • 20. THEN we free ourselves from the old assumptions and limitations, and can begin to use capabilities that have been DORMANT within us.
  • 21. That is, to learn to use those dormant human powers to bring about events and situations that may seem to be “mere coincidences” . . . . . . but are, rather, instances of the working of our latent ability to “join miracles”.
  • 22. Interested in exploring further? • To order as • e-book or p-book • To order as • e-book or p-book